Thursday, May 19, 2022


When you think about life, your life, or the life of others, we all really want pretty much the same things.


Black or White, Asian or Latino, we are all the same.  The problems arise when one group of individuals want to take from you and keep it for themselves. 


Governments, Political leaders and Parties, Democrats or Republicans, kings, despots, local taxes, state taxes, or however you want to dissect the numerous issues that plague our lives, they all come down to individuals working together to take from others, so they can enrich their lives, their influence to control and enslave those who are less able to defend themselves.


Regardless of the past atrocities by man toward other men and women, groups, beliefs or skin color, we are all the same.


Like most of you, I have no desire to control another, force another or even influence another to do as I say.  I will admit that I am in favor of teaching the truth, searching for the truth and attempting to live by what I believe, but I also understand that even though what I believe is life changing for me, it may not be to others, so be it.


The beauty of this life is in the choice we enjoy to choose and decide for ourselves.  Those choices cannot and should not be forced, mandated, or limited by those in power, especially when they fail to follow those mandates that they have demanded from us.


Your politics, and our choices are yours to make, as mine are as well, but when your choices infringe upon my choices, then one of us has moved beyond the principle of example and has adopted the idea of force, without constraint, to muscle or constrain others to their will, especially when the will of some is not followed, obeyed by those demanding it.


I am willing to let others live any way they desire, but on that path, I find that when I do, the response has inevitably been to force me to comply with their choices in such a manner that I am forced to agree with their choices, not just letting them make those choices.  I am forced to be complicit and agreeable with them and their choices and their lifestyles, even if I am not.


Abortion is one of those issue.  The mandated use of pronouns in another.  Racial tensions are yet another.  The political decisions of the left scare me and the changes they want for this country scare me.  Men being allowed to compete in girls sports?  Men giving birth?  Radical abortion laws?  The obvious racism toward some in our society as a form of payment for past atrocities by only a free from our past. Wrong then, wrong now.


Like I said above, you can be or do whatever makes you happy.  If you want act like a woman and even surgically alter your body to conform to that desire, by all means, have at it, but when your choices affect my choices then that becomes a group of individuals working together to take advantage of other individuals, like myself, with the general motivation to force me and others to comply to your choices.  



Wouldn’t you agree?

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

The Power of Politics

 In our fractured society, there is nothing more divisive than opposing political views, especially when those views are politically motivated.

Some believe that “Politics is everything, and everything is political.”  

The definition of politics is:  the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power.

The above definition, taken from a simple Google Search, seems to agree with the variation of multiple individuals regarding politics.  It has definitely moved beyond the simple aspects of the activities associated with the governance of a country…

We can plainly see how the idea of …Achieving Power…  comes into play.

But through the efforts to achieve power, there has developed an almost incongruent defiance toward Common Sense that defies logic, and promotes a ridiculousness never before exhibited.

How irrational will a power thirsty individual go to create a web of deceit, or lies, to achieve their goal?  And, when combined with a group dynamic, that desire for power can be transferred to those who gain very little actual power, but fall for the specter of association, grasping onto the tendrils of hope to buoy their unrelenting lust, not for power but to be on the side that ultimately wins.

There are two sides in this conflict and both have their issues with the truth, and common sense, but if you will indulge me, I will focus on the most egregious of examples to illustrate my point.

Keep in mind that the focus of this discussion is to analyze the decisions towards power that fall the furthest from Common Sense and Logic.

As a note of thanks, I have taken these points from Dennis Preager, who is to me, one of the most consistent and logical thinkers of our Day.

  1.  Men can give birth.  This is absurd on its face.  The words are completely illogical and have been since the dawn of man, or woman, don’t want to make any enemies here.  Need I go into the biological basics of life itself?

One thing to think about if you're unsure regarding this topic.  After you die and someone, anyone, finds your bones, they will only be able to determine your sex as a male or female, based on your bones.  No one will be able to tell if your Sis-Gender or your Bi-status or any of the other self proclaiming dysphoric ideas you wish to engage in during life.  

  1. Biological men competing against women.  The idea of men competing in women's sports defies any explanation, especially if you're a woman vying for that top prize, only to see it slip away because a young man decided to become a “woman” so they could compete against less muscular, with less bone density, women who are smaller, but who have trained just as hard, shown the same devotion and dedication as their male counterparts.  

There is a reason why they call it “Women's Sports”, Men are not allowed to compete, even those who simply decide that they would rather be a woman in name only.  Despicable, cowardice and politically motivated, as the definition for power stated above outlines.

