Friday, October 26, 2012

The Right to Choose

When change is upon us, as it is throughout the world, but especially now in the United States, where a major election is about to take place, how does one sift through the rhetoric of both sides and glean what little truth remains?  There is extreme hyperbole on all sides and I think the same is true within every country in the world.  Consensus is not the answer; remember that most people are wrong about most things most of the time.  Why would we consider our politicians and leaders any less susceptible to that reality then the rest of humanity?  In fact I would postulate that those who profess to lead us are more prone to the hyperbole they create, believing the magnification of their own contrived data and falling prey to the ever present yes men that surround them.  They may truly believe they are offering us options for a better life but…..their opinion of what choices we should have are based on their faulty perspective, clouded by their myopic perception of their own desire toward power and influence.

This is not a purely American phenomenon every country, every nation and kingdom has its own self-perpetuating in-doctrinal mechanism designed to forestall the rise of truth over promise Hyper -Governmental Mitosis, separating and expanding like a cancerous growth.  If we listen to the promises given our lives should be perfect.  There would be no hunger, no war, no poverty and no reason to worry about anything, our lives would be idyllic and flawless, remind you of anyone?
Combating ignorance has to be an individual effort designed to overcome the witlessness of those who promise perfect skies for ever more.  Our need to stand united for the truth is perhaps more important now than ever before.  Hyperbole on my part, perhaps, but the escalation of and division of what is considered right and wrong has never been wider and our ability to choose has never been so narrow.

This is not about being liberal or conservative, though I wish it was that simple, nor is it about being socially sensitive or commercially aware it’s about what is best. 

 It’s not about choosing the right it’s about the right to choose.
There are so many variations about what is right, who is right, that the decision regarding what is right falls into the category of lets agree to disagree.  But in the realm of the right to choose the value of choosing for choice only grows more influential as others partake.  With each choice the inalienable right to choose continues and grows allowing others the same privilege. 
Populations are controlled primarily through fear and the limited choices forced upon them.  This election between Romney and Obama is really about who will make you more free and you have to ask yourself under whom would you have more choice?  In Russia the brewing political landscape between Putin and his rival Udaltsov is exactly the same, who of the two will provide more freedom to choose?

The litmus test to voting is not listening to the promises made but to delve into the background of the individual and see what they’ve done to promote the freedom to choose.  A note to the pro-choice crowd:  choices are essential but the timing of each choice is critical.  We need to all make choices that expand our ability to choose not limit them.  A good example is of a man standing on a bridge wanting to die.  As long as he stands and contemplates his position he always has a choice, once he jumps the choice is gone, never to be regained.  Choices are very much like that man.  With each choice we make we either expand our choices or limit them.  Gravity in this case would be the consequence of his actions.  No matter how much he wishes to change his choice the instant he decided and acted upon that decision the consequence took over, as it is with all of our choices.  Most are not so dramatic or clear but nature, God, Kismet, whatever you want to call it has placed an irrevocable effect on each and every choice we make.

Whether at an election for political leaders or a simple choice of right or left the choices we make have consequences.  If we try to choose choices that give us more freedom to choose than our choices will be the right ones.

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