Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I’ve made what may be considered a life changing decision.  As many of you know life changing often means traumatic, and in many ways this decision has been traumatic, it was truly difficult, mind altering and caused a considerable amount of grief and introspection.  It’s not always fun when you have to delve into one’s own psyche, but by doing so I came to the incontrovertible conclusion that life needed to change, my life that is and hence the life changing decision.

For the past few years I’ve been searching for a teaching job, first in special education and then in business education and with each passing month the reality of that never coming to fruition became clearer.  With each stage of clarity however my personal response was to fight harder to hold onto what I thought I wanted and to some degree still do but change comes slow and as humans we often fight harder and longer for what we think we want, never realizing that we’ve been fighting for fighting sake, a solace to the anger within us but accomplishing nothing except stalling the inevitable change that was needed, perhaps needed before the fight even began.

I will no longer be looking for that elusive job, that perfect fit of pay and prestige.  I will be looking for ways to fill my life with meaning and accomplishment by serving those whom I love the most.  Change can come in a variety of ways but this change has come only after a long fought battle, a battle I could not win and perhaps should have never engaged; those of inevitable change and circumstance.  

Some may say to not give up or give in to the system, but I say it’s time to read those proverbial tea leaves and start living the life I have all around me.  From this day forward you may refer to me as a kept man, a house dad, Mr. Mom if you must, but do not refer to me as unemployed.  My duties have multiplied, my pay, in dollars, minimized but my self-worth will be immeasurable.
I will be learning a new vocation, a position I thought I knew a lot about, your comments and suggestions will be welcome as I travel this new road toward victory.  Perhaps we can learn together the true meaning of life and liberty and what our forefathers called the pursuit of happiness.