  1. Defunding the police.  The cries for defunding the police was not motivated to improve policing of our cities or assist in controlling the rising crime rate.   It was a political move by a few to gain power over the many, so the few could control our lives through fear, and intimidation.  I have no issues with improving our police efforts, the organizations and the practices but the notion of “Defunding” with the end goal of improvement flies in the face of logic and common sense.

  1. Free speech does not allow for hate speech.  We all know the drill.  We walk into a store or answer an ad online for this free event, or product;  we know, but we fall into their trap, forgetting that FREE is very often very costley.  If something, anything is Free, then it is a safe bet that there is no cost, no obligation, no need to pay up front for the privilege.  Free is Free, and like Free Speech, it can not be free when there are conditions, options for some and not others, regulations etc…   simply stated, why is one opinion held up, while others are not?  Even if we have definitive and concrete facts, does not the dissenting opinion matter, should it be allowed to exist?  I say yes.  Remember, who benefits from one position over another?  Is not Politics at play here as well?

Here are a few more topics to consider.  Race matters, really, does it?  

Diversity is strength, I thought strength comes from working together, not through the politically motivated idea that diversity alone will raise your game. 

You're not Human until you are born, but even now there are strong indications that abortions after birth have been performed and are becoming more common.  Makes you wonder if Margurets Sanger is still in charge of Planned Parenthood, (just another oxymoronic title that defies the logic of what really happens behind their doors.  And last but but not a complete list is:

Capitalism is Evil.  Just in case you don’t know, There are advantages to Capitalism, not available in other forms of Governance.


1. Capitalism encourages innovation.  Because there is a need to compete to remain profitable, Capitalism is a system that encourages innovation like no other system of economics. 

2. It is a society that is based on the service of others.

3. Capitalism promotes equality.   We are all trying to buy and sell our products and services equally

4. It provides freedom. Freedom to choose for yourself and your family, more choices than any other system.

5. Capitalism promotes self-regulation. Businesses in a Capitalistic society only have power because consumers allow them to have it. If buyers are not interested in the goods or services that are offered by an organization, then that business will not continue to exist. This means businesses must create goods or services that are desired by the society and this helps to serve the needs of individuals and households.

6. It provides a wider range of products or services.  People have unique problems which must be solved. This wide array of needs allows for businesses to find a niche so they can exist. If there is value in the goods or services being offered, defined as being able to solve a problem, then it will continue to operate. 

7. There is an opportunity to be involved in governance.  Capitalism encourages people to get involved in all aspects of society to create the best possible outcome for themselves. That means it is a system that encourages people to be involved with their governance. From voting to serving on local boards to running for a national office, people get involved with government so they can create their preferred outcome.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Breeders Beware

I was always raised to stand up for good, to help those in need and to intervene if someone else is in trouble; I still believe in those principles.  As I get older the way that I pursue those guidelines has changed but my desire to do what is right is still intact, and I believe that most Americans still follow those guidelines or they think they do.

I don’t think this is a revelation to anyone, but we have become more hedonistic and less charitable.  I can hear the whispers of “NO Duh, are you just now finding this out Einstein?”

It may seem obvious to some, but the way many look at life, religion and each other. those changes have been dramatic.  Just look at the changes in Social Media with the recent purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk, or the changes politically, that seem to happen every day.

One prime example is the current state of the “family” as defined in a traditional sense as being composed of one man, one woman and their children.  It has to be understood however, that there are variations to that traditional dynamic but they should be the exception and not the norm. 

I mean no disrespect for single mothers or fathers, for whatever the reasons that interrupted the union of two loving partners (as expressed above), but the ideal should be pursued and re-initialized as the optimum situation to raise children.  Life is not perfect, the people are not perfect, but regardless of these universal inconsistencies, following a proven principle increases our chances for success as humans.

In today's world and specifically within the United States we are all faced with an increased skepticism that generally affects virtually every facet of our lives, and has had such a disruptive influence that once held patterns of behavior and long standing beliefs have been discarded and replaced.

When I was newly married, my wife and I found a place to rent in what we thought was a quaint and quiet area called Hillcrest in San Diego.  The houses were older but stylish and we were lucky to find a 2 bedroom house with a fenced backyard for our two girls to play.

On a Sunday afternoon in 1984, (not related to the book, by George Orwell) after returning from our church services; we took our girls, put them into their strollers and proceeded to explore our new community.  We crossed one busy street, and turned right onto 5th Avenue and were surprised by the huge gathering.

