Monday, March 12, 2018

The Logic of the Left

Image result for logic of the left cartoonThe logic of the left, they must have some, they must acknowledge that logic within reason and within the context of an overall plan of action.  The left has plenty to say about what others do or don’t do but what does the left do?

Let’s start with the overall position of the left in relation to Social Justice.  Can anyone define Social Justice?  What is it and to what extent is the American left trying to impose their views of Justice on society?  That definition changes with who you're talking to but in general and from the view of the left Social Justice includes the process of re-distribution, taking from those that have and giving it to those who do not.  Social Justice also includes the terms Common Good, Equality and Compassion.  Each of these words denotes a higher level of thinking and action but what the left leaves out is the freedom to act and the choice not to act.

The logic of the left always manipulates others to act according to their definition of what should be done and leaves little choice in relation to our freedom to act on our own.  That is not logic that’s a mandate enforced by laws, taxes, fees, rules, and legislation that seem to be endless and ever-changing.

Social Justice is an important concept and was introduced by the Catholics in 1840 and I can understand their use of the word as it relates to the motivation of doing God’s work and the need to make the right choices in adherence to be more God-like.  When you are forced or mandated to be Godlike then there is no justice, no choice and no benefit to society in general, in short not a logical move toward a better society.

In the area of Immigration, the left screams about social justice and the need to apply our laws to all who illegally come across our borders, even extending the right to vote to those who are not citizens, giving them the power to legislate our laws without the requirements of citizenship. That's insane.

Would you feel comfortable allowing random people into your home who could not speak the language, had rights to your property and could even vote to dismantle your rights of ownership? 

You may respond with a resounding NO, but in reality, that is what the logic of the left is allowing.  The Left is promoting and supporting the wholesale migration into our home, America, and to make matters worse they are extending driving rights, educational rights, healthcare and welfare to millions with many states moving toward giving these illegal aliens the right to vote in a country that is not theirs, for laws that they don’t follow and for services that we as citizens do not receive.  Not very logical if their goal is to protect our country.

The logic of the left is clearly not in favor of protecting its citizens. If it was, then none of the above would be an issue.  When you move away from the conservative view of the Logic of the Left you discover the true nature and logic of those who profess patriotism but fail to act patriotically. 
No lover of this Nation would allow millions to destroy what our Founding Fathers created.  No Patriot would permit an invasion by millions who blatantly disregard our laws and then support them while their here, just to get a few more voters.

I can understand those who are more accustomed to government and the fight to gain some semblance of control in how that government influences our lives, that’s a liberal, but the left is moving to destroy our government, unravel the constitution, dismantle our borders and our rule of law just so a few can hold power over the many.  America to them is a sham.  The United States to the left is simply a means to an end, not the sustainable light of freedom and liberty as it has been in the past.

There is no Logic of sustainability with the left, only the logic of power and control and the Chaos that results of open policies, and lawlessness driven by allowing anyone to espouse any thought based on feelings and opinion with nothing to sustain the beauty of what we used to be.

There is no logic in the left, there is in being a liberal but I'm not sure how many liberals are actually left.  I challenge anyone to argue how the current positions of the left are in anyway logical beyond their wanting power and control.  Take your time.  I don’t want name calling or one-word expletives, if you can’t put together a sentence, don’t bother.   Think about the issues at hand, how is what’s happening, helping this country?  Be specific, be logical and be concise…you may find it hard to justify without the logic to sustain it... 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Going Postal

Related imagePolitics is great, I love to write about it, think about it, but occasionally, I’ve had enough politics and want to divest myself from the fray and delve into other topics of interest.  Like the post office. 

Have you heard that the US Postal Service is struggling and has been for several years?  Who hasn’t?

Even with a 2-cent stamp increase in recent months, the postal service is currently facing a potential  7 billion deficit, prompting the closure of nearly 3200 post offices around the country.  I wonder if there is a political angle here?   Do we really need the postal service?  Just asking.

Years ago, I wrote a blog about the post office, it was about an idea that I had about a TV show that deals with lost letters, letters delivered years after their initial posting and the effects of those now delivered letters would have on their current recipients.

