Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Dorner Dilemma

Over the last few days the Dorner dilemma has developed into a firestorm of media frenzy, fueled with speculation, anticipation and the never ending drama of the manhunt.  This is not a typical quest of good versus evil, the cops against the robbers, it’s morphed into a blockbuster movie extravaganza starring Denzel Washington and a cast of well-known supporters telling the story of a severely wronged man caught in the grips of injustice and retribution gone too far.

The obvious mistrust of the LAPD overshadows the simplicity of the story but gives a substantial basis of understanding and for so many, empathizing with the actions of the well liked criminal.  Dornan has captivated the inner conflicts of many Americans, who feel the sting of injustice, leading us to commiserate, sympathize, and support the tragic and barbaric actions of murder.

The movie version would show us the background and help us all to understand the inequality and because of his race, the racist and bigoted actions of the LAPD, nudging us toward Dornar’s support, guiding us through the maze of emotions that were felt by this troubled, intelligent and likeable, but wronged individual.

Once the cinematic story unfolds and it’s grabbed our emotions the unlawful actions taken are mitigated by the primary feelings of association established early on in the script.  We have a connection to this man.  We have a symbiotic relationship that feeds off our own growing distrust of the system that he is currently fighting, fighting in many ways for us and instead of us, he is being transformed into a hero of sorts and the longer he remains at large the larger his hero status will grow.
Movies have the ability to spin events and acculturate our past perceptions and norms, crafting new feelings and different expectations to previously held norms.  Current events unfolding before our eyes can do exactly the same.  As we read and watch the news we mentally screen the scenes and edit the contents to fit our vision of what would make a grand tale, a cinematic masterpiece. We are the directors and the producers but with our mental power we are also the critics and patrons, we decide the ending even before the end has come and in this case the real life movie of Christopher Dornar has been shown in the minds of millions, with many wanting the killer to get away, get justice for what was done and to have a happy ending with Dorner victorious.

No one knows how this story will end but what’s troubling is the division of thought, the standard of decency and the lack of justice across the board.  Had justice been accomplished initially we would not be witnessing these events unfold as tragically as they have been and might have never heard of Christopher Dorner.

But alas these events are occurring and the movie will be made and time will have nothing to do with judging these events, it will be the present perspective of altered minds that drive the memories and revise the facts away from the truth, the simple truth perhaps that Dorner was wronged and Dorner wronged others in a more profound manner.  Does one excuse the other?  NO. Does one mitigate future actions? NO. Are all parties responsible for what they’ve done? Absolutely!  

Again the issue is justice and the power of too many with too much power misusing and abusing that power to cover up, shield or protect the selfish, self-interested, egotistical, narcissistic actions at the expense of the innocent.  Those innocent (perhaps Dorner) often have no one to help, no one to turn to, no justice for the wrongs committed, leaving them with the psychological battle of self against all.  It’s time we restored the true balance of justice for all and not just those with power.

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