Thinking nothing of it, we continued south on 5th.  It was then that the whispers and not so subtle looks helped us to realize where we were.  

“Breeders”  The group closest to us could be heard loudly whispering, but unmistakably making their point clear, we were not wanted here. 

We had walked right into the middle of the Hillcrest Gay Pride Parade, we walked a few more feet when we decided to leave and retreat back to your rented house.

Society, over the past two hundred years, has gone from a mostly agrarian to industrial and then scientific to what can now be described as a general mistrust of ideologies, and past norms.

Not only is the family in jeopardy, but the basic ideas of self are now being torn apart and discarded, not for something else, but for a cornucopia of choices that continue the chaotic spiral toward an unknown and undefinable conclusion.  

In 1984, my family was accosted and vilified, not for something I had done, but for something we had chosen to become.  A man and his wife and their two children were now the point of ridicule, hated for following what men and women had followed for thousands of years.  

Then it was the Gay Community, but now there are 72 pronouns and 78 genders.  

You can look them up and choose one for yourself.  I’m not trying to be rude or argumentative but logically speaking when an individual, for thousands of years never had a choice regarding their “gender” and now has 78 different options to choose from then you have to think how that hedonistic pattern of life has affected not only the Family, but the individuals involved.  

Our society is less caring, less giving, even though in the United States we give as much as most of the world combined.   We have become more selfish, less compassionate and much more dysphoric about who we are,  and with those negative traits comes an altered state of consciousness, a more dysfunctional attitude toward life, toward beauty and the future.  

My conclusion is that we are all a bit dysphoric, and as we accept the acute dysphoria of others as “normal” our combined behaviors become less defined, more confused and more chaotic.  What is normal now is not what was normal in the past.  We need to once again, stand for good, and believe in positive principles and rebuild our morality until there is nothing left to believe in.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

God Only Knows

Let us not be totally deluded about the hype we read in the news, what a friend of a friend says, or even what we think we hear or see.  Our ability to perceive the “truth” is contingent on the following:


Four factors determine the truthfulness of a theory or explanation: congruence, consistency, coherence, and usefulness. A true theory is congruent with our experience – meaning, it fits the facts. It is in principle falsifiable, but nothing falsifying it has been found.


“All truth is God's truth” is probably the most familiar and famous quote from St. Augustine (A.D. 354-430). Those five words express confidence in God, truth, the Bible, science and the ultimate alignment of all inquiry and discovery.


The Witness of truth from the Holy Ghost is available to all, everywhere, all around the globe. All who seek to know the truth, who study it out in their minds, 27 and who “ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Christ, [will know] the truth … by the power of the Holy Ghost.”

But, the above depends on which religious philosophy you pursue.  Some say that the truth is only found in the Bible, some say the Koran and others find other ways to express God's will in helping us determine the truth.

I think we can all agree, at least to some extent, that “truth” is difficult to ascertain and harder to hold on too.  But one thing about truth should be understood, and that is that truth is the same, always.  There is no individual truth, no opinion based truth or situational process that changes the definition of what is true based on the perceived needs of an individual or group.

“Truth is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”  I am not sure who originated that particular statement but it was derived from  Hebrews 13:8  “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Our God is immutable; that is, He is unchanging”.

Logically then, If Jesus Christ is unchanging throughout history and He is the originator of TRUTH, then we can extrapolate that truth is also unchanging.

Here is the problem:  

God and his Son, Jesus Christ are as one and they are immutable, but we are not.  We look and see, watch and perceive, think and theorize our way to the truth, with only marginal success in that pursuit.  We are getting better, or so it seems.

From a religious perspective those truths from God and his Son are misinterpreted, maligned and often ignored, altogether, leaving us scratching our heads and arguing and fighting about what is right, what is wrong, and who said what and in what context it was said.  

Politics in general is the process of trying to convince the most that your message, your ideology should be preferred over what the other side is saying.  And then you have those who purposely manipulate the facts and evidence in order to alter the truth, for their own designs, very rarely helpful.

Then you have the problem of trying to determine the truth by those who reject the idea that God exists and that all truth comes from God, leaving them with the task of searching for truths on their own.  Keep in mind that they are not bothered by this dilemma, they see no problem, they have no belief and therefore do not utilize that connection.

Here is a question:

Are their truths that have been discovered that fit the religious definition of unchanging, that also fit within the Scientific or General definitions of truth?   

2+2=4 may be considered an unchanging truth, but it is only a miniscule portion of a greater mathematical truth, still being uncovered and refined.  Mathematicians, please chime in?