Can you imagine opening your mailbox and seeing a letter from a former girlfriend or boyfriend mailed 30 years ago? How about a hand-written will penned 43 years before from your grandfather that alters significantly the provisions of his inheritance?  The possibilities are endless and the storylines incalculable, it might even be watched by a few.

When you really think about it The US Postal Service has actually does a pretty good job considering the amount of mail it delivers.  It is estimated that only about 10% is lost or misplaced leaving a whopping 90% delivered each day.  EXFC “External First-Class Measurement System," USPS reported an EXFC score of 90% nationwide last year.

Each year approximately 210,677,241,000 (that’s billions) pieces of mail are delivered each year, that’s a lot of mail to keep track of and to get to the right person at the right time.   Even with that gargantuan number the total pieces lost per year can be as high as 1,000,000,000, again that’s a billion, pieces that get lost, misplaced, destroyed or just simply disappear. 

Recently the total delivered pieces has fallen by 9 billion lowering the overall revenue and those numbers are expected to continue to decline as more and more people use email and chat functions to deliver their messages to each other.  The junk mail division, if there is a division of junk mail is increasingly becoming the lion's share of what our postal service delivers.

If you’re wondering if it’s just the fault of the US postal system, in Great Britain at least 280,000 letters are lost or delayed every week, 0.07% of the 21 billion letters a year handled by the Royal Mail could be lost or misplaced.

The percent of mail lost has fluctuated somewhat over the years but it’s always been between 6 and 10% and if you factor in the number of years the postal service has been in operation, since July 26, 1775, you can only speculate how many billions of lost letters and packages there are hiding in some obscure warehouse or forgotten drawer in some forgotten building of a once used postal office.  Bags of mail could be lost with other stored equipment or even an entire building dedicated to those lost letters. 

My TV idea would create a discovered warehouse filled with old bags, boxes, and crates that had been routed there by some unexplainable glitch in the delivery system, with letters and packages dating back to over 150 years.  The postal inspectors would deliver what they could and each week the TV show would focus on three to four pieces of mail to the surviving parties with the backstory of how those letters were created, and the effects on the living recipients when the contents were finally revealed.

With over a billion letters lost you can imagine the lost words that go unsaid, the lost apologies, or good wishes, the words of wisdom from a grandfather to a grandson or a mother to her struggling daughter or the legal documents that might have a profound effect on current conditions within a business or agreement. 

Every year there are a few sensational stories of letters being found and delivered.  Just the other day there was a story of a 30-year-old love letter never finding its way.  There is the occasional hand written letters that eventually get delivered but the majority of those lost letters remain lost, billions of pieces of mail that may never find their way home, leaving one to seriously wonder if there is a building, a warehouse, maybe a huge facility like the one at the end of the first Indiana Jones movie or in the warehouse 13 TV show that depicts acres and acres of stored and forgotten boxes and crates, known only to a few select secret workers that have clandestine motives to stay the hand of delivery and forsake the age old motto of the Persians under Cyrus:  Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. 

So next time you think the post office lost your letter or you need an excuse why your payment wasn’t received, you really can blame it on the post office, yours will be just one of the billion or so that get lost, so take heart that excuse still works or just email it or text your thoughts that works too.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Truth or Lies?

Image result for truth cartoonThere is an issue facing the country that easily repaired.  Too many profess to know what is good or bad without really knowing anything about the subject.  Their opinions are based on nothing more than feelings and emotions without any practical application of the truth.

What do you really know?  Honestly, what truths can you share with the world?  I am not talking about opinions or feelings but of unchangeable facts that are not affected by situational criteria or emotional conditions but “truths”, principles of life and death, of science or religion.   Take climate or weather, how often have our sciences been right about either and how often have they had to change their facts to conform to their suspected truth.  Believe what you will but it is a belief not a truth.

We spend our lives spinning our wheels like rats in a cage only concerned with how fast or slow we go never realizing that we are not going anywhere. 

Truth is not a variable, it cannot be negotiated or changed by what we think it should be or by our opinion of what we think it should be at that time.  Like the craze of gender identity.  What a crock and what a massive sign of instability for someone to claim they are a woman when they are genetically a male or vice versa.  They take a fundamental truth and bastardize it for their own selfish reasons.  The truth did not change but their views of the truth changed, altering their perception of reality or their simply being dishonest to manipulate others for their own selfish gain…

The option of knowing, really knowing something is a very rare occurrence.  We may think we know and we may proclaim or espouse based on present understanding but that present understanding does not often translate to knowing.  Science and the search for truth through science is a great example. 

