Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Politicians are a terrible thing to waste

The estimated cost of the Obama Care Website is nearly 110,000,000 dollars, that’s a one hundred and ten million dollars, the cost is staggering and amazing in its excessiveness when after talking to a few programmers the entire site could have been up and working within a few weeks at a cost of no more than 1 million, including cost overruns and beta testing etc….

This problem is the problem with our government and the pervasiveness of these attitudes has infected every aspect of national, state and local governments. We have lost the ability to work rationally. In its place a cancerous growth replicates within the minds of our leaders causing them to spend what they don’t have. It is a disease contracted by close association with others previously infected, no one really knows how it got started or who patient zero is but it is a disease that is spreading and has reached epidemic proportions. I think it must be airborne and related to the hot air expelled by those pompous, bombastic, grandiloquent, purveyors of extreme ineptitude, you know the ones, the people who talk too much, work too little, the self serving selfish that expect all of us to support their Nero like attitudes of grandeur.

School Districts have become infected or more succinctly the administrators of those districts are clearly showing signs of infection with many too far along to be saved by any rational means, leaving only the alternative of removal and quarantine as the only way to combat their influences and infectious ways.

Cities and counties are clearly beyond help with many mayors and supervisors mentally incapacitated, compromising any and all decisions with the only alternative of salvation: A complete and immediate commitment and sequester. They can no longer be trusted to act rationally and for their safety and the safety of the communities they falsely serve it is prudent to remove them and get them the help they need.

It’s sadly like the crazy uncle that is forced to live with a relative and must be monitored and watched, making sure there are no sharp implements, no open doors and especially no car keys lying around. They used to be so sane and normal but now they’ve changed, their entire personality is different and most the time they don’t even know who we are. The worst part is that we still have to change their soiled diapers, pick up after them, wipe the drool from there slacked and gaping mouths and make excused for their actions. It’s too bad we can’t simply lock them up in the attic like they used to, making sure their warm and safe and have enough to eat but never letting them out in public….

110 million dollars is an amazing amount to spend on a website that doesn’t work. They could have simply called a thousand or so companies from India and the whole thing would have been working over the weekend with accented support thrown in from people called Bob and Mary, or Rajid or Sally, each one difficult to understand but capable enough to make the website work when problems did arise.

Another option would have been to contract with private web providers like Go daddy or a hundred others and Obama, while sitting in the oval office, could have pressed a few keys, answered a few questions and chosen a pre-set background and viola, the government has a website for under $500 a year including webpage support. But that disease makes rational thought impossible, it causes the brain to want to spend way more than needed for everything and pushes those infected to purposely (but it’s not their fault, remember it’s a disease) screw up and create the opposite of what the normal, coherent and lucid mind requires.

We really must be more understanding I guess of these infected and troubled souls, they are human after all and they need our help. Maybe we should start a drive and proclaim a multicolored ribbon week in support of these misunderstood leaders. The ribbons would have to be big enough to fit around their necks of course with a sliding knot that easily tightens and constricts blood flow to the brain but the ribbons could be very pretty and will help us all to remember the reason for out charity, they do indeed need our help.

Perhaps we should call it Public Official Awareness Week and storm the halls of administrators everywhere, ceremoniously slipping the ribbons over their heads and proclaiming them healed as we drag them from office and commit them under the guise of “protecting them from themselves” or a 51-50, you know the 72 hour hold to make sure their not a danger to themselves or others.

We don’t seem able to vote them out so maybe, just maybe the disease angle might work. It’s obvious that their not working for our best interest shouldn’t that be proof enough that they have addled diseased minds and some sort of intervention should occur? Think about it, I know where to get lots of ribbon.

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