Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day ...not just another party.

A day to Remember 
 Today is a tragedy for Veterans and all those who paid the ultimate price of sacrifice. Another holiday of truly forgotten promises is only made worse by the memory of valiant soldiers and their selfless sacrifice of life and service so that we may live to forget.  I can think of nothing more despicable than the endless parties of raucous laughter, mindless enjoyment that holds nothing in common with the memorial that should be taking place.

In memorial we look back to what was and how we became what we are.  In memory we shape our thoughts toward the future in preparation of what we can become.  It is only though the memory of what used to be that a meaningful future is possible.  But we are a forgetful nation, a people calloused to the emotional ties that used to bind us as one.  Instead of memory we have lapses, gaps in judgment that propel us, hurling headlong into the abyss of hard insensitivity and calloused forgetfulness.  We are a people without feeling and without regard to the past, living forever in the present.  

As a recently retired teacher, mostly from middle school I've learned this tragedy first hand.  The selfishness of our youth is profound, a gift of negative proportions supplied most generously from their equally egoistic parents.  These young minds are filled with smut, lust and an extreme sense of lasciviousness that shames the most hardened soul.  The very mention of selflessness draws blank stares of incomprehensible astonishment.  They have no idea how to act in a selfless manner, nor do they care to learn.

From the greatest generation to the worst generation in our counties history, this is a national disgrace.  We should all be ashamed for allowing these cretins to wallow and demand their self-induced and government supported entitlements, draining the very life from what was once the greatest union of altruistic minds and efforts ever assembled. 

The hope however, still rings clear as efforts of a few still stand as a sentinels of what used to be.  There are still those who revere the glory of goodness and repose in humility to those who sacrificed that they might be. 

Our hope is in them.  Can we recover, can we regain what was lost and rebuild this nation back to what it used to be
or are we too far gone to escape the tidal pulls
that rip us from the shore of sanity?

For those few, even the fewer leaders I pray most fervently
that their minds will be filled with the goodness and power of humility,
their hearts turned toward the memories of what used to be
and their minds focused on service and sanctity.
Our hope is in them.

Today and in every country for those who feel pride and thanks for those who died for us, take a moment to really think about the sacrifices made, the ultimate gift of life paid by so many, so that we could choose to mindlessly party and play, carrying on like there was no tomorrow.    

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