In 2006 the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer proclaimed a breakthrough in the fight of high cholesterol or the overproduction of LDL’s the bad cholesterol in a promising drug called torcetrapib.  So confident was Pfizer that they had spent 1 billion in its development and an additional 90 million expanding the factory to produce this new miracle drug. 

On November 30, 2006,  Jeff Kindler, then CEO announced at their stockholder's meeting that they were on the verge of changing the face of healthcare.  As he spoke to those investors his level of knowledge was backed by reams of research, billions of investment dollars and a track record of success in controlling high cholesterol with other Pfizer drugs like Lipitor, one of the most common and effective drugs for the treatment of high cholesterol.

FDA approval requires stringent testing with a track record of more than 40% failing the phase III trials.  Even before those trials officially started for Pfizer they announced on December 2, 2006, two days after the grand investors meeting, they pulled the drug and stopped production and abandoning the FDA trials.  They had discovered (in those two days?) that the drug was actually killing people by triggering higher rates of chest pain and heart failure and a 60 percent increase in overall mortality, not a good tradeoff to a lower and safer cholesterol.

The Nova by Chevrolet was a great success in the United States but when they marketed that same car in Mexico and South America the No Va (meaning no go) changed the successful scenario of understanding to a complete failure.

We may think we know, but in the end even with a complete understanding of all component parts, how they work, how they interact, what they do, does not ensure that we have the level of understanding to proclaim a complete knowledge on any given topic, subject or research. 

Science is the process of accumulating understanding and the process of theorizing and testing.  The more tests the more accurate the results and the more assured we are about the future of those tests and interactions.  Science has accomplished miraculous strides in our overall understanding and has increased our knowledge of many things but like Pfizer the real result was quite different, primarily due to the simple aspect of not having a complete understanding of all the components or a complete knowledge of any given area or Pfizer knew but did not want to lose their investment.

We will continue to try, and we will continue to mostly fail, but therein lays the basic truth of life.  We live to learn, we learn to live and in the end,  we may have a glimpse of the promises of that life only to be too old too truly benefit from that accumulated understanding.

Science continues to tell us of their successes, but the reality is that they fail much more often than they succeed and even with those successes the truth behind the future of those successes is mitigated by further research that invariably changes or makes moot the very promises postulated previously.

Science is then nothing more than a faith-based approach to the physical world, hoping what is discovered will stand the test of time. The opposite is within the metaphysical, the religious, the spiritual, it requires faith first and verification second.  I don’t really see the difference except in the promises that were postulated in prophetic utterances, they provide real hope where science only gives us a suspected wish; I’ll go with the hope but still like all that cool science stuff.  I never could understand why we can’t have both.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

NFL (No Freaking Learning)

Related imageForget about the Superbowl, and forget about the drama of the "memo"  We have other problems, problems left unattended will shift our lives toward the 3rd world faster than the NFL can drop to one knee.

This is not a new problem but an issue that has been years in the making and has to do with how we educate our children.   The true nature of education in the United States is nothing more than a fraudulent shadow of subterfuge and deception.  Children’s needs and teachers plea's go unheeded as the once great institution of learning continues to fall and miserably fail under the specter of abject complacency and money hungry administrators.  Billions are spent and billions are wasted on the frivolous and inconsequential designs of a magic “program”, hoping that, at least one, fanciful expenditure will create that long hoped for solution that will create beautiful minds of promise while filling the silk-lined pockets of its creators.

Education has eliminated the need to learn and replaced that essential aspect of knowledge with the disproven and often damaging prospect of testing.  Testing has transformed the universal prospect of an educated populous into a statistically driven business that heightens the act of the test to a supreme status, diminishing education and the associated knowledge destroying the heavenly achievement of learning, just to learn.

