Sunday, February 7, 2016

When the entire nation and many parts of the world are wondering who will claim the top spot against the “incumbent” Hillary, the universe was shaken by another missile test by the North Koreans. 

In researching for this blog the coverage of this event was overshadowed by which political figure would trump Trump and which spoken word would be used to flail the speaker into non-existence, all the while the North Koreans were planning and firing the very real instrument that could be the antecedent to future world destruction.

Do we really care that much about what a few political hopefuls spout in response to inane questions in an all to worn out forum of advertising?  Do we  really wonder why we’re in the state we’re in when the coverage of news, real news, overshadows those events that might, in a real sense threaten our way of life?  What is most important and what has become important in the face of the realities of our current political arena? It’s obviously not the threats of despots around the world.  It can’t be that the super bowl and the 578th Republican debate are really more important. 

I mean don’t we care what North Korea is developing, or what we’re allowing the Iranians to do with their Nuclear Power?  Ooh ya I almost forgot, since we have it, every one should have it…Right?  Since we are such a bad example of colonialism and war mongering we should simply hand over the reigns of world power so every one who wants the bomb should get it. Great Idea….

When millions are sitting back and getting bombed while watching the Super Bowl, we ignore the real issue of getting nuked by North Korea and Iran and a host of other   terrorist style governments that will be supported by our two “friends” and create a scenario of peace and tranquility while our team is vying for gridiron supremacy. 

Maybe it’s not in the politics at all but in our inability to see the violence through the violence of every day life.  When two teams are head banging their bodies in mass toward each other and spectators are betting, screaming and siding for one over the other the real issues of global death seems somewhat inconsequential. 

Go Dallas, or is it the Raiders, I know it’s not the Rams…maybe it would be easier to enlist teams of specialist to fight on a real battle field with the winner taking all…No, not a good idea, the real winners must be those who are focused on the truth, the righteous and the free.  Spending our time with football is fine but should it really take precedence over the reality that is our life, NO, it shouldn’t.  So maybe after the game take a few minutes to remember how the freedoms of our country allow you and the rest of the millions who watch the Super Bowl to Watch the Super Bowl. 

Go Denver….  

Monday, January 18, 2016


Martin Luther King has a day all to himself. The past Lincoln’s day and Washington’s day have been replaced with “president’s” day.  This is not a complaint but an observation of the changes that occurred over the years to bring homage to a great American.  I am not saying the Lincoln and Washington do not deserve a singular day; they do but the need for that specific day celebrating Dr. King is perhaps more important. 

Even with the statement above the question of relevance can be raised and in relation to who was more important but that’s not what I want to discuss here.  What is important is often a subject of relativity and position in relation to the politics and populous.  Too many Dr. King was a divider, while others see him as a motivator and unifier.  He certainly was the driving force that helped this country see the ills of its ways in relation to race and color. 

It can be argued that his methods were somewhat revolutionary and not unlike Gandhi who brought the British Empire to its knees without the need for open warfare.  It can also be argued that Dr. King created a new level of consciousness that allowed the American public to finally admit its level of racism.  For all of that and all of the unspoken advances in race relations, I thank him openly and state unequivocally that he deserves his own day.

What I am most troubled about is the recent (5 to 10 years) move by individual communities to continue to place blame on other communities… ( and white..are you happy?) …for the continued plight of that community.  After Dr. King spoke so eloquently about his dream of a new life and a new day that would not include negative relations between any race, those words have fallen on infertile soil, leaving his words meaningless to what seems like a majority of those who profess allegiance to his gospel and way of life.

I am not a racist, I know I am not.  I fail to pursue the thoughts that would include simple bigotry and narrowness of mind to include an entire race of people.  There are stereotypical behaviors that all races possess but in the example that I try to set, it is the individual actions that matter and not the overall actions of a few that determine the mindset of the whole.  In other words, there are stupid and ignorant people in all walks of life and in all races.  When a person acts incorrectly, it is that person who is to blame not the race of that person.  If a black or a white man likes something or dislikes something that should have no barring on the likes and dislikes of that individuals race, even if it is a widely held practice. 

