Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Higgs Boson Found

(This is a re-post of a previous article discussing the possibility of the higgs Boson.  It has sense been reported that scientist at CERN have found that particle creating a fire storm of questions related to the world we call home and the universe eternal above.)

We often live and die by the standards set to regulate our lives.  Education has standards, everyone should be able to read and write and do some fundamental math.  There are standards of society, we call them laws and even though it seems as like the rules of life are suffocating and overshadowing our very freedoms we would be a lawless and chaotic people without them.  We have standards for morality and dating, health and safety, in fact we have standards for just about everything.

Even physicists have standards and have coined a specific theory the “standard model” to help explain their desire for understanding the cosmos.  Not really a standard like those mentioned above but an understanding of accepted findings that have coalesced over hundreds of years to create a more precise acceptance of particle physics.  

Their findings recently of particles that acted very much like the Higgs Boson brings this science even closer to that preeminent standard of understanding and nearer to the ultimate goal of being able to explain the processes of the universe itself.  “The standard model comes to us by way of particle physics, a field filled with physicists dedicated to reducing our complicated universe to its most basic building blocks. It's a challenge we've been tackling for centuries, and we've made a lot of progress. First we discovered atoms, then protons, neutrons and electrons, and finally quarks and leptons. But the universe doesn't only contain matter; it also contains forces that act upon that matter. The standard model has given us more insight into the types of matter and forces than perhaps any other theory we have.”  It is this “other” matter that they suspect is the elusive Higgs Boson.

Because we live with standards we are expected to abide by our understanding of those standards and most of us do, living our lives staying within the posted speeds, not lying or cheating, living by the Golden Rule and instinctively understanding that “We Reap What We Sow", but what of those who are different, those with unexplained difficulties, those still in search of their personal Higgs Boson to explain their purpose of life?  

Science has endeavored to fill in the gaps of theoretical studies for generations, slowly building upon the scholarly work of great minds, bit by bit and line upon line they advance their understanding but a person, an individual has only one life time to understand life with many struggling to cope with associated norms, besieged by their inner demons that pull them away from the principles that give others meaning and purpose.

We may be close to solving the mysteries of the cosmos but the workings of the mind may be generations away.  With the current rash of shootings by Christopher Dorner, the tragedy in Connecticut with the very troubled  Adam Lanza and the recent self-inflicted suicide of a country singer (Mindy McCready) the real questions of why continue to surface. 
If the Higgs Boson particles do exist they may shed some serious illumination on the connections of matter and their relationship to each other and give a more concise understanding of how our universe expands, grows and exists but in the mind of man those connections may be far more complex with each interaction of memory, each firing of a neuron or every single experience received from every sense, including those not readily realized.  Throw into the mix of complexity diet, chemical balances and the issues of nature verses nurture and the resulting mesh of emotional mysteries create the incalculable level of society’s mental illness.  

As society continues to spiral away from the standards that allowed societies to flourish those outside the ever shirking norm will continue to expand, causing more abnormal acts, acting with anomalous and illogical motivations causing the standard bearers to continue to question why, waiting and wondering if there will ever be that important discovery that will help to explain the often chaotic action of so many.  

Will it be through science, religion or simply by improving diet, we can only hope that someone, somewhere discovers that Higgs like boson that helps those with troubled minds the peace and serenity so badly needed.  

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