It is important to evaluate our present levels and to gauge our understanding in order to more effectively plan how to learn or teach but the prospect of testing and grading is repugnant to the simple and humble process of learning.  In life, we learn from our mistakes and our successes, the grading of our lives never ends, so why do we test and then move on.  We may obtain an A+ in some areas of our lives and a D or worse in others but those grades never determine our placement for the future.  A grade is only a snapshot of where we are now not for the rest of forever.

Testing a student in math or science is essential in order to understand those present levels of understanding but almost universally those grades are static and fixed points of failure with only the top tier students gaining success and future promise of success.  A good example would be using a simple bell curve of any class to illustrate how testing does not achieve learning success.    Approximately 16% of all students excel in any given subject. (those earning a B or better) the rest of the students achieve substantially less on each test, receiving a grade of C or worse.   For those who achieved, they have learned most of what was taught for the test making them think that they know.

In many districts, the mandate from administration is simply "we are failing too many students" and the response by the teachers, who already do more with less, who are straddled with liberal policies that fail to support them in their classes creating a rise in violence and student defiance, is to simply give less "F's"

The real problem is the test and in how it is used.  Testing is a good thing when it is used to gauge how to teach that student what he or she does not know.  Testing to grade may be OK in college when the cost of that education is entirely up to the student but in the lower grades testing to grade has no merit when learning is the goal.

Education in the United States is falling further and further behind almost every other industrialized nation and many poorer countries as well and the reason for that failure is simply because we do not demand that our student learn.  We test, we drill, we advance with only partial understanding and expect our children to be able to build an entire house with only 40, 50 or even 70% of the needed materials.  It can’t be done.  One can build a livable and safe enclosure with less if the list is complete but no one can build a life of promise when a substantial portion of the needed information is missing.

A little learning is a dangerous thing; 
Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring:
There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain,
And drinking largely sobers us again.

And for those who do not fully understand, the statement above was first coined by Alexander Pope, an 18th Century poet (21 May 1688 – 30 May 1744).

And for those who need further explanation, Pope is telling us all that it’s better not to drink or learn at all unless we're willing to drink deep from that well and learn deeply.  For those who only suck the bug infested upper waters will forever have bugs in their teeth.  Ignorance is bliss some say and perhaps their right for once you start to learn ignorance is lost and the only way toward bliss is to embrace the light of learning, drinking deeply from the well of all knowledge.

Image result for education and the NFL cartoonsOne reason that the NFL has behavior issues is directly related to the level of learning that was forsaken by the players. Their lack of respect for the country, their lack of respect for themselves and others is evident by their actions and their ignorance of what they have, what they've been given and most importantly what they do not understand about freedom, liberty, and opportunity. 

NO ONE SHOULD BE WATCHING THE SUPERBOWL TODAY.  Will it matter who wins or looses, especially if we lose the America we have?  Take a knee, not to the gods of football but to the God above and watch something else instead...

Monday, January 29, 2018

Billions and billions

Image result for billions and billions cartoonWhen Carl Sagan told us that there are billions and billions of stars in the Universe he actually said, “There are in fact 100 billion galaxies, each of which contains something like 100 billion stars.” But regardless of how he said what we think he said the number of stars in the universe is unknown.  Not that anyone is really counting, not that anyone could count that high.  The point is that when 100 billion is multiplied by 100 billion it equals 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 or 1e+22 or somewhere close to a sextillion.  We may not know what it is but at least we have a name for it.

In real terms, terms that we may start to understand, “The highest numerical value banknote ever printed was a note for 1 sextillion pengÅ‘, printed in Hungary in 1946. In 2009, Zimbabwe printed a 100 trillion Zimbabwean dollar note, which at the time of printing was worth about US $30.”  OK, so that was not a great example.  I for one cannot understand the reasons for runaway inflation to the extent of the currency being raised to the level of a billion times a billion.  Can you imagine buying a loaf of bread?

We all know that the number of billionaires is on rise and with this rise it seems, a widening between the very rich and the middle class.  This decline signals two events, the rise into greater wealth and the fall into the lower economic circles, duh, but the effects of losing the middle class is a loss of the inherent stability of any economy and a dedicated move toward slavery and a usurious faction of the wealthy and uber-rich.  It must be remembered that the health of any economy is directly tied to the health of those that spend the most, the middle class.  Henry Ford understood this concept, “that’s why a CEO like Henry Ford made it his mission to pay his workers enough, so they could buy the cars they made.” Henry Ford became extremely wealthy by understanding the needs of the middle class.

