Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween fright

There is a mystery, unsolved and scary, teeming with murderous innuendo and heart stopping ambiguity.  A cloud of confusion infects the minds of all its victims as its airborne pathogens contaminate and digest, leaving nothing left but a mindless zombie, shuffling and stumbling for its next ravenous meal.

Mostly untold and a wish forgotten, this tale of woe ruins the mind and destroys the soul.  Those who hear run in vain trying to shun the reality of what they’ve heard, never speaking what their ears have been forced to endure, the indigestible, reconcilable horror, a relentless memory of unquestionable evil, permeating the very essence of what humanity is supposed to be.

No one is immune, no one is safe.  This malicious plague attacks at will, biting with sharpened poison filled, fangs like a vampire crushing its victim’s arteries and draining the very essence of life, leaving only a shell where once a body lived.  With dying eyes looking up toward its assailant the last hope of life drips precariously on the ground, a wasted life to the juggernaut strafing its way through a once proud country of unassailable beliefs and traditions, taking with them all that is sacred. 

It can come at any time, any place.  There is not the means to predict its next victim or the time to prepare for its next attack, for when it comes, it comes, wicked, sin infused lightning, an ethereal menace that dissipates as quickly as it appears, leaving only the brutal aftermath for its wretched, and helpless victims.

The real horror of these attacks is the secrecy.  Not even the dying knows of their future demise.  With stupid smiles plastered on their hapless faces the infected continue to move and function but death has been assured, their outward countenance belays the truth of inner death.  Their friends may have some indication of change, their loved ones also may start to see but most fall prey to the evil long before the reality of that inner death becomes a conscious thought.

Lock your doors, bolt your windows, cover your faces and shield your vulnerable minds the evil is upon us, it surrounds our every move and seeks entry through our mouths and noses, our thoughts and selfish prayers.  It may be too late, the evil too pervasive to ingrained to stop.  Like the marauding hordes of zombies after an apocalyptic meltdown the ravenous seek only to eat, their only meal the living. 

Death is the ultimate slavery, forever in the grasp of those with emotionless, lifeless fingers, our choices gone, our freedoms extinct, nothing left but the misery of bondage and total subjugation.  All because of an errant thought, a selfish choice, an egotistical decision about an other’s fate and the plague is ours; the fangs sink deep and our life is forfeit to the mystery of selfishness and greed.

Happy Halloween……

Monday, October 29, 2012

Leading with Hyperbole

“It was only a little tsunami” said my daughter as she reported on the effects of the undersea earthquake.  And my son who had recently gone to Costco reported seeing empty shelves from the panic of a super storm warning destined to hit the east coast, said,” it’s only raining a little”.  I guess you had to be there to be satisfied that all was well.  But from a parents perspective there is no such thing as a little tsunami or an insignificant super storm.  To parents the level of worry is profound when mixed with the hype of the media and the need for sensationalism.

We are all prone to exaggeration, that’s what makes a good story a memorable one.  Without some level of embellishment Hollywood would be nothing more than a place on the map, good weather aside still just a place between two other nice places to live.  Novels would be pamphlets for information only and the TV would be nothing but commercials.  Come to think of it commercials would be a photograph of the product and nothing more.   Wow, I don’t think I can even imagine a life without some kind of magnification of the truth.

It’s fun to exaggerate the truth and to embellish our little white lies, promote facts not in evidence and stretch the veracity of unequivocal facts, but when those actions cause others to perceive the truth differently perhaps we have gone too far?  A little more fact a little less deception would be nice.  More truth, less fraud would also be a good thing.  The problem however is the projected perception of those who spin and weave their magical but marginal tales; they would forever be forced into the stark, bright, light of reality, shattering those perceptions for all to see, leaving a shell of a person where once a manufactured hero used to be. 

Who would our heroes be?  Who would be able to stand up to the scrutiny of those glaring overheads, erasing every shadow of untruth?  Would we have heroes, I think we would have more.  When the truth is told the unsung, hidden champions of everyday life would finally be recognizable.  The conquests of honesty and integrity would be coupled with the true gargantuan efforts of heroism, acts of valor that surround us each and every day, by the very people we often forget to notice.  Our husbands, our wives, the solders in the field, the servicemen of all walks of life doing what has to be done so the rest of us can continue dreaming of surviving those super storms and  life threatening tsunamis.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Right to Choose

When change is upon us, as it is throughout the world, but especially now in the United States, where a major election is about to take place, how does one sift through the rhetoric of both sides and glean what little truth remains?  There is extreme hyperbole on all sides and I think the same is true within every country in the world.  Consensus is not the answer; remember that most people are wrong about most things most of the time.  Why would we consider our politicians and leaders any less susceptible to that reality then the rest of humanity?  In fact I would postulate that those who profess to lead us are more prone to the hyperbole they create, believing the magnification of their own contrived data and falling prey to the ever present yes men that surround them.  They may truly believe they are offering us options for a better life but…..their opinion of what choices we should have are based on their faulty perspective, clouded by their myopic perception of their own desire toward power and influence.