Dr. King’s vision was to see beyond color and beyond those negative beliefs in order to more correctly see the beauty of the individual.  Dr. King was not the originator of those ideas, but he was a strong promoter of those Christ like attributes that we must all strive to posses.  The more we look toward Christ (and yes Christ was a Jew) the more importance is placed on the individual and not on the group.  One of the Jews big problems is the emphasis they place on being the Chosen People and the mistake they often made in supplanting that title with the need to be Christ like or in their terms God like.

Just like the Jews in the past, the races of today are less fervent in their desire to look beyond their own color and into the eyes of those that looks back at them with the same desires, the same motivations and sadly with same level of disdain; incidentally as man has done since the beginning of time.

Dr. Martin Luther King taught us a great many things and for those things he deserves a special day.  I wish only that his students, his followers and all those who take advantage of this day would follow his teachings, looking inward and upward for inspiration and discontinue the ever so present blame game. 

I am not to blame for another’s discomfort or life position.  I make my choices and suffer the consequences of those choices, as should every one else….

Friday, January 8, 2016

cultural Cavities

I want to make some unequivocal statements to shed some light on the deception that has permeated our culture and way of life.

  1. Being gay is not natural or moral.
If being gay was natural than one would think that more people would actually be gay!   

PRINCETON, N.J. -- The American public estimates on average that 23% of Americans are gay or lesbian, little changed from Americans' 25% estimate in 2011, and only slightly higher than separate 2002 estimates of the gay and lesbian population. These estimates are many times higher than the 3.8% of the adult population who identified themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender in Gallup Daily tracking in the first four months of last year.

Morality is a function of what is considered “normal” and accepted.  Based on 3.8% the overall consensus (morality for most is a consensus) is that being gay does not fall within the norms of society, Ergo, it’s not moral.

If a person wants to be gay, so be it. But why are the figures that delineate the population so incorrect?  It’s Propaganda.  Those that are gay have an agenda.  They want us to think that it’s “normal”, it’s not and the 3.8% that practice it are not normal, regardless of what they say or how they say it.

  1. Global Climate Change is occurring and there is nothing we can do to stop it.
The global issues we face today are really no different that any other time with the exception that we now have a global media and instant access to information that instills in all of us a sense of emergency based on those climate changes that have it seems always occurred.  In reporting those changes the complexity of the climate systems have stymied most reports and forced many to “speculate” about the coming changes.

A 2011 paper in the Journal of Geophysical Research examined the locations of 1,007 of the 1,221 monitoring stations used to determine average surface temperature changes across the continental United States. The paper found that 92% of these stations are positioned in sites that can cause errors of 1.8ºF (1ºC) or more.

If the basic process of collecting data is compromised how do you think that affects the outcome of the studies?

The first IPCC report (1990) contains the following graph of average global temperature changes over the past 1,000 years based upon proxies. It shows a "Medieval warm period" that was warmer than the present era and a "Little Ice Age" that was cooler. 

From the assumption that speculative data can not return factual evidence I think we can all agree that man is a long way from knowing if man is responsible for the warming trends, or was it cooling trends or the ever present climate changes?  The real issue is control and if you were to look at the number of rules, legislation, controls, taxes etc…that are related to Climate Change you would agree that the issue is not the climate or risk to humanity but the current push toward tyranny.

  1. Elections make a difference…Not.
 When was the last time that any election had any real impact on our lives?  Please don’t get me wrong I vote and I expect everyone with a mind to vote.  The problem is too many people vote without thinking and those who do have the capacity to think do so selfishly and without regard to the real consequences of their vote.  Do elections matter?  No.  Could they?  Yes.  But it would take a paradigm shift in public awareness to bring about that level of change.  And getting the “public” to see the long term needs in a cohesive manner is virtually impossible. 