President Obama alluded to this when he argued that inequality distorts our democracy by giving. “an outsized voice to the few who can afford high priced lobbyists and unlimited campaign contributions”.  makes you wonder what was motivating him at the time?

This governmental attitude of favoritism destroys the very fabric of a society that thrives on the goodwill, the continuity, and availability of products and services.  But what does all this have to do with the billions and billions of stars?

It’s called a perspective.  When we look up into the night sky, on a clear night, away from the bright lights of a city, you see the stars.  You rarely count the stars, there are too many to count.  But have you ever thought that there are a finite number of stars?  We may not be able to comprehend that number or the ever-changing number of stars from one moment to the next but at any given time there is a specific number of stars.  Just like the billionaire who is unable to know exactly what he’s worth at any given time, he must rely upon the knowledge that at some time in the future he might know what he’s worth…at least in money.

The less you have the more defined your ability to understand your net worth.  Start with zero, that’s the easy one but how do we gauge our worth, who determines what is worth what and what has value?  Is it only in terms of money or are there other factors at play to help us determine our worth in life? 

From billions and billions of stars in the sky to the statistical understanding of life on other planets we start to get a gist of our importance, or lack of, depending on your perspective.  Are we alone in this universe?  Are there other populated planets that are asking similar questions?  How many possible planets are there? 

Statistically, if we multiply the number of possible stars in just our Universe by anything greater than zero we have the statistical probability of greater than zero.  How many habitable planets would you say exist in our Universe?   Let’s take a very low number .0000000001 multiplied by the number of stars, in our universe, 1 sextillion or 1 and 18 zeros, remove 9 of the zeros and you have 1,000,000,000, 1 billion possible habitable planets…OK, I understand this is purely a game of speculation and guesswork but so is most of what we do when we start to think about the enormity of what we must deal with when we start down the path of statistical improbability.

What is not improbable is the loss of our middle class and the effects those losses will have on our economy, our future and the political landscape that’s regulated by those in the middle.  Regardless of political persuasion, the middle class has always maintained an even keel during the rough waters of those who like to make waves, just so they can ride the controversies and profit from the storms they like to start.

It is the middle class that softens the extremes of the revolutionaries and makes possible the visionaries, like Henry Ford, like Bill Gates and a thousand others that rely upon the buying power of those in the middle.

Our solar system is somewhere on the fringes of something called the Virgo Cluster, sounds like a candy bar.  Our Galaxy and our universe are not unique, even with respect to life.  Statistically and probability tells us that we are not alone, but the question is where do we, humans, from Earth, fit in the larger picture that is?  My guess, not worth much I know but for the sake of writing a few sentences more, my guess is that we’re part of a massive middle class and because of us and the millions of others (planets) like us the economies of the Universe, the governments, the bureaucracies, the factories of the Suns and planets continue to move and work.  They are here because of us not the other way around, just like our government and all governments should exist, to help the people thrive and enjoy life.

The middle class is where most of us live, most of us work and eventually die but only after we have enjoyed and learned from this life, hopefully moving to a different kind of life somewhere amidst the billions and billions of stars.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

The DACA Dilemma

Image result for DACA cartoonThe logic of DACA is beyond my ability to comprehend, at least from a national perspective.  There are arguments in favor of offering support to those who were brought to this country against their will and for the time they have had to endure living here.  Our country does have some responsibility, at least from a humanitarian perspective.

But beyond these two extreme positions, the answers to the problems associated with DACA are fairly simple, when we can decide what our goals are for our country.  The problem with making a simple determination is often stalled by the complicated, political motivations that have nothing to do with the health and well being of the instituted citizenry but have everything to do with what we call forced, charitable, benevolence, a condition that for some require all of us to pay, whether we agree or not.  See current California Attorney General for a great perspective.

Year after year the United States has lead the world in allowing immigrants to enter.  Germany currently is at the number two spot.  In relation to the percentage of the population, the two top countries are Vatican City and the United Arab Emirates.  Most of the world wants to come to the America or Germany but the issue should never be who wants to come but who should be allowed to come.

