Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Take out the trash

Cartoons: Liberalism's drop at the ballot box – Orange County RegisterWe have a much bigger problem than dealing with the Coved 19 Virus.  Most of us can clearly see the inherent dangers of plunging into a recession or worse, a world-wide depression.  The deaths associated with economic uncertainty will overshadow any fears associated with the Coved 19 Pandemic.

These problems reach into the root of who we are, where we have come from, and stifles any chance of us staying on the path our Founding Fathers established.  The Foundation of our Constitution is at stake.

With an overzealous Media espousing every death as if it were the cause and harbinger of more deaths to follow.  The blatant disregard of good news and the obvious truths espoused by others goes unreported, leaving the mysterious and unexplained in the minds of those who wish to follow without thinking, exacerbating the already tenuous issues of control over our liberties.

Our leaders, especially the Liberals, who practice their Priestcrafts with impunity and without regard for the effects on our government or the world, plot, design and conspire for their own gain, working their black arts for an unseen Master who is their god in their unnamed religion.

Just so there is no misunderstanding “The self-called liberal is usually one who has broken with the fundamental principles or guiding philosophy of the group to which he belongs.… He claims membership in an organization but does not believe in its basic concepts; and sets out to reform it by changing its foundations.…” John Witsoe.

The foundation of this country is the Constitution and the Liberals of today are Hell Bent on dismantling and eviscerating this most profound and inspired document.  Not just liberals, so-called conservatives are also to blame for not protecting and demanding deference and fealty to this God-given guide, that when followed secures the trust and freedoms of all who follow it.

For 244 years we have been blessed to live free of the tyranny of oppression and injustice and created a society that is unequaled.  Of course, we have our issues, but those issues are almost always the works of disruption and guile.  Principled people make mistakes, but principled people correct those mistakes and move forward.

This virus, as we are learning is no more deadly than others we live with every year, but because of the Media, the self-serving politicians and a gullible and closed-eyed populous the entire world as we know is at risk.  Our disingenuous leaders now know how easy it is to control the masses.  They have learned that fear is easy to instill and maintain.  When the truth is portioned and the facts are tenuous, the stories that are told, however fanciful and outrageous will be perceived as fact. 

“There's a sucker born every minute.”  Phineas Taylor Barnum.

“You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”  Abraham Lincoln.

But it seems you can control all the people long enough to disrupt their lives, and like our last president declared, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Barack Obama

If you are a Liberal, you applaud such vibrato and fall in lockstep behind that goal to change our fundamental precepts.  The only way to change our foundation, to fundamentally transform the United States is to change the Constitution. 

That change is happening now.  Those in charge are either for that change or not interested in getting in the way of those who want to change. 

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Author unknown.

Good men, all good men need to be engaged in a good cause that furthers the work of other righteous men and women, if not we are all doomed to live as slaves.

1.       Will this virus continue to regulate our lives, and will we be placated into giving up our rights and freedoms because of fear?

2.      Are we obligated to obey the edicts of a Draconian State like California? 

3.      Should we consider ourselves Good Men and Women and act to secure our freedoms?

4.      What can you do today to make a difference in protecting our rights and freedoms?

I am willing and able to help, are you?

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Walk into Danger

The other day my wife and I, with my daughter- and son-in-law were taking a leisurely walk around La Jolla California, minding our own business amongst the almost abandoned streets of this upscale community, when two women crossed the street.

Cartoon Movement - Coronavirus!!They crossed and intersected into our space.  That would not have been a problem, but they seemed to think their rights were more important than ours.  As they passed us after walking through us one woman looked back and yelled “irresponsible”.

I answered back with, “excuse me?”

They tried to yell something else, but I was in no mood for their level of ignorance and met their verbal challenges head-on, they continued walking away, muttering to themselves.  I’m sure they were convinced that their position was the more righteous than ours, regardless of whether they understood our position, or motivations or any other logical reason for us to be within the area, they believed to be theirs.

Here is the issue:  Since we were walking on the almost deserted streets, our desire to wear a face mask was sincerely diminished.  The two women it seems crossed into our space purposely, intersecting with us as we walked as a family.  Their contempt for us was palatable and directed towards me, especially since I responded to their verbal attack and did not shy away from confrontation.

The point of this is: For the past two months our country and our states have declared Martial Law, without the formal declaration.  We are forced to stay in our homes, millions losing their jobs or at least their income, our freedoms have been restricted and our ability to sustain our economies, regardless of where each of us is within that economy.  We run the real risk of a deep and abiding recession or depression.

