Friday, November 2, 2012

A Mitt fit or an Obama Trauma?

A Mitt fit or an Obama Trauma?

An old man told me “that there is nothing so great as a well-conceived folly”.  P. T. Barnum said “you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all the time”.  The two statements have a lot in common, especially now as this historic election draws near.  I say historic for the very reason that defines this election; there has never been a more specific choice in relation to ideology than there is with Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney and the future ideology of this nation will be determined in a very real sense by who is elected president.   Much more so than any previous race, these two define the choice Americans must make come Tuesday.

The well-conceived folly is apparent but on both sides conservative and liberal the definition of folly changes.  There is a truth, there always is.  Truth is not like beauty and only in the eyes of the beholder.  Truth is a constant and never changing source of certainty.  We often mix truth with speculation and alter the facts to fit a perspective but a truth is the entire picture, all angles, all views coalesced into that infinite repository of knowledge. 
The folly comes from too few people not being fooled, how do you like that for a double negative?  In politics the game of fools is a full time effort creating hype and hyperbole, a patted resume of perfection designed to fool us into voting their way.  Both parties do it and both do it very well.  The truth is there, somewhere, all we have to do is find it. In John 3:18 we have a hint, well more than a hint about the importance of truth:  “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”.
Free from what? Is the hype of Obama better than that of Romney, or are they really the same?  Which will bring us closer to the truth and which will bring us closer to freedom?  Truth and freedom are the goals, not more money for this special interest or this program or less money spent here or there it’s all about truth and the subsequent result of that truth is our freedom to choose and our ability to be free from the follies perpetrated so expertly by those who profess to lead.

There are methods to determine the truth but most of those fall prey to the denomination of their own beliefs, skewing the very facts their supposed to be checking, leaving us with the only means we have at our disposal, our gut feeling and that I have to admit is probably the worst indicator of veracity, especially when not combined with the innate ability of men to seek out the truth.

So were back to square one, how do we choose between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama?  By race, many have made that choice based on the color of his skin.  Religion, many will make a similar uneducated choice.   The folly of man is believing what is not true and pursuing goals based on the foolish endeavors of others.   We know that Obama is avowed centralist and Romney is an acknowledged Capitalist, they couldn’t be further apart.  Our decision must be based on more than simple ideology or obvious physical connections, the truth must be found in a deeper connection common to all that hold life in awe.

We can know the truth, its right in front of us.  Stop listening to the propaganda and listen with your heart.  The spirit of man is connected to that aforementioned repository, to a supreme understanding of all that is certain.  Listen, not with your ears, but with the beating rhythm of your God given gift to discern.  Neither candidate is the perfect choice but one is far better than the other in his ability to manage, balance and officiate the most powerful office on earth.

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