Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bloggers Paradise

It’s not often you have a chance to thank those responsible for the limited success of a marginal blog but I would like to give my two cents (it’s really all I can afford) to those who have sacrifices so much to spend the few minutes it takes to read the few paragraphs I’ve posted.  

Thank you!

Now that that’s over I can get back to writing about inconsequential matters, insignificant ramblings from an opinionated has-been (except I never really was), expressing views and preaching about perfidious events in a shallow attempt at the veracity of what I think should be….whew, now my brain hurts, I can only imagine how yours is feeling, sorry but I love words, love the interaction of placing negligible meaning to obscure and an often forgotten lexicon.

I am grateful for the medium of blogging and the openness of its forum, allowing anyone who can type and hopefully think the ability to speak their mind, and so many do that perhaps should not, but with the right to do so comes the erroneous and mistaken notion that all can write.  Like those who think they can sing, crooning like tortured cats for millions to witness the inevitable misery and embarrassment of all who witness but never by those who engage.  We must all sift through the chaff, looking intently for those golden words of wisdom that like nuggets of gold must be gleaned from the mud filled vats of cacophonous pontification. 

Again, Thank you for reading and commenting and scolding and correcting, I am grateful.

I wish all a happy New Year, may all your dreams come true….

And if you have the time, take a moment to reflect on the year to come, it will be whatever you want it to be...

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