Continue to vote, by all mean, I will also vote but I think we must realize that the only true winners of most elections are the politicians.  If that were not the case then why do the same politicians continue to get elected?  The same issues are before us at each election cycle yet nothing is ever resolved…The politicians want it that way, and most voters don’t care enough to vote differently, there is no other conclusion.

  1. Education is a disaster. 
In an older 2003 study done by the OECD (organization of economic co-operation and development) they found our elementary schools outperformed most other highly developed nations. In Middle schools we were about average and in high school we fell precipitously in the overall rakings.  The conclusion of this study is that education has failed in almost every category when it matters most. 

Multiple programs have been initiated to stem these issues but none so far has had any impact on the overall ranking between the US and the rest of the world.  We are simply not demanding enough from our students.  Those students who enroll in AP classes fair much better and when compared to other nations also do much better in the rankings.

The bottom line, and indecently as an educator we do need to demand more of our students.  That means demanding more work, more responsibility, better behavior and less socialization's and extra curricular activities.  Those are important but should not be part of education; they all get in the way of what education should be. 

Either education is focused on learning or it’s not.  Most of our secondary schools have a primary focus on other things and to be honest are boring as hell, if hell was boring that is. 

Education needs to be interesting and fun.  Compared to all other nations our schools are boring and this causes our students to exhibit negative behaviors as a result.  Who wouldn’t want basket weaving instead of biology or English or every math course on the planet?  This is true for most classes, mine exempted of course, I am the consummate professional, special education teacher….Ya and I can’t wait to retire…it’s the system we’re in and that needs to change…

It’s the system for all of our problems.  It’s our government and its open attitudes to all things liberal.  It’s our populous and its desire for non-confrontation and lack of desire to fight for what is right.  And yes it’s the worlds fault for forcing us to endure another thousand years of a proposed ice age…whoops…ten thousand years of unbearable heat…

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Real Change

When my car started to slip over the damp roads I new I needed new tires on my old 1998 Corolla.  When it started to rain in sheets of water I had my doubts if I would actually be able to drive to the tire store.  Sliding into the parking lot I gasped a sigh of relief, at least this problem had a solution.

It finally started raining in Southern California.  El Nino is here!  The weather may follow though with the hype of the promise of continued rain but then again it may not and California may not ever get out of this drought.  What I expect is for the state to continue the water conservation programs, regardless how much rain is dropped in this expected deluge.

Like almost all thing political the rule of thump is to never give into the public and never give back the gains of political power.  Just like the rain that may fill every reservoir, the snow that may create a massive snow pack and a promise of long term water relief the promise of less government incursions in relation to water will most likely never be realized.  A good tax is never given up.  The same is true with “good” legislation. 

The amount of money that is being spent on ridiculous programs and redundant governmental positions is just like the rain of El Nino.   The constant promises of relief continue unabated but at the same time the continuous naysayers of doom and gloom create a monumental gap between those promises and the reality of a never shrinking government.  One good example is the unionization of public employees, which only serves to increase their reliance on public funds and further entrench their positions as life long rather than as needed.

Thankfully the Supreme Court recently ruled against the “fair play fees” that grant unions the right to collect union dues from non union employees.  I know this rule and I wish it would work in relation to teachers.  I’ve been paying union dues for years and would rather not pay those dues to a representative I do now like and who’s policies I do not agree with.

Even if El Nino delivers enough rain to squash the drought the pattern of government could never allow the dismantling of any of the policies that grant more control and higher fees and taxes.  What politician in his right mind (political minds may not be right to begin with) would vote to give up power and control?  There is only one example that I know of and that was the tax for the San Diego Coronado Bridge.      

 Although the bridge was supposed to become "toll-free" once the original bridge bond was paid (which occurred in 1986), the tolls continued for sixteen additional years. On June 27, 2002, it became the last toll bridge in Southern California Wikipedia

Sixteen years after the promised dissolution of the tax/ toll and only under pressure was the tax/toll removed.  There are probably more examples of a frugal and public conscience directives, I don’t know of any but please let me know if you have any.  I sincerely want some good news, regardless of how old or insignificant it is, especially in relation to what we’re spending.

