Friday, July 19, 2013

Big Fish or Little Fish

That old saying of being a big fish in a little pond has new meaning in our superficially saturated society.  In the old days when one accused someone of being a big fish they were referring to their obvious desires toward grandeur within the very limited auspices of a small, mostly insignificant pool of participants.

Wanting to be important or even feel important is an essential aspect in relation to those hierarchies of need and the level of self-actualization as coined by Maslow. We all want to feel good about ourselves and our lives regardless of how insignificant they might really be.  No one wants to be forgotten or overlooked or even pushed aside by another in their grand rush toward their own desire for reputation or notoriety.  The very thought of being conscripted by another for their personal gain is abhorrent to most and leads many toward the support of the underdog, believing perhaps that they and most are well within the confines that designated them “small fish”.

As society grows and populations increase the logical conclusion of such changes would assume that more ponds would be created, allowing for more opportunities for small fish to become seemingly important but when we view the current state of available pools, they are not on the increase but on a surreptitious decline.

Like the family farm the corporate interests are devastating the small business farmer and destroying the past collective process and with it the basics of supply and demand, replacing it with high scale marketing and motivational media to create and enhance our individual needs to their designs.  Those big fish are truly working from a global pond and that pond is ever increasing, leaving any opportunity for the rest of us to participate, contribute and help in molding and shaping the society within which we reside, less likely.

Where I live there is a HOA (home owners association) and within that organization we currently have a big fish in a little pond scenario.  There are members of that board who want to expand their power base and start inspecting our backyards as well as mandating the level of maintenance required for the façade of our properties.  I can actually agree with wanting to keep the neighborhood at a certain level of repair and aesthetics but the ascetics sitting on the board would require so much more based on their ideals of what looks good or not, never considering the individual needs or abilities of the community.

 I am not a proponent of anachronistic options that allow anyone to do as he pleases, we are a land of laws and organization and I truly believe that logical and well thought out laws make man more free giving more opportunity to expand and express but laws that restrict unjustly, or oversee overtly will do nothing to better our lives, they will only serve to enhance the lives of those who rule.

Big fish or little fish, everyone wants to be important, everyone wants to be seen as accomplished and self-assured, but when the famous or infamous have the ear of the nation, when the only sounds to be heard are the irresponsible fog like words of power seekers and the options of the minions of minnows are minimized and mitigated the need for smaller ponds makes much more sense.

I would rather try to oust the evil machinations and maneuverings from a bloated carp like leader, floundering in an enclosed small pond than the powerful, megalomaniacs who inhabit Washington.  At least in my little corner of the world, my little muddy regime I have a chance of making a difference, slim perhaps but still a chance.

Local governments, cities and unincorporated areas, counties and even states need to start swimming away from that expansive pool of destruction and head for safe harbor among others of their kind.  It will only be through our collective efforts as millions of small ravenous fish overwhelm the powerful and dominate in order to regain possession of that cool, comfortable pool of reality.

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