Thursday, April 25, 2013

Needed rest...that will be the day

After nearly 80 articles on a variety of topics I thought it time to take a short break, not too long just a week or twcall reggy ato perhaps to let things gel and settle, give my mind a vacation,  many will readily admit that my mind is always on vacation so what's the real reason for the gap in postings?

You got me.  My real reason is I hate typing on my iPad and that's all I brought  with me on a short trip to the beautiful state of Utah.  This is not a pleasure trip by any means and will intact be somewhat arduous, monotonous and physical as I revert back to my construction days to do some needed repairs for some friends.

Typing on an IPad is so infuriating and so frustratingly slow that I have decided to wait until I get home to resume my blogging about whatever I can dream up to blog about and in the mean time you will all simply have to suffer through those inevitable withdrawals that will assuredly come as a drunk without a drink....that's not a happy sight.

Let me however leave yu with one or two words of wisdom....wise and dumb two words that can easily be confused....

See you all in a few days, or within a week at the most, in the interim, reread each and every blog I've posted, share those with every one you know and most important, nothing is more important than that.

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