This is not a purely American phenomenon every country, every nation and kingdom has its own self-perpetuating in-doctrinal mechanism designed to forestall the rise of truth over promise Hyper -Governmental Mitosis, separating and expanding like a cancerous growth.  If we listen to the promises given our lives should be perfect.  There would be no hunger, no war, no poverty and no reason to worry about anything, our lives would be idyllic and flawless, remind you of anyone?
Combating ignorance has to be an individual effort designed to overcome the witlessness of those who promise perfect skies for ever more.  Our need to stand united for the truth is perhaps more important now than ever before.  Hyperbole on my part, perhaps, but the escalation of and division of what is considered right and wrong has never been wider and our ability to choose has never been so narrow.

This is not about being liberal or conservative, though I wish it was that simple, nor is it about being socially sensitive or commercially aware it’s about what is best. 

 It’s not about choosing the right it’s about the right to choose.
There are so many variations about what is right, who is right, that the decision regarding what is right falls into the category of lets agree to disagree.  But in the realm of the right to choose the value of choosing for choice only grows more influential as others partake.  With each choice the inalienable right to choose continues and grows allowing others the same privilege. 
Populations are controlled primarily through fear and the limited choices forced upon them.  This election between Romney and Obama is really about who will make you more free and you have to ask yourself under whom would you have more choice?  In Russia the brewing political landscape between Putin and his rival Udaltsov is exactly the same, who of the two will provide more freedom to choose?

The litmus test to voting is not listening to the promises made but to delve into the background of the individual and see what they’ve done to promote the freedom to choose.  A note to the pro-choice crowd:  choices are essential but the timing of each choice is critical.  We need to all make choices that expand our ability to choose not limit them.  A good example is of a man standing on a bridge wanting to die.  As long as he stands and contemplates his position he always has a choice, once he jumps the choice is gone, never to be regained.  Choices are very much like that man.  With each choice we make we either expand our choices or limit them.  Gravity in this case would be the consequence of his actions.  No matter how much he wishes to change his choice the instant he decided and acted upon that decision the consequence took over, as it is with all of our choices.  Most are not so dramatic or clear but nature, God, Kismet, whatever you want to call it has placed an irrevocable effect on each and every choice we make.

Whether at an election for political leaders or a simple choice of right or left the choices we make have consequences.  If we try to choose choices that give us more freedom to choose than our choices will be the right ones.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A life of choice

The subject of choice is a profound and intricate topic of unending connections, possibilities, risks and rewards.  Like a game of chess, choice pits our limited wisdom against the unending wisdom of fate and chance.  With such overwhelming odds how can our narrow, limited view of life produce positive results?

Have you ever played chess with a master, the results were not pretty, I lost in five moves and I think he was being magnanimous in allowing me to even sit at the board.  My opening move was a pitiful king’s pawn, up two.  He moved a knight and it was good night for me.  In thinking about this past event I’m overjoyed that life is not a game of chess.

Too often we try to manipulate, strategize and maneuver our choices to gain advantage.  Some are arguably better at it than others, amassing great fortunes of wealth and influence.  But to most of us those skills are but a dream, a willful wish of grandeur, alive only in the lives of others but never within our limited sphere of knowing.

To the rest we plod and trudge, our feet firmly planted in the mud of daily existence, dreaming only of what might be.  But it is this question of what might be that gives man the most hope.  Especially for those with grit between their toes and grim under their nails, surviving with too little sleep and not enough money, hope is all we have, a hope that the faith we choose to have will in the end prevail and those promised blessing be revealed from the open widows of heaven above.

To think of life as a singular event, alive for a while to simply die, is not a choice I wish to make.  For in that level of finality all motivation ceases, all hope is shattered and the life worth living is left far behind.  It is the simple choice of choosing to live for a greater purpose than what we can fathom that gives our lives true meaning.  It is the choice to live for another that our lives are expanded beyond the mundane and exalted far beyond what our minds can imagine.

The greatest gift of mortality is our ability to choose, to discern and decide.  Thankfully we are not left to our own devises in playing the game of life, we have a champion, a chaperon, a master who with kindness and patients allows us to move, strategize and think, gently assisting, guiding our thoughts toward the right moves that will bring us to the path best for us.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Stick to your Guns

When I discussed change it was under the assumption that I had gone through enough change for the time being and was entitled to a short respite, a breather from the constant upheaval that berates and assaults our every attempt to find solace in what has become an ever changing world.  I was making plans to sit and contemplate the mysteries of the universe or at least stand next to my workbench and wonder what to do next.

I should have known better.  I should have realized that life’s cruelties are inherent in our assumptions toward complacency, even if you don’t believe you had the time to be complacent.  Two weeks, that’s what I had to develop a positive mindset over the massive and traumatic decision to stay home, just enough time to feel the palliative and calming influence of having made the right decision.  And then a phone call, a simple phone call rips at the very fabric of what I thought I had; a voice asking me if I was still interested in taking the job….My heart races, my skin flashes with the telltale signs of a slight adrenaline rush and I instinctively respond in the affirmative.
I have a job! Or so I thought. 

Remember when you’re teacher used to tell you to stick with your first choice on a multiple guess test?  I guess they were right.  I should have known and stuck to my original decision, a decision that was hard fought and thoroughly contemplated, it was the right decision.  So why was this, simple, phone call so challenging?  

I’m not sure I have a specific answer but I feel as though it reached the deep parts of my inner desire to succeed, a success that is defined solely by the observations of others and not the success derived from a healthy thriving family and innate self-interest based on the principles of what really matter.
The lesson learned is a simple one but profound throughout the ages.  Stick to your guns!