Friday, July 26, 2013

Fornicatious Fortitude

Filnerism, Filnerist: to be of such a mind that any and all fallacious, factious or fornicatious activities are falsely and forever forgotten despite the overwhelming facts that may be fortuitously favored by others but not by the perpetrator.
A stretch toward an alliterative beginning but so is the efforts of San Diego’s Mayor who insists on staying in office after multiple woman have come forth accusing Bob Filner of sexual herassment (a Democrat and the first one since Maureen O’Conner who by the way was convicted of money laundering and had a horrific gambling problem that is estimated to exceed 1 billion dollars).  Mr. Filner is apparently in very good company.

To be fair I don’t think the Republicans who ran the city were much better but with the exception of Roger Hedgecock none were accused of wrong doing while in office and even Mr. Hedgecock was vindicated after his trial and probably should have retained his office.   It’s too bad that he did not have the foresight to pull a Filner and completely ignore the calls for resignation.

Regardless of the allegations there seems to be a pattern developing in our country that exhibits a strong trend toward extreme self-interest within politics, perhaps it’s always been there but recent developments have stigmatized public service and turned it into a circus of philandering Faux pas of past and present officers grandstanding for forgiveness just so they can bask in the ever so present limelight ,a process of illumination no longer used, perhaps those who strive to be so illuminated should think twice before exposing all of us to their wicked underbelly.

Anthony Weiner (I’m not making that name up) a past congressman who actually exposed his “Weiner” by sexting now wants back in as New York’s Mayor.  And let’s not forget Elliot Spitzer who served as New York’s Governor but resigned due to a prostitution scandal, he is also running for Mayor of New York.  Spitzer and Weiner, they can’t find anyone else to run? Or is it there is no one with enough chutzpah to subject themselves to the process of an elected offices.  Maybe only those with little or no conscience are able to endure an election?

Therein lays the problem.  There are obviously more talented and more capable individuals that would be willing to serve, true service but in order to get there they literally have to sell their souls to the Master of the underworld, leaving all morality aside, compassion and sanity should also be discarded if one really wants to win.  But once those small details are out of the way running for office is easy, just look at Filner and Weiner and Spitzer.  I’m sure there are hundreds of others that fit this mold but these three seem mall adjusted enough for my point.

We wonder why we have issues with our leaders, be they liberal or be they conservative or anywhere in between the pool of those willing to bare it all has gotten very small and only those who have already exposed it all seem to be willing to run, leaving the public with the sour taste of previously chewed gum taken from under some random stool in some seedy “c” rated eatery.

My question is why do we allow it?  Why do we put up and accept these cretin’s that continuously exhibit Neanderthal (I apologize to those hapless creatures for any association with current politicians) like behaviors and then expect, no demand our support?  Are we really that tainted and soiled that we truly cannot see the dirt through the dust in our eyes?  Not voting doesn’t help and in fact gives them (the cretins) the advantage so we have to vote but when there is only the proverbial “lesser of two evils” that motivation to participate is often far below a visit to the dentist and root canal without pain medication.

For a few moments of reading I thought perhaps it was just New York and San Diego politics but the entire country is infected with a similar disgusting and oozing malady.  Some believe its terminal and it may be but I for one sure would like to find a cure or at least a sharp enough knife to cut out the infected areas so that future infections do not continue to spread.

It’s obvious that American Politics has always been a very fractious and divisive game but in the past at least a majority believed that “their guy” was working for them.  Now it seems more like a third world coop every time it’s time to vote.  My apologies to those third world countries that change dictators like I change my socks, at least they get fresh leadership every so often.   All we get is recycled sex fiends and dysfunctional power hungry egotist.  Hmm maybe those third world countries know something we don’t?

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