Sunday, November 10, 2013

Darkness Intesified

The ominous and elusive prospect of Dark Matter brings to mind the eternal struggles between light and dark, good and evil with planets spinning and careening between the illuminated cosmos and the darkened underworld.  Satan himself guiding his minions through the shadowy causeways, obscured and invisible as they manipulate, conjure up likable images of pleasure and repose but never revealing themselves.

There is no proof, no real evidence of their existence and so it is with Dark Matter.  The only verification is in the diminishing number of tested theories, leaving the matter of Dark Matter an unknown variable in the ever expanding question that is our cosmos.

The Father of Darkness is genuine for some and nothing more than a child’s tale to others.  It is the mind of man that seems to determine the viability of the unknown.  If it is real within one’s mind then it has credence in the realm of veracity and so it is with the search for Dark Matter and so it is also with man’s search for the divine or that opposite entity of evil.    It may not be enough to simply believe but the evidences of absence can be a very strong indication of possible unknown truths not yet discovered.

As it was for years with the Higgs Boson discovery at Bern that illusive but monumental discovery is closely related to all that is dreamed but still undiscovered.   This process of eventual and incremental detection is fundamental in science where far too often the grandiose has taken precedence for funding purposes leaving the basics of the scientific process at odds with the realities of honest peer review.  

Not directly related to the search for Dark Matter but more influenced by the Father of Darkness is that determination to get recognition prior to substantiation and duplication of facts, moving all science away from the light of true discovery.  The very essence of the scientific process has been compromised to such an extent that it will take years of peer study and duplication to verify the claims of so many that the literal cause of science has been reversed by decades leaving a huge mass of darkness where once only light and progress existed.

The search for Dark Matter has at least been spared many of these charlatanistic processes and even though the search is still ongoing it can be said that the search is still viable and on track. With each new discovery that one theory is not going to work positively limits the field of potential theories with a growing hope that the remaining will prove successful.  What did Sherlock Holmes say? “Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth.

The parallels between Dark Matter and its obvious influences on gravity and light can be related to the unseen but often felt influences of darkness from that Father of Lies who has done an excellent job of disguising his existence.  On one hand you have a form of matter that is being sought after and the other a form of influence that is being discounted and overlooked.  Both have a profound effect on our daily lives and both are espoused by theoretical principals that govern their proposed existence but the later is mostly ignored and placed conveniently in the category of Greek or Roman Mythology and never really given the respect it’s due.

Theorizing that something exists is perhaps the first step in understanding the motivations of that something.  By contrast ignoring evidence for personal gain is not only dishonest but it is personally damaging.  It’s OK not to know but it’s not OK to ignore or be ignorant of the obvious.  Are we influenced by Dark Matter, the assumption is that we are, and are we influenced by the darkness that shadows the light of discovery?  Should we ignore the obvious despite the negative consequences that those apparent signs of evidence loudly proclaim, even when those signs cause us to rethink our motivations or prompt us to change?  I think we all agree that we should not.  It’s like driving down a winding road and a large sign warns of danger, “slow down”, do we speed up or do we heed the warning?

Warning signs can be obvious or subtle but they are ever present, telling us to be careful, reduce our speed, merging traffic, be considerate but most important don’t be influenced by the darkness that permeates our existence.  That darkness is an important part of our lives. It never ceases and never lets up.  The darkness will always be there, it will always be a persistent and almost all encompassing force to overcome. “According to the Planck mission team, and based on the standard model of cosmology, the total mass–energy of the known universe contains 4.9% ordinary matter, 26.8% dark matter and 68.3% dark energy. Thus, dark matter is estimated to constitute 84.5% of the total matter in the universe and 26.8% of the total content of the universe.” (Wikipedia)

We are surrounded by the darkness.  But that darkness can be overcome and with a single spark of light that darkness disappears replaced by the shining light of inspiration, the glow of sight and the dispelling attitude of knowing that we are not alone in our fight against evil.  Let your light so shine ….and for heaven’s sake don’t shine your light under a bush, it won’t do you or anyone any good.

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