In Conclusion:

I started this blog over a simple question I read from a post regarding the environmental impact of Electric cars over those powered by oil.  I have read positives about both and negatives about both, leading me to once again write about “truth” and how to find it, how to replicate.  I am no closer now to the truth of oil vs electric but I think I understand if there is truth, immutable truth, it has to come from beyond our abilities to ascertain and understand.  

For me, God is essential to that search. But, that’s me, if you have other ideas, or methods to help in discovering the truths of this world, and hopefully beyond, I’m listening…

Thursday, March 24, 2022

The lost Expert

The word “expert” has been used more often in the past two years than perhaps anytime in its long history.  From my limited research of this word, (I am by no means an expert), the word is mentioned in 1 Chronicles 22:15 and specifically refers to those who were experts in their fields.

There are over 71 instances of the word “expert” within the Bible alone and 90 instances of the word “Expert” within the Bible.  It seems that the need for individuals with specific wisdom and knowledge was recognized, even in ancient times


early 15c., "person wise through experience," from expert (adj.). The word reappeared 1825 in the legal sense, "person who, by virtue of special acquired knowledge or experience on a subject, presumably not within the knowledge of men generally, may testify in a court of justice to matters of opinion thereon, as distinguished from ordinary witnesses, who can in general testify only to facts" [Century Dictionary].

Today, it seems, as though that same word has taken on a much more political connotation and with it the ability to redefine those who would have been considered an “expert” into less than capable.

A good example of this trend is the Great Barrington Declaration.

This Declaration has been signed by 46,893 Medical Practitioners, 15,840 Medical and Health Professionals and 865,365 Concerned Citizens.    62,733 EXPERTS in the medical field have signed this Declaration that proposes that:

 “The most compassionate approach that balances the risks and benefits of reaching herd immunity, is to allow those who are at minimal risk of death to live their lives normally to build up immunity to the virus through natural infection, while better protecting those who are at highest risk. We call this Focused Protection. “

Despite the almost 63,000 Experts who signed this document, the nations of this world have mostly ignored those experts in favor of “other experts” in a move to greatly diminish the rights, freedoms and liberties of citizens of various countries around the world.

The question of who is an Expert, and why should we listen to one Expert rather than another, or in this case 62,733 experts as opposed to 1, Anthony Foucci?  

When we are faced with a mandated decision made by one or just a few the idea of expertise seems to fall precipitously and in the general direction of armature, ignorant, or even uninformed, but when you consider the differences in opinion based on the expertise of thousands compared to those opinions of a few, then we are left to assume a more notorious or malevolent motivation.

Are our Experts really utilizing their expertise for our good?  The fact that most of you have never heard of the Great Barrington Declaration should at least give you pause to consider the reasons why, despite the nearly I million signatures, that very little is known about this declaration.

I find it very disturbing that so many of us can be manipulated to such an extent as to redefine our parameters of what we used to believe about others' expertise and the wholesale move away from the norm of centuries to the newly promulgated shift toward a political definition of the word “expert”, that includes our subservience to the doctrine of propaganda rather than Wisdom of those that truly are experts.   

We are quickly moving away from our constitutional premise of a representative body of elected, and dare I say it, experts, to guide us, and allowing the bureaucracy (to be run by desks)  or in other words not by those elected.  The elected come and go but the bureaucracy never changes.  That is where the real power is.

When the non-elected can make rules, define punishments or close businesses than the need for elections becomes a moot point.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

The fight of Our Lives

In Virtually Every Civilization there comes a time when that civilization changes, but fails to adapt.  The United States is at that point.

Each decision our leaders make plunge us into the abyss of Socialism, fed by the Fascist policies that prefer group think over individual rights, a centralized autocratic government, and sever economic and social regimentation, that forces compliance and limits individual choices and privileges. 

This has been a slow change but, the last two years we have seen a rapid move toward dividing our communities through forced masking, the mandated policies of forced inoculations and the separation from our families, our loved ones and the directives to limit our social and religious rights.

In most cases throughout history, a compliant and obedient population follows willingly, giving the budding fascists carte blanche over our lives, our choices, our desires and our freedoms.

We still have more freedoms now, even after the mad rush to destroy our constitutional Republic.  But, failure to act will ensure that in the near future, the next “tragedy” , the next earthquake, pandemic or made up scenario, supported and propagandized by our Media, will ensure that this process of destroying our country, our constitution and our Republic, will be accomplished.