One example of what were doing to our selves and how we’re spending our money is found in the new Iran nuclear deal.  From what I understand and from what I’ve been able to tell is that we will start paying the Iranians billions to literally build a bomb.  Please correct me if I’m wrong.  I cannot find any signatures that require Iran to do any thing about our desire to inspect.  I cannot find any (I have not read the document, only bits and pieces that I can find here and there) evidence of any terms that call for sanctions for misdeeds or failures to comply, only a document of purpose and gentlemanly promise. 

I could spend hours discussing the merits of bad spending and governmental chaos and how that only benefits the politicians but we all know what our government does and why.  What I want to spend my time discussing is the way to stop what’s been going on for so long and the idea to change the paradigm in order to initiate that needed change.

With the economies of the world changing from day to day and a world of certain uncertainty the need for experienced leadership is needed now more than ever before.  We will not survive with the same kind of leadership we’ve had in the past.  We cannot survive with politicians running our lives.  It doesn’t matter how much rain we get the drought will always be there.  Like the eternal war in 1984, “we will always be in a drought…”  That perpetual news of doom and gloom will always spew from the mouths of those that profess to lead but fail to serve. 

The only candidate that is a divide from the pack is Trump.  He is the only one that has the ability, the money, and the knowhow to create the needed change.  Whether he will or not live up to his own hype has no greater risk than any of the other candidates currently running.  Logically, why would we want to continue doing the exact same thing by voting for the same type of leader?  Republican or Democrat the similarities of both within the race have more in common with each other, so why risk another Bushlike or Clintonlike or whateverlike you like when there is a very clear contender that is markedly different with the same level of risk?

Will he be worse than Obama?  Will he be worse than Clinton?  Will we really risk that much by trying something different?  For now I don’t think so and for now I like the idea of a “Real Change”.  What’s he going to do, rent out the White House?  Been there, done that, get over it and vote for at least the chance to get our country back and a hope that the drought will not last forever. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

A better life

Making a new start, changing old ways, giving up bad habits or creating new good ones are all part of the New Years tradition. Most promises are never kept, most don’t even last into the next month, but the need for change and progress is paramount to a worthwhile existence.  Change in itself is not enough; we need to change and progress.     Without the component of progression any change is simply a function of randomness that generally follows the path of entropy and the subtle but often distinct attitude of being lost.

For many reasons men like change.  We get bored with the status quo, we get tired of the same old food and we even get tired of sex the same way.  Men and women are born to seek out new ways and new stimuli in order to make sense of the often misunderstood meaningless attributes of life in general.  The idea that we are born, we live a few years and then we die is to many a death sentence, just waiting to happen.  There has to be more from life, there has to be a purpose for living, whether that purpose is God given or man made the purpose needs to be defined in order to have a worthwhile life.

Most religions allow men to glean their purpose externally, letting them believe that what they are doing is a divine calling and that all connected trials to that singular purpose is nothing but a means to a glorious end with all the trials and suffering there for our good.  The very act of giving into the force beyond in some ways negates any personal responsibility.

For those without religion the purpose must come from within.  No one telling them what to do or believe and without guidance they must find purpose within the daily trials of life.  This process is much harder to accomplish.  The idea of living a life devoid of any external guidelines is for most an impossible accomplishment, resulting in a chaotic and anarchistic system where only the strong survive and only the pleasures of life are sought to any level of consistency.

The question must be asked of all who read where on this spectrum to you exist?  The polarization of either is seldom achieved with most falling somewhere in the middle and being in the middle fail to come to grips with the reality of there own existence. 

It is incumbent on all of us to take a stand and determine the level of life we wish to pursue.  Living a life is not the same as a life to live and the differences between the two are as wide as those who believe in a God and those who do not.  Finding that life to live is what New Years Resolutions are all about, unless of course if your one of the very few who have attained that state of nirvana or self actualization that precludes any need for yearly updates and reboots.  For those few I applaud your dedication toward that chosen ideal. I envy your ability to focus in on a specific style of life to live and I desire the same tenacity to achieve balance in my own life. 

