Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween fright

There is a mystery, unsolved and scary, teeming with murderous innuendo and heart stopping ambiguity.  A cloud of confusion infects the minds of all its victims as its airborne pathogens contaminate and digest, leaving nothing left but a mindless zombie, shuffling and stumbling for its next ravenous meal.

Mostly untold and a wish forgotten, this tale of woe ruins the mind and destroys the soul.  Those who hear run in vain trying to shun the reality of what they’ve heard, never speaking what their ears have been forced to endure, the indigestible, reconcilable horror, a relentless memory of unquestionable evil, permeating the very essence of what humanity is supposed to be.

No one is immune, no one is safe.  This malicious plague attacks at will, biting with sharpened poison filled, fangs like a vampire crushing its victim’s arteries and draining the very essence of life, leaving only a shell where once a body lived.  With dying eyes looking up toward its assailant the last hope of life drips precariously on the ground, a wasted life to the juggernaut strafing its way through a once proud country of unassailable beliefs and traditions, taking with them all that is sacred. 

It can come at any time, any place.  There is not the means to predict its next victim or the time to prepare for its next attack, for when it comes, it comes, wicked, sin infused lightning, an ethereal menace that dissipates as quickly as it appears, leaving only the brutal aftermath for its wretched, and helpless victims.

The real horror of these attacks is the secrecy.  Not even the dying knows of their future demise.  With stupid smiles plastered on their hapless faces the infected continue to move and function but death has been assured, their outward countenance belays the truth of inner death.  Their friends may have some indication of change, their loved ones also may start to see but most fall prey to the evil long before the reality of that inner death becomes a conscious thought.

Lock your doors, bolt your windows, cover your faces and shield your vulnerable minds the evil is upon us, it surrounds our every move and seeks entry through our mouths and noses, our thoughts and selfish prayers.  It may be too late, the evil too pervasive to ingrained to stop.  Like the marauding hordes of zombies after an apocalyptic meltdown the ravenous seek only to eat, their only meal the living. 

Death is the ultimate slavery, forever in the grasp of those with emotionless, lifeless fingers, our choices gone, our freedoms extinct, nothing left but the misery of bondage and total subjugation.  All because of an errant thought, a selfish choice, an egotistical decision about an other’s fate and the plague is ours; the fangs sink deep and our life is forfeit to the mystery of selfishness and greed.

Happy Halloween……

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