Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fortune Teller Baring Gifts

As we all know today is the twelfth day of the twelfth month of twenty twelve, a momentous day just by virtue of its rarity.   It’s the century’s last sequential date. There have been others, 11/11/2011 and so forth but the last one apparently has more significance than the others.  For some, it represents luck. For others, it’s a day of romance. I know my heart goes all a flutter at the mere mention of 12/12/12.For most of us, it’s just another Wednesday. Regardless of your beliefs fears or superstitions, sequential dating will not repeat itself until Jan. 1, 3001, (1/1/1) if you want to wait to celebrate take a seat and relax you’ll have quit the wait. 

After reviewing the numerological and soothsaying data associated with this date I decided not to mention any of it.  There is just too much going on with the number twelve to really make sense of it in this short space.  There are however millions of people who put great stock into astrological alignments, numerical patterns, believing the positioning of the stars or number sequencing holds the secret to choosing the next lottery winner or in choosing which way to turn or whom to date etc…they visit astrologist, palm readers and star charts hoping to see into the future, a glimpse of more than their temporal eyes can see.  Their wish is for a direction to follow without perhaps the responsibility of making those choices themselves, a total abrogation of personal obligation and an annulment of pride derived from the lessons learned through both incorrect and correct decisions. Basically, they want the obvious stated in terms so they don't have to look for themselves.  

We learn through our mistakes.  It may sound trite and unconvincing but most of our learning is a direct response to previous failure.  Touch a flame as a child and you learn not to do that again.  A lost love is a lesson in humility that makes us better, more capable of loving another.  Falling down, scraping our knees, failing a test, all have the potential of creating a learning scenario that has nothing to do with the alignment of the stars, the lines on our hands or the significance of a date proclaiming a new age.

That does not mean that dates can’t be significant; 12/12/12 has a special significance to me since it’s the anniversary of my daughter’s birth, my first daughter, and my first born.  I would like to say she was born at 12:12PM but I think it was closer to 2:00PM or was it at 6 AM, so many kids, so many dates and times to remember I’m surprised that I remember their names, oh wait I don’t, I often get them confused with each other.

My oldest son was born on 11/01 but because it wasn’t in concert with the total destruction of all that has ever been, his birthday last year, 11/01/11 was just another fabulous birthday.  It’s not the dates that make me proud, it’s the people they’ve turned out to be and the reason I celebrate.  It’s also fun to attach more meaning than possible to a significant date but in the end it is just another day in the history of mankind.

We do have those stubborn Mayan and Hindu calendar’s to contend with and the possibility that no one will read what I’ve written due to cataclysmic events but those possibilities are slim and none, and you know that slim left town right?  But in the event that earthquakes and tornadoes ravage the landscape, hurricanes and hoards of insects strip the land of all that lives, we can still take comfort in the mutual celebration of my daughter’s birth, she is expecting elaborate and expensive gifts.

For fear of some crazies getting the wrong idea please contact me first with your gift ideas (cash of course is acceptable) and I’ll forward the information to her, yah and if you believe that let me read your palm, I’ll tell you your future….


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