I am one who has a religion.  I enjoy my beliefs and also find them very difficult to maintain.  On the one hand I know deep within my soul that there are truths and consistencies that drive me to obedience but at the same time the trials of life move me toward selfish ambitions and a diametrically opposed purpose than the one I’ve chosen.   It is a constant battle of will but for the most part I have pursued the good part of my life and sustained a level of satisfaction from those pursuits.  I am a believer in the external motivations from a Divine Being that has outlined a process for me to chose how best to exemplify my life in terms of a perfect example.  Failure within those terms is inevitable, perfection impossible but the idea of achievement is set forth in well defined terms that I think I understand, only my natural self gets in the way.

My purpose here is not to decry those who do not have a religion for the very definition of religion is the daily devotion to something greater than oneself.  Life is greater than the individual and the pursuit of happiness is to understand that a singular life is not greater than the whole.  Service to others defines humanity.  The selfish attributes of the Natural Man are born of brutality and barbarism and only serve the short term selfish man and not the pursuit of a meaningful life. 

In conclusion I do not make New Years Resolutions because for the most part I try every day to be a better person, less natural and more spiritual.  There are a lot of things that I could resolve to do better but in the course of my life I hope I get to them before I die.  If I were to make a promise toward one specific thing over the many that I need help with I suspect I would forsake the development of those that really need dealing with in lieu of that one that I only think needs help and only today, meaning that by the second month of the year it will have been forgotten and I will have failed.  Not a great way to start a new year.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Mothers Eyes

When you look into the face of our children we see the changes that occur over the years, the growth and potential, the hope and promise.  When we look do we wonder if our parents did the same?  They say that our future lies within those little faces and in some respects I guess that’s true.  How we mold them and care for them, how we prepare them for the uncertainties of life, those are the preparations we can do for them.  At the same time they look back at us and see only hope and love and the unspoken promise of life and safety.

Each of our leaders had a mother, or I think they all did and each of those mothers had at least one incident of hope deep in her heart over the future of that innocent little child;  that hope that they could grow to be happy and healthy.  Success, only as a passing thought, very few mothers want more than health and happiness, for in that moment when a child’s eyes meets his mothers the connection of the spirit is indescribably tender and innocent.  

I wonder too how often our leaders think of their mothers and think of the hardships endured in raising them, nurturing them and cuddling them to keep them warm and safe.  Do they ever entertain the notion of their responsibility to those initial feelings of hope and trust or have they simply forgotten the depths of love that once permeated though their own mother’s optimistic eyes? 

In a few short months I send my a son on a journey that will inevitably help him to become a MAN, not just a male but a responsible, caring individual who shares his skills and serves others while learning to be responsible, learning the value of work to eventually pay his own way and earn a living, raising his own children in hope and love.  I will send him off with tears in my eyes and the remembrance of his tiny face as he looked back at me, his small, grasping fingers holding on to mine as if to say, “don’t let go, I’m too small to do this on my own but as long as I have you to hold onto I’ll be ok”  His eyes staring intently into mine, memorizing my face so that one day if he needs to remember who he is, my face will help to bring him home.  Even on the morning when he turns to leave I will see his eyes look into mine, but now with courage, as if to say, “Now I’m ready, I think, thanks for not letting go, thanks for holding my hand, thank you dad, I love you mom.”

Our leaders have forgotten that connection and not just with their loving mothers but with the constituents who gave birth to their service.  They have forsaken the very notion of service and duty and replaced that sacred trust with greed and corruption, never blinking at the cost of their deceit and the untold waste of their treachery.

I’m sure there are a few politicians who are honest, who truly try toward trust and dignity but that old adage of “with great power comes great responsibility” and its evil cousin, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely", rings ever so true.  By the way the origin of that saying is attributed to John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, first Baron Acton (1834–1902) or simply knows as Lord Acton who originally stated:  "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."

