Friday, November 16, 2012

Zombie cats or global warming

The ability to think rationally seems to be waning somewhat in our society.  The polarization of ideas based on passed rhetoric alone is on the rise, leaving facts and truths in the dust of a desert drawn whirlwind.  Gleaning the truth is not the issue.  The truth, it seems, is a favorable tone of voice echoing the hearsay notes of others before.  The truth has become a call word of opinion based on the feelings of those with the loudest or in many cases the most ardent purveyors of dusty pomposity, leaving everything to question.

Global warming is a prime example of the confusion of pseudo-science mixed with intangible facts and the heightened emotional powder keg of feelings that surround this issue.  The fundamental question of warming is debatable to many, with some science claiming a marked increase in the overall temperature of Mother Earth while others show “facts” that counterclaim the “facts” of others showing an unchanging temperature core.

The question of global temperature changes can be easily solved with an historical outlook of past climate cycles; News Flash: the temperature of the earth does change from time to time, sometime dramatically.  Ever heard of the dinosaurs?  OK maybe not a great example, no one was there to testify of their millennial fate so let’s consider the recent storms that have deluged the news.  Katrina, Hugo and Sandy, can we say that these are singular atmospheric events, or could we be fairly certain that the earth has produced equally devastating power to the exact locations in the past? 

With a multi-millennial perspective I think we can all agree that the earth has cycles, some more distressing than others.  Again think of those poor velociraptors, with nothing to eat because all their food had died of thirst, or was it because they drowned or was it a meteor….? The point is they survived, ooh wait, only in Hollywood.  Does that mean were all going to die? 

The real issue is not in the warming or cooling of the earth but in the tragedy of not preparing for the inevitable, being caught, so to speak in the cold when the storm is coming without a coat or shelter.  The storms are coming, they will always be coming.  Is it really that important to place blame and try to prove who’s right about something that’s going to happen irrespective of present “truths”?

So much could have been done to prepare for the storms upon us.  This is not about taxing more, or spending less.  It’s not about who is right, remember “most people are wrong about most things most of the time” Richard Taylor (yah that’s me, I coined that phrase), that helps us to understand the need to act responsibly, to prepare and organize our efforts, first for ourselves and then our neighbors.

When the storms come, and they will come, will you be dogmatic in our opinion about global warming if your house is falling around you?  Will you take great pride in bombastic opinionating when you have no place to live, no food to eat or perhaps, God forbid the death of a loved one?  

Lastly let’s consider the argument that we need to act now to prevent the disasters of the future.  I can tell you the future; yes I can see the future.  It’s not rocket science; it’s a simple matter of deductive reasoning, matching past patterns with future trends.   

The future is:  There will be more storms, regardless of what we do.  We could stop all driving and seriously curtail all noxious gasses and we will still have storms, more flooding, maybe even serious flooding, ice cap melting, volcanic eruptions, biblical plagues of locust and killer bees, zombies. 

This earth is a volatile environment; it has always been that way but Man has found ways to mitigate and adapt and we must learn to do so again.  Maybe it’s time to stop building in that flood plain or near that cliff or if we do, be prepared, that storm is coming, are you ready?


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