Our lives have been completely upended over the fear of what might happen.  The tragedy is how easy it's been for those who speak for us to control us.  With only a few fearful statistics, many unsubstantiated and many the projections of inconsistent modeling, millions of Americans and millions and millions around the world are now being held hostage to a virus that has not, I repeat has not crossed the threshold of other similar pandemics like events.

One of the major reasons for the shutdown was to ease the pressure on hospitals but in 2018, 490,000 hospitalizations occurred because of the flu, with 34,200 deaths.   In 2017 there were an astounding 810,000 hospitalizations and 61,000 deaths from a virus that we take for granted.  But the real story is how are hospitals could handle 810,000 hospitalizations in the past but could not handle the proposed Coved 19 projections.  What’s worse is the lack of information that would substantiate or disprove the effects of those with the Coved virus.

We’re in a fog because we have so little reliable data,” said Dr. Ashish Jha, director of the Harvard Global Health Institute, which has been studying hospital capacity.

The other issue is the reliance on modeling projections that are mostly false and misleading, kind of like the weather projections within the global warming or cooling or is it now just climate change? But, Very difficult decisions were made based on these projections with very few being close to the reality of events. 

I want to stress the importance of acting responsibly and doing our part to maintain good hygiene and supporting the leaders who truly want what’s best for us; but when they hyperbolize the smallest details, when they politicize each and every issue, when they take away my rights just so they can be viewed as right, regardless of the reality, it makes me  want to stand with my brothers in Michigan to protect what was given to me by God and now subjugated by politically minded wolfs dressed as sheep just before they pounce and strip us of those rights permanently.

My major concern is the effects to our lives, the lives of millions upon millions if we follow the admonitions of so many who cannot provide logical evidence of current numbers and the true nature of the risk and allow us to determine our response to that risk.

I don’t want the Corona Virus, but I don’t want to live in a country that suppresses and controls my life so much that I am nothing more than a puppet on a string.  I will take logical and appropriate measures to safeguard my family but let us all have that same choice.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Corona virus vs Liberty

What I don’t understand: 

Coronavirus panic sends stocks tumbling: Political Cartoons ...I have a fairly good idea of what has happened and what we’re doing about it, but what I don’t understand is why we are acting like this is the end of the world?

When you look at the numbers, statistics and compare today's numbers with the past SARS, H1N1, Ebola, AIDS, Flu, The Plague, etc… we have always faced threats and we will face many more in the future but what I don’t understand is the reaction the world has taken? 

Most of the world have sacrificed their economies, closing huge sections of our world hoping to decrease the effects of this one particular threat. 

What I don’t understand is what happens next year if the same plague rears its ugly head?  Do we again shut down and hide, do we stop our lives hoping to save our lives?  And what about the other threats that we now ignore because we have grown used to them?  Drug deaths each year.  Abortions, deaths from heart disease, traffic accidents… I can go on and on, none of these seems to have the same effect on our daily life but with the coronavirus we are hunkered down in total fear of our neighbors and even of the air they breathe.

It’s been speculated that we will face 100,000 Deaths from this year’s Corona Virus with those infected as high as 45,000,000 but the point of living this life is overcoming the challenges that face us and not hiding away and hoping that threats pass us by.

Even if this threat is as grave as it has been presented and even if we are forced to face this challenge by changing our lives, I am not one who wants to risk my liberty in the process.

What I don’t understand is the ease by which so many are so willing to forsake and give up the freedoms we have been given in the face of the unknowns before us?  Why do we have those freedoms in the first place if they can be so easily forfeit and forsaken?

We may be on the verge of a yearly scourge so debilitating that we must change our lives.  I will change my life, but those changes are for me to make for myself.

When I was diagnosed with Cancer (polycythemia Vera) I had to change my life, it was not a choice.  I had to resign from my position with a local school district; I had to change how I eat and take medication every day if I wanted to prolong my life.  I had to make the choices to live, but I never had to negotiate my liberties.   I know it's not the same thing but there are similarities.  I could have faltered in fear and given up, letting death take me early without the fight to save what I have.

I fear that our liberties are slipping away with each passing day as we succumb to the fears of the unknown plague.  We are more content to listen to the dribbles of those in the media without considering how we can be pragmatic, helpful to others, safe and at the same time remaining free by making good choices based on logical decisions that keep us safe but allows the economies of the world to move forward.