The assumption of great men being almost always bad has some merit and historically we can see plenty of examples of good men turning evil when confronted with too much power. What did their mothers think? What did there mothers hope for those great men as they floundered spiritually but excelled politically?  What did their fathers think as they saw their sons and daughters wallow in the quagmire of deceit and political pretense, knowing that in their eyes once lived the innocent and loving child, filled with hope and trust and a child love? 

When you listen to the politicians, do they really believe what their saying? Do they believe that we believe in what their saying? They must because they continue to get elected, year after year they spout the same rhetorical slop and we as a people gobble it up, like starved pigs at an empty trough.   We should be ashamed at the depravity of our own selfish desires as we continue to follow those who exhibit such obviously degenerate and decadent attitudes toward those they serve.

The average wealth of a senator is around 12 to 14 million, for a congressman it’s around the 3.4 million mark, making those who serve among the wealthiest in the country as reported by  Politics has become this countries number one source for wealth and those we elect will be swallowed whole into the pit of its depravity or will be almost immediately regurgitated and rejected, sent packing with the stain and brand of failure emblazoned on their foreheads, never able to return.  The honest will be swallowed and brainwashed, the descent dirtied and sullied, tortured until they too fall within lockstep of the horrendous pressures within the evil political midfield. And if you think this is unique to American politics, think again.  Look at the systems of virtually every country and the same hideous and insanely greedy leaders fill the ranks of the politicians.

Their mother’s hope of happiness was forfeit for power and position, the gleam of faith that brightly shined from mother to son is dulled and faded.  Our country is almost lost, almost without hope, but there are those babes in mothers arms still to come, those honest and true who will not fail, will not fall prey, that might come forth and take that stand that will revive our future, restore our greatness while maintaining their own precious integrity. 

There may be leaders that stand against the political machinery, impervious to the ravenous and insatiable desire for wealth and power, who in the end will show the light of reason to the others and in so doing create a restoration of the beauty and simplicity of our constitution.   And so I pray….As we all must pray for those who are to come and for those fighting the fight against the evils within.  Let us make 2016 a new kind of year.  Let us make a year of the bounty of honesty and integrity.  Let set the example for others to follow.  Let us start with our children and when they see us acting honestly and with integrity maybe we can turn things around and in time we can look back to 2016 and know that’s when it all started…to get better.  

Monday, December 28, 2015

Trying Trump.

For all the negatives portrayed about Trump I want to look at the reality of what Donald Trump can offer the country in a constructive and somewhat unbiased manner.  I hear the news about Trump and 90% of it is negative.  Despite those negative reports and opinions he continues to soar in the polls.

Trump has reached a cord of soothing (albeit harsh at times and controversial it is welcoming to millions of Americans) rhetoric with many, albeit mostly white and male, some female but all strong Americans with a strong following among many who work hard, believe in something and consider themselves to be honest and true Americans.

I want to state emphatically that I have not made up my mind.  I am seriously looking at Carson and Cruz, with an outside glance at Carly Fiorina and I want to keep my mind open to whatever comes my way.  It’s way too early to take a side, but I am troubled by the harsh, unfair media that Donald Trump is getting just because he is white and successful.

There is nothing negative about being white or successful but you wouldn’t know it by the media bias that is promoting the negatives of trump in almost every instance.  He is portrayed as bombastic, pompous and ignorant, with a few splashes of racism just to keep it interesting.

Let’s look at the man Donald Trump and then judge for ourselves the value of such a man and let’s look at him as a potential leader who may have the ability to forge new relationships with difficult countries and perhaps marginalize their even more dangerous leaders. First let’s look at what he is able to do and what he’s done:

Failures, he’s had a lot.  From trying to break into selling Trump vodka to selling toys (board games) he’s lost millions.  Then there was Trump University a dismal failure and he was sued over it.   Trump stakes were a meaty failure while trump mortgage had a dismal and was a fiery failure…He has had some spectacular failures.  But failure like all other ventures in life can bring a greater understanding of the realities of life as opposed to those who live only from success to success.  For those few who seldom fail the outlook of reality is skewed by the very successes.  They lack the basic understanding of humanity and humility (yes I said humility, meaning teachable or the ability to change in face of failure).  I therefore postulate that Trumps failures have in fact created a potentially more balanced and effective leader

