Friday, August 23, 2013

False Economies and Conspiracies

The lies and half-truths of our economic recovery fall squarely in the definition of a conspiracy.  We are not being told the truth about the real situation, a situation that has been controlled, manipulated and prolonged for the express purpose of changing both our mindset and our way of life.
Conspiracies by their very nature cannot be commonly known.  If they were to be discovered the conspiracy would revert to a criminal state or would be subject to investigation and therefor loose its conspiratorial status.   A conspiracy theory is an explanatory proposition that accuses two or more people, a group or an organization of having caused or covered up, through deliberate collusion, an event or phenomenon of great social, political, or economic impact.

The secret ends of a plan or motivation are the key to understanding the true nature of an ongoing conspiracy.  It really doesn’t matter if some of the outward signs are present and discoverable nor if the persons involved are known it’s the end game that matters the most.  In some cases even the published result can be known if those results are in some way clouded and obfuscated to such a degree that most do not understand or do not accept the almost inevitable reality of what will soon become.

An often used example of knowing but not accepting is the poor frog in a pot of warm tepid water.  His comfort is assured at the time of his incarceration, willingly floating, arms and legs still, enjoying the moment but never privy to the slowly rising heat and certain death.  The conspiracy to the frog was the free placement into the tepid water with no information regarding the real intent of the situation.   

Our economy and our so called recovery are very similar to the frog.  We have been told and retold that our economy is getting better.  Every economic indicator reported tells us that almost every sector of the economy is growing in strength and vitality; almost without exception the news is positive in relation to job growth and building starts, plant closures and layoff.  The numbers of the unemployed are dropping but when you look at the numbers based on the where we started and the ratios of those gains based on those beginning numbers there is very little truth to the governmental claims of any recovery at all.

One good indicator is unemployment.  We are often told of an improving job market — for good reason. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates, the U.S. gained nearly 200,000 jobs last June, and another 70,000 jobs were created in April and May bringing the unemployment rate to a humble but steady 7.6%; not great, but a lot better than the 10% unemployment rate between 2009 and 2010.
Conspiratorially the numbers do not explain the entire picture and purposely mislead the public into thinking one way when the actual numbers of unemployed are much worse.  When taken in context from the total numbers of who was employed and who want to be employed (not just those still looking or still receiving unemployment benefits) the unemployment rate is a substantial 14% and reached as high as 20% in some sectors of the economy.  

The claims of governments and patsy economists only show the cards on the table, the kings and aces but always hide the deuces, not wanting to worry our pretty little heads over such mundane details.  Those unemployed, that 14%, those 42 million unemployed and underemployed know the truth and no conspiracy will sway their reality. 

With government revenues at an all-time high, nearly 2.7 trillion (do you remember the graphic from the previous post on how to understand a trillion?  Look it up) the government is raking in the dough, dough that it is not returning to those in need, but in all respects being spent on political fodder, friends and projects that only enhance those in government, bolstering the claims of a conspiracy against the needs and freedoms of the population in general.

The issue of revenues in relation to true unemployment creates another scenario of concern and that is the nature of how those revenues are realized.  If 14% of the work force is not working or working under their potential then the government’s revenues should be that much less not more than before, giving us an indication of not only higher taxes for those that do work but of usurious and underhanded methods of collection that the general public cannot see or fathom, further enhancing the idea that a conspiracy is at play to separate our freedoms through taxes and imposing slavery like conditions that force us to work in less meaningful ways for less money and all the while our government makes more, provides less services and continues to complain, places blame and never acknowledges their own responsibility…Conspiracy…

When our Founding Fathers saw these very same tactics they revolted, they planned and fought to be free from the tyrannical forces that controlled their lives.  As a substitute teacher with a Masters in Special Education, 60 units of post graduate credits and a degree and credential in Business I find myself just a little frustrated with not being able to find a full time teaching position.  I know it’s not me; it’s the economy and the very real efforts by those in power to sustain a lower standard of living and to destroy the middle class in such an insidious way that the majority of the country will eventually lay down and die while comfortably sitting in that cauldron of heated water.  

This conspiracy is real and the only way to fight it is to know about it, tell others and perhaps start our own revolution against it, I’ve nothing else to do…any ideas on how to fight this?

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