Maybe we have to separate ourselves but the risk to us all, if the economy fails, will be far greater than the disaster of another great depression or even worse.  2 Trillion Dollars have been spent in a desperate attempt to soften the effects of the coronavirus but no one really knows how long it will take before it subsides or if it will continue.  Are we going to give 2 trillion next year?  Or will it be more?

If a business wants to stay open, let them take the risk and make the choices that fit their needs and the needs of their customers and employees.  Take their temperature, stay 6 ft apart, take out instead of sit in, but if we let fear drive our decisions, then we all suffer a greater threat than the one we currently have.

What we risk is a worldwide depression that could have devastating consequences far greater than the current problems.  Millions could die from starvation, disease and millions more will flock to socialistic like governments that promise the world but give only enough to barely survive.  Losing liberty and freedoms, losing freedom of speech and freedom to associate and congregate and the freedom to worship. 

I do not agree with the 2 Trillion give away.  There was no reason to close the backbone of the American Economy, the small businesses.  Good leadership should have and still could instruct us how to live safely and economically and how to move forward with confidence that we could be victorious over this current worldwide plague.

Be smart, act with kindness and never give up your liberties and freedoms.  

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Silver Lining

The Silver Lining, if we chose to see it…

Image result for silver lining cartoonThere is a silver lining to the devastation of this Pandemic.  Most will refuse to see it, some will acknowledge it but will quickly abandon the premise and others will fight against it but to me that silver lining could enact a groundswell of support and gratitude brought about by the very virus that threatened us.

In just the past week, at least in California, Italy and other parts of the world, we have had the opportunity to stay home.  We have the chance, regardless of economic pressures we all face, to rethink how we live, reconsider what is important and what is not.  Too many, and by virtue of the empty shelves in the local markets, including Costco, toilet paper seems to be the most important thing in many people's lives.  For the life of me, I cannot see why anyone needs 500 rolls of TP?

As we sit at home, it forces us to rethink our lives, reconsider our past and retool for the future.  Some questions I’ve been asking:  

       Do I really need to spend so much time working?  Can I be at home more often?  Being forced to stay home has opened my eyes to the iron bars that surround me in relation to what I thought I needed in life.  Do both the husband and wife have to work?  Can our work schedule be altered toward more meaningful relationships at home?

Are we in a positive relationship?  Perhaps this is the time to rethink who we spend our time with?  Couples who are forced to stay with each other often find out they don’t like each other.  Take the time to improve your relationship or make the change if nothing can be done.

What have we done to mitigate some of the financial pressures imposed on many of us?  We have had to cut back on some of the services we have become used to and have found, I’m sure they were not as important as we thought. 

Our basic lives include shelter, food, companionship, of course, there is more but within those three we find all others.  We need to be engaged in a good cause.  Work is an essential part of our lives; we need to love and be loved. 

When we think about what is most important when we consider what is needed as opposed to we want we start to rethink our priorities and that my friends is a great gift, a true silver lining that will change the way we think, act and perform during this crisis and well after the crisis is past.

All Things Must Pass, and this will pass away but take the time today to prepare your lives for the future pandemics that are sure to come.  Now that we have been through one and have learned some of those basic life lessons, lessons that we have forsaken or simply forgotten, our new understanding will be a great blessing, to all those who were willing to learn, and live the new life given to us a

Sunday, February 2, 2020

A Vampires Death

Image result for a vampires deathThe room was dark, darker than normal, even for me, a lost soul in a sea of humanity where mine was stolen 300 years before.  Darkness was the only friend I had but this blackness was pervasive allowing for no shadow or hint of the light that used to be my friend.  My eyes habitually focused on the grays between the darkness but there was no gray, no light at all only the eternal night that waited inexorably for us all.

Without the use of my eyes my senses tuned into the sounds, the smells telling me something was wrong and my mind telling me to run but my nature telling me to fight, there was nothing better than a good fight.  Then it hit, like the proverbial ton of bricks, but to me, that ton meant nothing as I withstood the attack, clawing with my own hardened nails as sharp as a scalpel cutting deep into something.

I smelled the blood, but it wasn’t human, its taste oily and saturated with a mud-like flavor that reminded me of a kill years ago, a man, a gravedigger, burying the dead from a previous kill but this man tasted foul, dirty.  I never finished the job leaving him gutted but still alive.

That same muddiness, rancid water mixed with corps infected dirt creating a vulgar mix, a mix not tolerable to even the most hungry of my kind.  Again the attack, from behind this time, I only had time to react, swinging my arms wide my nails extended, slashing, my teeth savoring the moment of the kill but repulsed again by the smell and taste as the air whipped through my nostrils and caused a short but intense gagging sensation.  Vampires don’t gag, they engorge, feast, kill and mutilate but never reflex.

