Saturday, August 16, 2014

Perhaps God is the best choice

When trying to decide which road to follow, which decision to make, do we invariably choose that path of least resistance thinking that it is by far the easier way?  We have a lot of sayings that help us choose:  Follow your heart, do what feels right, or do what feels best, what pays the most or my favorite, what’s the easiest and fastest.

They all I suppose have a place, and in different circumstances each could be the “best” choice, the problems arise when we supplant one motivation for another in relation to an important choice thinking that they are all equal in measure and in consequence, we all know that they are not. 

As members of a religious community we all know as well of the power of prayer and the chance to connect to that ever-flowing, eternal stream of perfect understanding.  Our problem perhaps is in our inability to comprehend the messages that some believe are always present, our lack of faith or our incapacity to filter the sweet sounds of inspiration from the drone and constant buzz of our busy lives. 

 In Psalms 46:10 we are taught, “be still and know that I am God” giving us some directives toward quitting our lives, slowing our pace in relation to the things of the world and opening up our heart centered hearing so that those precious feelings from God can be conveyed and understood.

The often constant struggles we all face of trying to make a living, raising our children, getting good grades, making and keeping good friends and staying devoted to the one and only True God can be overwhelming and devastating to our desires to serve when we become too entrenched on activities that subtly move us away from the Spirit of God and the clarity of the pure light. 

Serving God is our primary objective but we also understand that we have to work to sustain our very lives, we have to go to school in order to prepare for life, we need recreation in order to stay healthy but balancing those needs with our primary goal should not be contradictory, even though in many cases they seem to be.  Even in the simple CTR (chose the right) we understand that choosing the right is not always an easy task. 

My CTR ring is a symbol that reminds me of that directive but it’s the spirit of God that dwells within me that prompts me to act toward that right and it’s also that spirit that we all let go from time to time that causes us to choose temporally, without the Devine inspiration making choices based on the criteria above, does it feel good, will it be faster, will it be easier. 

I am not one to give advice but since I’m the writer I can expound and use some literary superiority in trying to persuade and influence, mostly for me but that’s beside the point.  In the Scriptures it says, Wherefore, stand ye in holy places, and be not moved, until the day of the Lord come; for behold, it cometh  quickly, saith the Lord.

We all have to decide what constitutes “an holy place” but for each of us that directive is clear.  Whether we are at work, in our homes or out with friends we should constantly rely upon that glorious spirit that prompts us when we have left that “holy place”, and invariably tells us how to get back.  We are not alone, we will never be abandoned but we can separate ourselves and abandon Him who sent us.

We live in a tumultuous world with evil vying for our very souls.  The desperation of the adversary should not be taken lightly, he knows our weaknesses and our inner desires but he can do nothing, neither his evil minions to dissuade or persuade if we commit to standing with God, stand with your God as He stands with you.  Regardless of your own beliefs the mantra of “God is good” should be enough to prompt us to do good also.

I have a great fear of things to come, of the challenges that will have to be faced prior to the cleansing of the world.  I fear for my family and my grandchildren.  I fear for their salvation as I fear for my own.  But God has granted us His Son to guide and direct, to encompass us with His love that we will be protected from the constant evil that bombards us minute by minute.  His protection is available all we have to do is want it and then live it….I never said it would be easy but well worth the effort.

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