His successes have shown us that he is very good at what he does, but only within a set and specific model, he is very good at real estate and very good at negotiations with a majority of his successes coming from real estate and his TV show the Apprentice.  But when you look at his successes and failures you start to understand the leader that America needs.  He has an uncanny ability to see the risks of a situation.  His real estate success is who Donald Trump is.  He is not a huckster or pitchman and every time he’s tried to move outside his strength he has failed.  But even those attempts the demonstration of his character shines through; he continually wants to improve and change and develop, never giving up.  

Donald Trump may have failed but in those failures he has still amassed a 10 billion fortune and all that from an initial 1 million investment.  Before you start saying what you would do with a millions dollars, let me remind you that making ten billion from one million is the same as making 1,000,000 from an investment of 100.  When looked at it in these terms Donald Trump is a virtual genius and very skilled at making money. 

Further evidence of his abilities is derived from his failures.  When we look at Abraham Lincoln we are impressed by how often he failed in his elections and applaud his tenacity.  Why do we not do the same with Donald Trump?  I am only making the comparison between the two to show how failures are nothing more than a veiled view of success where tenacity is the binding factor.  Both Lincoln and a score of others have failed miserably prior to success and most have stated the need for failure in order to understand the value of those future successes. 

For me it is those failures that have made the measure of a man that I can associate with.  Why would I want to vote for a person who has no idea what failure is or what loosing is and who has never had to deal with the consequences of actions?  One candidate comes to mind, Jeb Bush.  Sure he was a fairly successful Governor of Florida but what else has he done and honestly his poles show how the people feel about him and his lack of personality and depth.  He is probably a nice guy but what we need is a leader who has experienced life in all its varieties and has consistently risen above the challenges.

I also like the way Trump talks.  I like the way he never backs down and attacks the press and other naysayers, he does not capitulate nor surrender and perhaps like Winston Churchill, Trump has learned to “never, never, never surrender”  isn’t it time we had a strong leader, a leader with a real personality and not a prompted speech to indicate breathing and inflection?  Isn’t it time that we had a man who speaks his mind?

What are we afraid of, insulting Mexico, or saying something not quite right to some other country or despotic leader when we all know what they want and there willingness  to say and do anything to get the billions that we dole out around the world.  I want a leader who will say something, and be rude if need be, be strong and bombastic with an air of superiority, because Damn it,  we are superior, we are great and we are the harbinger of 90% of the worlds charity and good works, the world needs to know how good we are.  Stop apologizing, and stop taking the blame for whom and what we are.  We are great, we are charitable, we are successful and we are good.

The USA needs a spokesman that will not apologize, bow down or kowtow to the despots of the world and we need a leader who actually creates fear in the hearts of those who do not like us.  I hate to say it this way but we need a Putin and as far as I can see the only leader who has Putin like traits just so happens to be Donald Trump.  But as I said in the beginning I will not discount Cruz or Carson, or even Carly Fiorina or even Bush for that matter.  They can do what they will to garner my vote but I’m looking for a leader, not just a puppet to spout the party line or a marginalized politician who thinks more about their pole numbers than they do about my future.
What I really think is Trumps biggest advantage is in the fact that he does not speak through the filter of political correctness.  He doesn’t really care what others think about what he says. In the very real measure of successes and failures Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson and to some extant Ted Cruz have all been successful outside of politics and that at least puts them on my radar.  Political success is meaningless.  We have enough bureaucrats running and meddling around, what we need are statesman, political to some degree but realizing the true strength of this country is not in the government but in the hearts and minds and muscle of those they represent.

The final question is, do we want another whitewashed (no reference to the color white was intended) political hack, a man or woman (not Hillary) that is self assured in their abilities; standing for the right without the help of a focus group or teleprompter.   Do we want a leader or a committee as our President?  I want a leader, we’ve already had the committees and we all know that outcome.