Everything tastes differently, even identical twins have a distinctive order and taste and it’s these differences that are savored and enjoyed.  It takes decades to start to appreciate the subtle differences beyond the overpowering metallic compounds of blood but after a few centuries, the ambiance of a lifetime can be discerned and appreciated, just like a great wine, the years of fermentation stores the entire history of the grape, from where it originated, encompassing every facet of its journey toward perfection, so is the blood of a human.  Every meal shared, every fear contracted, every joy experienced reveals a flavor and scent.

Not this blood, this blood had no history, no ambiance, no quality only the stench of death.  That may sound funny but death to a vampire is just as frightening and maybe even more so than to humans.  The longer one lives the more he values existence, not life but the being, the survival the reality that immortality brings.  With that immortality comes the heightened fear of eternal death and total nothingness. 

A misnomer about vampires is that we are godless, animals only, existing only to drain the life of the living.  The truth is we fear god and the eventual punishments that we so clearly understand.  We are servants, like all who exist but our service has been prescribed and indentured to the Master of lies and deceit.   We really have no choice; the addiction is too pervasive to ignore, our existence is more precious than nobility. 

There have been some who never let their conscience lapse and died never tasting the goodness of humanity, believing that their choice to follow that God would grant them absolution but they never learned that being turned was a nirvana-like experience.  Heaven for a Vampire is becoming a blood-lusting killing machine and then having the time to enjoy multiple lifetimes of pleasure. 

To some, we are Gods, masters of humanity, willing and able to exploit all who lived and bled, feeding us, giving us life through their death, it was glorious, infectious and a magnificent way to exist, but there were some who believed we were and act of god and the very existence of our kind is a measure of the true nature of humanity.  We are called of god to give up our souls, to him that lies and deceives so that the balance of power stays equal as it has always been and must always be.

The more cerebral of us have centuries to think and have concluded that, where there is good there is evil, where there is pain there is joy and all things opposite must be in constant balance in order to maintain the universal plan for mankind.  Some are born, some must die.  When too many are born, wars are started, plagues are unleashed, and vampires are the fine-tuning element that keeps that balance.  It is to them, our calling to take a soul or two when needed that is our only reason for existence. But even these high-minded thinkers still roam the night and engorge at will, unable to stop the addiction of eternal life.

I wasn’t ready for the next attack; it came head-on and slashed my face, my arms and my upper body leaving large gashes in my skin shredding my garments, my black fluids oozing to the floor.  My left hand connected as the entity sailed past, my nails digging deep into the midst of blackness.  Even before I could taste the smell told me and warned me again to run, but now it was too late. 

Even vampires can bleed to death, even if death is not the end result.  The loss of existence is a death to my kind, and that existence was coming to an end.  Slashes to my back, my neck, and my legs caused me to fall, leaving me exposed to more brutality.  I was defenseless and weak, struggling to raise my arms in defense but with each attempt, the cuts were more severe.

And then they stopped.  My eyes were cloudy with the pain, the intense pain of a lifetime of killing was heaped upon me, each past exploit, each brutal act, every life taken was extracted through the slashes that occurred but then nothing, quiet and calm the entity breathed a slow, relaxed breath standing still.  Inhaling the last of my life I could hear it say, “Thank you my son”.

It was then that I understood.  God had called me and now it was time to pay for what I had done.  I was a sacrificial lamb; I had performed my task and given my life to keep that balance and now I was being called home.  I had to think I served the evil one to make him believe I was serving him, but it was in god’s service that I was called.

Each cut; each slash of my dying skin, each drop of blood cleansed me for all I’d done.  I was the angel of death, one of them, there are many of us, but today there is one less, one of Satan’s minions must have crossed over, things must balance after all.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Rotten Fruit

Image result for choose the constitution cartoonThere is one thing I am certain of after watching hours of the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

After listening to and attempting to have an open mind to the process instigated by the Democratic leadership and doing the same with the Republican side, it is obvious to me that the Left of this country has and is mounting a vigorous and spirited attempt to overthrow not only this President but to dismantle and disregard the founding principles of this Country.

What bothers me the most is the percent of listeners or followers that not only agree with their designs but are willing to pursue actions despite the overwhelming evidence in support of Donald Trump and the loss of those freedoms that he represents.