In relation to DACA and the associated policy of allowing undefined families to immigrate after the acceptance of one immigrant the issues of social engineering or is it political manipulation must be considered in relation to the fundamental question of what makes an American, or German or what criteria are needed to substantiate the definition of a country. 

From the standpoint of most countries, a country has often been defined by the ethnicity of its populations.  This is not a racist attempt toward exclusion of one race or people over another but a simple statement of historical fact.  When you went to Sweden, again in the past, you expected to find Swedes on every corner, speaking Swedish.  The same is true for Peru or Chad or any other defined country of the world.  But there are some that do not follow those racist trends and at the top of the list has always been the United States.

To speak of the United States as racist is to defy the very definition of what and who we are.  We are accepting, welcoming, helpful, generous and for the most part, have had incredibly open borders to all those who needed to come.  But again, historically we have always had a reason or goal for that acceptance, we wanted those who would make us better.  We wanted skilled workers, individuals who wanted to become American, wanted to uphold our laws, love our freedoms and work together with those who came before to continue the process of creating the best country in the world.

I am not totally against DACA, but I am against those who stand in front of Disneyland and shout obscenities about how unfair America has been, or how cruel we are for not rolling over for their unconstitutional demands.  Let’s make this really clear:  1. They were brought here illegally, not their fault, but they did not come legally. 2.  They have lived here and in many cases, have been given assistance beyond what legal citizens have been given. 3.  They are involved in a greater percentage of crime and have disrupted the economic opportunities of those who have a legal right to live here and work here.

The statistics are also clear, DACA and most undocumented, illegal immigrants are a strain on our economy, our health systems, our educational systems and they will continue to be for years to come.  Not all DACA recipients fall into the same category but until the United States creates a more clear and defined immigration policy and specific criteria that let the world know what we want as a country there will be no easy solution for the DACA problem.  Once we know who we want the process of determination is simplified.  Some can stay because they are what we want but others will have to go or at least understand what they will have to learn and become in order to stay.  This process will not be an easy one. But when the United States develops a clear message to the world regarding immigration, immigration will no longer be an issue, as long as we can control our borders that is.   

America has always been a welcoming country and will continue but if we fail to define the essential aspects of who and what we want we will suffer like many countries in Europe and be inundated by the hoards who only want what they want and have no desire to become what their host countries are providing. 

Sweden is quickly losing its identity, England has tried to downplay the disruption of its growing populations, Germany is fighting to retain its sovereignty and like France is faced with increased violence and lawlessness.  There is a county that wants to retain its culture, its independence and has succeeded.  Poland has not accepted the hoards of immigration and has retained its culture and its freedoms and should be considered a shining light to the world of what it takes to fight against the evils of Islam and growing incursions into our everyday life, our moralities, and our sacred religious beliefs.

DACA was a creation of the left to increase its voter base.  We can be compassionate, we can be helpful, but we need to make all our citizens safe and law abiding.  That is impossible when those who are screaming the loudest openly defy the laws and disproportionally disregard those laws.  DACA needs to be held accountable.  Those who want to become valued citizens need to follow the law, like all of us need to follow the laws of this great land. 

Friday, January 19, 2018

Powerless, Helpless and Incompetent

Image result for emasculation of men cartoonAs a man, the idea of being emasculated is frightening.  The very thought of succumbing to the effects of such a condition is beyond my capacity to willfully consider, but even if it happens, my consciousness would protect my fragile ego by denying the effects, even as I and we capitulate our will, surrender our desires and give up our manhood, making excuses like, “we’re doing the right thing” or “it’s better for society”, or my favorite, “that’s what women want”, sealing our powerless and impotent existence to the choices of others who want nothing more than to enslave us, control us and manipulate our very essence and genetic sovereignty.

The role of man has been vigorously debated and for the most part, thrown into the dustbin of relevance as most of the issues revolve around the abhorrent actions of a few sexual predators and selfish tyrants destroying any goodwill that man used to have.