As we can all see when the gas prices rise, our food shelves shrink, our truckers strike or like in Canada, the honest and patriotic truckers were branded as insurrectionists, (see the pattern yet?),  then the process is in full swing.  Those in favor of Socialism will fall into line, they will report on their neighbors who use too much water, or fail to wear their facemasks indoors, while at home…etc.…fill in the blanks if you must.

It’s hard to say when our Fascists' Coupe started but it was fueled by the Media that supported the nation wide riots but castigated the capital breach.  The fuel allowed the flames to grow until the pandemic came and then it was in full attack mode.

Those who choose Fascism over our Constitutional Republic, are prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

What are you willing to do to save our Republic? Are you willing to sacrifice to save this country, if so how will you make those sacrifices, (No human sacrifices allowed please) will they be easy or hard?

If the other side, those who want Fascism and Socialism are willing to do whatever it takes, are there any limits to what they will do to gain control of your life and the lives of everyone?

Thursday, February 10, 2022

The Free Press or Fake News?


Yellow journalism is a tried and true method of ensuring devotion of the readers, viewers and listeners.  

There is nothing more tantalizing than the sensational and shocking news that is printed or distributed to the masses.  With half truths, hyperbolized facts, deviated interviews and some outright lies, a simple story can become the next Headline or News Scoop.  Here are a few to consider:

Dolphin Grows Human Arms

Man Gives Birth to a Healthy Baby Boy

Abraham Lincoln was a Woman

Jesus Action Figure Heals the Sick

Man Makes $60,000 a Year as Human Lawn Jockey

Nazi UFOs to Attack US

Snake with Human Head Found in Arkansas

News Reporter Eaten Alive by 80-Ft Dinosaur

Man's Head Explodes in Barber's Chair

Is Your Cat from Mars?

Many of the above and there are thousands more, come from the Tabloids.  You know those headlines in the supermarket check out lane?  You read them and shake your head in disgust and then you wonder, was Abraham Lincoln a woman, did that Jesus Action Figure really heal someone?  

Here are a few more:

Titanic Survivors Found Onboard

Severed Leg Hops to Hospital

Hubby's Bad Breath Kills His Wife

Vampires Attack US Troops

Half-Man Half-Dog Baffles Doctors

Alien Bible Found, They Worship Oprah

Man's 174 mph Sneeze Blows Wife's Hair Off

Teen's Hair Changes Color … With her Mood!

Chain-smoker Kicks 30-year Habit … Then Chokes to Death on Wad of Nicotine Gum!

As you can easily tell, I am simply trying to fill up space, create an interesting read by just listing the weird and sensational news headlines.  Not exactly.  

In 1938 the world was listening to the Radio and at 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 30, Halloween night, Orson Welles started the broadcast with an adaptation of H. G. Wells’s Novel, the War of the Worlds, written in 1898.

The public that heard the broadcast were shocked and mystified by the events being “reported” and some panicked, some were scared and many were left questioning.  

Let’s go back to John Adams, you know, the second President of the United States, the one right after George Washington, the General who helped win our independence from England…The Revolutionary War? 

Writing in the section where the French philosopher predicted that a free press would advance knowledge and create a more informed public, Adams scoffed. “There has been more new error propagated by the press in the last ten years than in an hundred years before 1798,” he wrote at the time.  Smithsonian

Historian Katlyn Carter drew attention to Adams’ private note at the American Historical Association’s annual meeting during a panel concerning Early America and fake news.

“A lot of things we talk about today we talk about as unprecedented,” says Carter. “It’s important to look back and see how these same concerns and issues have been raised at many points throughout history.”

The problem with the press, or media today is that they are no different than they have always been.  They are first, a for-profit enterprise, they want to make money.  Some care about the truth, some will die for that truth, but most only want to make a name for themselves.  

The publishers and Editors have an agenda.  That agenda is great, when you agree with it, but if you don’t agree then you are less likely to subscribe to the views of that paper, media-group or politician.   

As we look at the “news”, when we look at the stories that are told to us, should we not consider the motivations of those reporting and then try our best to think critically about what it is we are being told to believe?

I know I have a bias.  I like to think that my filters are aligned with a more truthful view of what is right and what is wrong and that helps me to mitigate that bias along the lines of what I think the truth is or should be.  We are all the same in this regard.

If we want to follow truth, then we need to start looking at what we read, what we listen to and what we expect from those that report to us; they will not be concerned about the “truth”.

Truth is not a variable.  Truth does not change because you want it too.  One thing that we know for sure; Truth from our media is suspect, marginalized and often overtly untrue, ok, I’ll say it, FALSE.  

Read and listen Carefully, our lives depend on it.