Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Voting Guide for the future...

When in the course of human history, when a man is left to decide he generally decides logically.  When in the course of human history when men are left to decide they generally act irrationally and politically helping us all to understand the problems with group dynamics, the larger the group the less dynamic or in other words the larger the group the more stupid it becomes.

Our country is facing some very serious decisions and it would be nice if we had faith that those making those decisions had our best interest at heart.  Like a hard working father or mother deciding for their family or a small business owner trying to decide for his business, a business that includes the welfare of his family and employees or perhaps a farmer who strives to create a meaningful crop, profitable but responsible, knowing that a wrong decision could be disastrous.  

The problem with making decisions for others is the insulation they have from the consequences of their actions.  Consequences are an essential aspect of good decision making, without them there is no risk of failure and without that risk all decisions are selfish and self-serving.  

It’s time to reinstate the principle of consequence into the political system.  We used to use our vote as the ultimate consequence but that has failed miserably as more uninformed voters continue to vote for the promised handouts never ever considering the short term or long term effects of giveaway politics,   those who vote for what they want regardless of the overall needs of the nation, their community or their families. 

We have transformed a divinely inspired voting process into a scheme of musical chairs with everyone vying for the ever diminishing seats, lunging selfishly as the music stops, elbowing and kicking their way to get what they want regardless of what others need.

We have lost sight of the greatness of our nation and the goodness of our charity, forgetting that we have enough for all; we could easily feed the world but fail to feed ourselves.  Our politicians are corrupt, inept and colossally selfish; they have not had our best interest in mind for decades.

Warning:  The following is not meant to be racist but a great example can be found within the Black population.  Over the past 50 years political policies designed to ingratiate this specific segment of the population has created an almost genocidal wave of destruction.

A policy analysis released by the Cato Institute in April shows that despite nearly $15 trillion in total welfare spending since President Lyndon Johnson began the "war on poverty" in 1964, the poverty rate in the United States has remained relatively constant.   Not all of the 15 trillion dollars spent went to help this group but we can clearly see that the black community is worse off than when the programs started.  Black males in jail are at an all-time high.  Households with one parent have also skyrocketed, leaving children unattended and more prone to the problems of the street, gangs, drug use and teen pregnancy.  In short we could have saved the 15 trillion dollars and if you didn't already know our national debt is approximately 16 trillion, interesting isn't it?

Either the politicians who initiated the programs were enormously inept and continue to be incompetent or they have accomplished their task with great finesse and continue to pass rules and make laws that create a deliberately dependent population.  It can’t be both ways; either they failed at what they’ve tried or their doing it on purpose.  Regardless, the outcome is not good and continues to get worse despite the promises that continue to flow freely from the mealy mouths of mechanistic managers milling amidst morbid mediocrity.  

The American Indian is another great example of political force being used to alter the obvious freedoms of a people in order to control and regulate.  Perhaps the lessons learned from the aboriginal Americans and the displaced Africans are now being fine-tuned and tweaked to perfection in order to enslave us all.

It boggles my limited mind how stupefying our voting patterns have become.  We vote for an obvious crook, but he’s our crook so it’s OK.  We continually vote our incumbents back into office thinking that our politicians are somehow better than the other political offenders in Washington.  As a voter how can we be so blind?  It has to be obvious; the graffiti is all over the place, have we forgotten how to read? Or do we simply refuse to see?

Maybe it’s time for us to take a stand we still have the power, but for how long?

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