In our country and in the world, man has been forced to relinquish their standard roles of provider and protector to the enraged and willful desires of women.   Not all women.  Nature or God or whatever you think is appropriate has a plan.  If you don’t believe in God so be it, nature will suffice.  Both are working from the same playbook and both have the same goals in mind for man (and yes women too) despite what we have collectively allowed to transpire.

There is a thing called genetics that defines all that exist.  There are some exceptions but to date those exceptions are minuscule.  99.93 of all humans are genetically defined as either male or female.  Gender is a different story altogether and encompasses awareness, the developmental process and a score of variables that affect the self-identification and how an individual relates to others but in the topic of male and female, there should be no debate.

Society has clouded the reality of birth with the notion that by invoking a simple choice anyone can change who they want to be genetical.  I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but changing who you are is 100% impossible.  The confusion for many comes from the desire to be different than what you were born to be.  Failure to follow the natural course is one of the causes of man’s self-emasculation.   
Many men, and for a variety of reasons are not happy with their lives.  They then move in directions contrary to their genetic foundations, moves that not only alter their behaviors but alter their perceptions about who they are, what they are and their role in society and life. Determining the exact percentage of those who identify as gay, bi or whatever is extremely difficult, but the following link helps to define the numbers, the sources and the difficulty associated with understanding who is gay, who is straight and who is something else.

A reader posed the question to me the other day, “why do trees get it right?”  Trees spend nothing on their own behalf.  They have no specific agenda nor political motivation except to grow where they are planted.  Why do trees or nature, in general, succeed within their confined existence?  Do trees suffer from an emasculation syndrome?  There are some species that have different patterns of sexual behavior and even some like the worm that is both male and female (I think, I didn’t spend time researching the worm)

The question of why does nature as a whole succeed where man does not, keeping in mind that our lack of success is actuated toward a small percentage of our population, but the effects of that small percentage have had resounding effects on the masculinity of males in general, that’s why we talk about it.  Nature follows the rules that have been instituted and are therefore more inclined toward success as a result.

We are forced to honor women by dishonoring ourselves, and in the process, will lose all respect for womanhood.  We are forced to acknowledge the self-indulgent identity of those who have forsaken their own natural individuality and in the process, we are left questioning ourselves.  Our ability to provide for our families is subjugated by our marginalized roles as husbands and fathers and our ability to protect those we love has been sidelined by the lack of loving relationships.  Men (not man and women in this case) have been marginalized and emasculated to the point where they are forced to find love where they can protect what they can and provide whoever seems to come along.  You can buy anything in the world with money but like all things focused on money, they tarnish easily, are hard to handle and in the end, leave you broke, wanting more or dead.

Many have said that men are responsible, many are but in no greater degree than everyone else who buys into the fallacy of a marginalized family, loose morals, selfish motivations and a serious lack of spirituality.  What good is a man without a family? 

The family is the foundation of all society, it used to be the reason for why boys grew to be men.  Making a family used to be the central and singular reason for getting married and the framework that kept men home, happy and motivated toward upholding the vows of marriage but now it’s too easy to leave, too easy to separate, too easy to just give up.  You can look up the statistics on this one, in almost every category the family is in a drastic decline, taking its toll on the fabric of America and has contributed to the emasculation of men overall.

There are numerous reasons why males are failing to become men:

1.  Girls become women by simply growing up, but boys have historically had to pass a test.  There are no tests today, boys no longer must show that they’ve become a man. 

2.  Social Media has infected our boys with pornography and gaming, stripping them of their desire to achieve or be responsible. 

3.  Education has devoted its efforts to the female psyche forsaking the learning needs of boys for girls.  

4.  In his book, Boys Adrift, Dr. Leonard Sax explains that boys need — not want — to be responsible. If they are not needed, they don’t flourish.  Boys need to be responsible, they need, not want to be needed and our society has systematically destroyed those opportunities by portraying men as incompetent, immature and self-absorbed.   Hollywood has methodically enhanced the collective idea that men are no longer able and responsible and have done so very effectively.

We need our Men back.  We need our boys to grow into Men and we need our families back, two parents working together to raise their children to be Men and Women of great worth.  This will not come easy, especially now when we have allowed it to degrade, but we, all of us need to fight for what is right.  The problem is that the boys that usually go off to battle and become Men no longer want to fight.  So, the emasculation continues…