Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Problem with Women...

I’ve noticed a strange, coincidental relationship between realtors and school administrators.  I know this is a bit of a stretch but when was the last time you had to deal with either a realtor or a school administrator; you have to admit there are a lot of similarities.  

The first and most obvious parallel comes from the gender relationship, most are females.  When I started teaching the number of female administrators was small in comparison to the male and the same is true with realtors, I can’t remember ever seeing a female realtor when I was young, but then I wasn’t really looking that hard.  When I bought my first house back in the early 80’s we used a female and she was actually very capable, which brings up another comparison.

This is going to sound sexist and insensitive but the more saturated these two professions become with females the less professional they seem.  I don’t mean to impugn all who serve within these areas of commerce (and yes education is a level of commerce, it collects funds, it provides a service and it competes for limited dollars through servicing a specific clientele).  

My evidence is purely anecdotal and subjective at best but if I can speculate and draw conclusions without sufficient evidence what good am I.  As I look back over the year’s men generally held both positions in abundance,  with the apparent perception of few overall problems (in other words it’s seemed like they knew what they were doing).  When you visited a realtor you walked into a slightly messy office and a guy with a loud tie, most likely with a stain from lunch, tried to get up smoothly from his wooden swivel chair, only to be stuck embarrassingly between the bars of the back supports.
When he did extricate himself from the chair, he greeting you with a wide wary grin and pushed his fleshy hand into yours in an overly friendly greeting.  If there was a female on the premises she was either there to help out or to clean the place.  Again I reiterate, this is not meant to be too critical…

At school when your Jonny or Debbie was in trouble you got a call from the secretary, a female (incidentally those roles are still almost exclusively female to this day) who informed you that Mr. Principal or Dr. (Dr of EdD, has nothing to do with Erectile dysfunction disease) Superintendent, wants to see you immediately.  I don’t remember any female administrators when I was in school.  There were a few but the profession consisted mostly of men.

The point I’m trying to make is that there seems to be a correlation between competence and gender within these two specific areas at least.  I know this is a very broad (is the word broad the same broad that refers to a female in the old vernacular?) statement and I suppose it’s meant to be, I don’t want to rattle too many feathers. 

As you compare these two professions and in some cases I use the word profession very loosely you will also find a similar relationship in the aesthetics of those who currently occupy these positions.  Many of the women are overweight with obviously rounded faces with rotund bodies and thick fingers.  Still trying not to be too sexist, do you recall my description of the old male realtor?  Perhaps the portly nature of these individuals has more to do with the job itself than with the type of person who pursues these careers.  
There are two basic reasons I’m making these comparisons, the first is my recent association with incompetent realtors, females and my historical perspective of being in special education, a mostly female dominated role.

As a special education teacher most of my bosses were women, I did have one male but he quickly moved into greater admin roles, I was the only male special ed teacher in most of the schools I worked with.  I am admittedly, somewhat biased…As the only male my views were secondary to the other females in the group and my perspective, especially when it came to male student,  of which there is an overwhelming abundance, suggesting a need for more male influence, were often discounted or out and out redacted.

The realtors I’ve met over the years and I’ve met my fair share have proved to me that either the entire profession has reached its level of incompetence or the influence of the female professional has caused a gap in proficiency.

Now I’m going to be sexist.  Because of the increased presence of females in the workforce, generally speaking the male role of provider has been seriously compromised creating a multifaceted problem for our society as a whole.  In a nutshell, the more women who work, the less men are able to work and support their families creating a disenfranchised and emasculated portion of our population.   

I know from experience, I cannot find a job in special education, who wants to hire a 50’s something male in a female dominated field? The same is true with real estate and the more women who move into these areas the fewer positions will be available for the men who need them.

You may want to think critically about what I’ve proposed before your initial hurling of negative expletives.  I do believe there is a direct correlation between society’s current woes and the number of women who have chosen to leave their families to work. You may also want to consider what’s more important to them, their job or their families? There are exceptions of course.

Your comments are welcome…I think.

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