Tuesday, October 16, 2012

 1.  Just a weird clock, a clock that actually works.....only one of these, I couldn't duplicate it if I tried
$120.00  or whatever you think its worth to you. 
2.  Fruit crate label, framed from vintage, reclaimed wood, hand made.  I did not print the original label no duh, I may be good but not that good.

3.   If you like celery you should love this vantage crate label with handmade frame, you know your mother always said to eat your celery....
4.   The Orange Crate Label is the standard for this art form and here is a great example of fine art.  With all the works presented, all handmade and hand framed using the finest in old, discarded and trashed wood....
$120.00 OBO  (not trying to say oh you have BO. You may have but that's not my problem)

5.   With the wine industry ever progressing the grape label progressed as well.  The juice grape label is a bit more rare and here is a fine example of all the antioxidants you may ever need.

 6.  Old mission Label.  No idea what they sold, whether it was fruit or vegetable but it's a cool looking label and a very colorful frame, don't forget, handmade from old wood.
 7.  White House Melons, I'm sure this will be a huge hit in DC especially with the melon head we have in Washington.
 8.  Picture frame with backing, white with black trim.
 9.  Red with polished wood frame, not vintage but rustic and still nice.

10.  These last two are simple recycled, wood, frames with backing, ready for your favorite picture of your Mother in law or your ex-wife

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