Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Obummer Care

This whole shut down/ Obama Care/ debt ceiling fiasco's are starting to make my head swim.  The numbers battered about are staggering and incendiary with both sides quoting economist and well known pundits to bolster their claims of wrong doing committed by the other side when the reality of the entire situation can be summed up with a basic understanding of economics 101.

The promises of the “affordable care act” (keep in mind that the very change in the name from Obama Care, helped to create a more advantageous outlook of this socialized program) were fairly simple, more coverage for less money, that was the promise.  It was also promised that you would be able to keep your doctor, which is if you like your doctor you could keep him.  And more people would be able to afford health care across the board.

These promises sound wonderful but when the programs started to be studied and the actuarial figures were studied the promises turned into impossibilities with real consequences and long term affects that will not only destroy the current system but virtually make it impossible for that past system to continue to operate literally creating a monopolistic enterprise of government mandated health care.

Taking to heart the promises initially and the idea of overhauling an already bloated insurance run system of excessive profiteering the prospects of a government run system may not seem too bad but when you consider the unintended or perhaps the well thought out and planed intentions of the “affordable care act” then the nightmare of the original system currently run and managed by greedy insurance companies starts to look like a my little pony cartoon compared to the real nightmare of limited services, increased premiums, sever exclusions and outright refusal for services due to age and prior medical histories. In short we are being forced from the frying pan into the fire and will be forced to pay more for that fiery privilege without any chance of getting to chose.   

Added to this dilemma the debt limit and you have to wonder what is going through the minds of those that supposedly lead us.  When you consider the current statements from Jimmy Hoffa, not the lost Jimmy Hoffa but his son and current union leader, “Obamacare Will ‘Destroy the Very Health and Wellbeing’ of Workers” yah he really said that!


 He may still support the premise of Obamacare but he understands from a union perspective the consequences that will rain down on his member’s ability to negotiate when employers move toward a part time work force to limit their exposure from the mandates of supplying insurance under the Obama plan.  He knows that employers, union supported or not, cannot afford the proposed health options proposed and has warned his members and Obama that Obamacare will destroy the Health and well being of Workers…


From one of the country’s leading liberals we see a glimpse of the effects of Obamacare and the efforts by liberals to pander to large corporations and Unions by giving them exemptions but those exemptions will not alter the economic consequences of a foreseeable part time work force, a reality in the making as companies are “forced” to chose the only game in town.


When you factor in the government closure and the desperate attempts by the Republicans to alter the law you can start to see why they are perhaps so adamant in their resolve to put an end to what has the potential to destroy our economy.    Our economy is not based on the billions of revenues of large companies but rather the ability of the middle class to save and spend.  This simple but profound fact regulates all that our economy is and the pressure on the middle class from Obamacare will be a disastrous and life altering process of full time employment toward part time employment with little or no health care subsidies from employees, leaving the bulk of coverage coming from the government, a truly scary thought.


I’m not proposing that our current system is a perfect system, far from it but it is still the best in the world providing the best health services this world has ever seen.  It needs to be changed and in my opinion doctors need to regain control over what they deem to be best for their patients not some disembodies bean counter in some far away call center regulating dimes and nickels while our lives are at stake.  Nor do I believe the government is capable of running a health system of any repute, most government fail miserably and most that succeed allow doctors the control they need to chose what is right for their patients relying on a heavy tax burden to subsidize those socialistic efforts.


The government closure is perhaps the only way to force the issue in order to save the economy from a mistake that we may never recover from.   Full implementation of Obamacare will prove to be an unmitigated disaster but then Obama has only thrived from one self made disaster to another, maybe this is just his coup d’Etta , his final disaster to secure his name in the annals of history as the savior of socialism and the destroyer of all that is capitalistic and free. 


Again I say…not that my words have any affect…congress stand strong and kill Obamacare, do not give in even if it is to pay the over bloated debt.  We could all use a good vacation from the overspending, the excessive excessiveness and power hungry politicians that only know how to react to one thing their power and ability to spend what is not theirs…take it away and they will die.

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