Friday, January 10, 2014

A perfect storm

There is a looming and ominous cloud lurking over the near horizon, its blackness and insidiousness unmistakable and inevitable.  No one has ever been able to out run or hide from the effects of this coming storm, it is all pervasive and like an English rain it permeates all that exists leaving every one, rich and poor damp, cold and uncomfortable.

For many that discomfort rapidly turns to distress and with no relief from the weather their symptoms gravitate toward severity leaving many with a depressed state of overall health and motivation.  The loss of effort, the loss of spirit and the loss of overall productivity is devastating as millions scramble for some solace that will never come.  And so it is with a Nation held hostage by mediocre health care.

A couple of weeks ago I was the unwilling precipitant of an uncontrolled and massive headache.  The pain was intense, the pressure and pounding overwhelming every other sense than that localized pain.  I tried Aspirin, Tylenol, hot baths and showers, nothing alleviated the painful throbbing.  So severe was the pain that my stomach reacted, releasing and convulsing with a final body collapse next to the once pristine porcelain repository.

My wife drove me to the Urgent care, and let me tell you a little secrete there is nothing urgent about the possibility of care from these purveyors’ of so-called imperative services.  The wait time, just to be evaluated was four hours.  She then decided to take me to my doctor but they had no opening, I failed to make an appointment and failed it seems to clairvoyantly predict my distress.  They did give her a referral for a CAT scan but they needed an appointment as well so she took me to the emergency room.  We waited about 30 min and then were called in and they checked my vitals and had us sit back in the waiting room.  We waited and waited and waited and all the while my head was in a vise while an ice pick probed the melting contents of my head. 

After four hours and during a spike of pain I collapsed from my sitting position onto the floor, I don’t remember what happed but my wife tells me that the gasps of those in the waiting room were audible and surprised with a few individuals calling for help from the nursing staff.  A nurse did come asked me if I was ok and I apparently mumbled something that gave her solace and she left, leaving me on the cold linoleum floor.  Eventually someone gave me a blanket but we were never seen, never evaluated and decided to leave and go home, being told that there were no beds available and the wait would be long.

The headache has mostly gone away but it still lingers, levels of pain still come and go.  But the storm is closely overhead and my little headache will be the least of our problems.  The crisis that is healthcare, the storm that is Obama care will drain our individual resources and motivate the middle class toward insolvency or more assuredly towards a much lower level of heath than ever before and with insolvency the wealth of this country.

Like England, Canada, all of Europe, Australia, Russia and a slew of other countries, we will be less able to access “good” medical care and more prone to ignoring those signs of distress that cause long term health problems, eventually increasing our risk to major distress and overall health.   Have you seen the teeth from these countries, and that’s just the dental side.  Try getting a knee replaced or a MRI or like in my case a CAT scan, it took me a week to get what I needed.

We have grown too dependent perhaps on the promises of health care and have left those all important habits of health slip away thinking that others will fix me if I get sick; others will pay for me if I fall ill.  We have forgotten that it’s our health and with that elapsed sense of reality even our emergency care has faltered.  The storm is upon us and the effects of that storm will decimate our resolve unless we, the middle class take back our health, turn the tide of dependency and health enslavement and start eating right, exercising, making good choices that prolong our peace of mind and free our spirits from the constraints of servitude.

Obama care wants nothing more than complete control over your healthcare and that means little or no services to those that pay the bills.  The middle class will be the responsible group that pays the lion’s share of those ever mounting costs.  The middle class is the backbone of all things American but those that lead us look at us as only a revolving credit that never has to be repaid.  Obama care will destroy our health system and only those at the top who can afford private care and those at the bottom who don’t have to pay anything will benefit.  The rest of us will suffer with higher premiums, higher deductibles and less access to those services we have all grown so used to having.

My headache is still there, it’s not as bad but the pain in my neck that is Obama and his socialistic ways may have to be endured for quite some time.  I have resolved to live a more healthy life but even if I do the risk of injury, the problems with age and life in general will require all of us to eventually need access to medical services, let’s hope we can find a way to mitigate the Obama effects and hopefully reinstate our faith in what used to be the best health care in the world.

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