Their hatred, their animosity, and hostility toward what is good has infected their hearts to the point of allowing their leaders to demolish and disassemble the Constitution itself without regard to the effects on our way of life, our freedoms, our inalienable rights and the very fabric of our nation.  These mind numb followers, you know who you are, are more than willing to allow blood to flow in our streets just so they can have your moment of power,  Adam Schiff, to name one of the many.

Let us think about this in real terms.  If the Democrats, the Left, the Socialists, etc… get their way the United States of America is finished.  We may remain under the same name but those guiding principles that have sustained us for over 200 years will be forsaken and with it, our very essence, our spirit, and our future will be forever lost.

Beware the man who promises the world for a penny, as those who speak of righteous indignation currently do from the Halls of Congress.  With flowery words they profess nothing, with enraged sentiment they share no emotion, only feigned rhetoric spews from their lips toward those with unhearing ears, from jaws that only move but say nothing.

Desperate, they are in their evil intent to destroy all that is good, defame all those that stand in their way toward total domination and into the cesspool of misery and distrust. 

We are at that crossroads; we are atop the fence that separates good from evil and it is our decision that will affect the generations to come.  We need to step away from that thin barrier leaving behind the temptations that confront us every day through the proximity of closeness and association. 
Salvation for us mandates that we save ourselves first then and only then think about ways of saving those who have fallen.  There can be no compromise, no conciliation, no arbitration.  We are on the fence; one wrong move and we are theirs.

These proceedings should enlighten our view and help us all to understand the motives and intentions of those on the left.

Step away from the fence, before our blind actions find us deep within the confines of those that are selling us the rotting fruit of destruction.  That fruit may look good in the bag but beware of the smell and rancid rottenness within.  

Monday, January 13, 2020

The Civil War 2

Image result for civil war 2020 cartoonWe are in a Civil War and have been for quite some time.  Even though we are not currently in an armed conflict within our borders, a civil war is raging, and the outcome is unknown.  What makes this conflict different is that we are living it now and perhaps like the pre-Civil War of the 1860s our perception of war has not been elevated to the point of concern to understand the predicament of our present and ongoing war.

Our country is divided.  We may walk the same streets and eat in the same establishments, but those divisions are growing more tenuous with increasing instances of polarized groups confronting the opposition in open conflict.  Throughout the country, there are protests and disagreements, some with violence between those of the Right and those on the Left, with those on the Left adamant about their positions and those on the Right equally adamant.

We are in a Civil War because there is no opportunity to mitigate the differences without one side, either side, relenting to the demands of the other.  Those on the Right are convinced of their positions and moralities while those on the Left hold to their position, neither willing to negotiate away or give up what they believe to be true.

As a person on the Right, I cannot mitigate my beliefs nor marginalize my standards to reduce the risks of conflict, nor are those on the Left willing to do similarly.  We are at a standstill and have been for some time.

The question of compromise seems to have taken center stage with both sides yelling for the other to compromise but that has only heightened the fervor and galvanized each side against the other.  The question of compromise was also a question during the 1860s Civil War.  The North was willing to make concessions that would have allowed the South the time to restructure their current economies around slavery but they would not budge from their position, leaving the North without options and the South on the path towards opening the war with an attack at Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861. 

Like today the options of compromise have been tried or suggested but like the first Civil War both sides understand that when there is compromise there is a fundamental loss of belief, power or position and as we see today neither side is willing to entertain the idea.

Without the ability to compromise the notions of who is right and who is wrong takes hold, furthering the divide with both sides vying for position, both sides establishing areas of power, taking the high ground so to speak.  There are battle lines being drawn and like the Civil War 1, there are divided families, split communities and work areas where it’s safer and easier not to engage at all, in order to keep your job. 

I could go on and list other similarities, there are many, but the point is our country is in the midst of separation, a split from what was to what is to come.  For now, the separation is political with the division in how to represent our collective Constitution.  We both see a moral obligation toward our willingness to follow the intent of our Founding Fathers but in that obligation comes the greatest division.  It is this divide that encompasses our foundational principles of life, our laws and our definitions of freedom and how we wish to see our future.  It is that future that is at the crux of every issue presently before us as individuals and as a country.

My position is clear and to me logical.  We have had over 200 years of success as a Constitutional Republic.  Our laws our standards and our ability to adapt to outside influences have succeeded and surpassed the expectations of our Founding Fathers.  Deviation from those principles will destroy the United States of America and in its place will emerge a weakened, socialistic like democracy that will sway and bend to every wind of change.  No longer will the Constitution be the guiding light of our Republic and with it our inalienable rights, our freedoms, and our Nation.

You know my choice, what is yours?