Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Liberal or Conservative?

The differences between liberalism and conservatism may seem as wide as the ocean itself but when seen from the perspective of an individual and their own ideals of how to balance their finances, pay their bills, buy their food and have money left over for fun the differences are almost non-existent.
I want to make sure everyone understand how most conservatives feel about important issues, issues and positions, I dare say that are grossly mis-characterized.

Speaking as the voice of conservatism let me say that we are not anti-environmentalist, we love clean water and clean air and believe it’s in all of our best interest to be good stewards of this planet and the resources within.  The major problem we have is in how that stewardship should be mandated.  We will care of our space and will help our neighbors do the same.  We do not trash the beach and pick up before we leave.  Most believe the same and are conscientious in all their efforts toward environmental issues.   Let me mention two examples:  The Glenn Beck Rally at the National Mall, it was clean and perfect after the rally.  The Al Sharpton Rally a week later, the trash was everywhere, it was a disaster.

Financially we are prudent with our hard earned dollars and strive to save for a more secure tomorrow.  We believe in a strong America and support the military in their duty to keep us free.  As Conservatives we are givers, giving of our time and money like no other group has ever done in the history of mankind.  When a person is in need we help.  We do not take from another to help but give of ourselves.

We are not large corporations without feeling or conscience, we are hardworking Americans who love our country and want to be allowed to progress and grow as we see fit.  Keep in mind that the top corporations in the country have a liberal bend, here is a partial list:

American Apparel, LLC 100%
Barnes & Noble, Inc. 100%
Diamond Resorts International 100%
Foot Locker, Inc 100%
Frederick's of Hollywood, Inc. 100%
Google Inc. 100%
Hawaiian Holdings, Inc. 100%
IAC/InterActiveCorp 100% Hotels Holding Corporation 100%
Myriad Restaurant Group, Inc. 100%
Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation 100%
Powell's Books, Inc. 100%
Progressive Corporation 100%
Recreational Equipment, Inc. 100%
Sonic Corp. 100%
SPS Studios, Inc. 100%
Starbucks Corporation 100%
Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. 100%
Working Assets Funding Service, Inc. 100%
Apple Computer, Inc. 99%
Costco Wholesale Corporation 99%
Amerada Hess Corporation 98%
Bed, Bath & Beyond Inc 97%
L.L. Bean, Inc. 97%
Hyatt Hotels and Resorts 93%
Sharper Image Corporation 93%
Signet Group plc 93%
E. & J. Gallo Winery 92%
Hilton Hotels Corporation 84%
Crate and Barrel (Euromarket Designs Inc.) 83%
Estee Lauder Companies Inc., The 80%
Gap Inc. 77%
JetBlue Airways Corporation 75%
Netflix, Inc 72%
The Robert Mondavi Corporation 62%
Triarc Companies, Inc. 59%
Brown-Forman Corporation 57%
eBay Inc. 57%
Sun Microsystems, Inc. 57%
VF Corporation 57%
Foster's Group Limited 53%

It’s widely accepted that evil conservatism sides with greedy multinational corporations, you may want to rethink that premise.

The macrocosm of the government makes the gap of liberals and conservatives wide, it’s in government’s best interest to promote liberalism, we are their number one customer, but when you look at life at a microcosmic level you may see that gap shrink to a thin crack.  Take a group of eight couples going out to dinner.  Prior to ordering the waiter comes to the table and announces a new billing policy, a more equitable payment plan.  He asks who is the wealthiest and who is the poorest and then grades the rest on their relative salaries.

He lets everyone order, making sure that those with less income are allowed to order freely from the menu.  When the meal is over he hands the bills to each couple.  Those with less income notice a zero balance owing, while those near the top are given a majority of the bill.  The graduated billing extends equally to all and all pay according to their ability to pay, in relation to the scale of those dinning.  How often would you go out to dinner with this group if you were the one at the top?
I wish I had more money, I wish I had less bills, less stress in my life, more free time to pursue my dreams rather than having to work and slave  to live month to month like so many have to do.  We paid our property taxes the other day and I almost had a heart attack, it’s a bill we could have done without, especially when I see the waste and affluence of government.  Don’t get me wrong I believe we need the services but in recent years those services have declined while my bills have all risen.   Frankly I’m tired of others telling me what I have to do with my money.

Would you allow a stranger to set up a tent in your back yard and then be forced to feed him and care for him?  I think that’s one of the reasons we fought the revolutionary war (1765 - Quartering Act).  But isn’t that exactly what we’re doing, in a sense, when my property taxes are taken (something to think about, you will never own your property as long as you have to pay taxes, the county, city, state or federal authority can take it from you if you don’t pay) and my income taxes are taken to support those who choose not to work? 

Take this quick survey and then ask yourself if you’re more conservative or liberal.
1.                 Do you have a saving account?
2.                Would you feel comfortable in letting the bank give it to someone else?
3.                Do you think you’ve earned the salary you currently have?
4.                Would you feel comfortable giving up a portion of your salary to someone less qualified?
5.                Do you take care of your property?
6.                Would you like to be forced to care for your neighbor’s property?
7.                Do you believe it’s good to be self-reliant?
8.                Would you like to be dependent on your neighbor for all that you have?
9.                Would you defend your family from intruders?
10.           Would you allow those intruders to take what they wanted, if there were no way to prosecute?

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