Sunday, September 28, 2014

Idiot or Master Planner?

The controversial aspects of the Presidency or any governmental leadership at or near the top have both its supporters and detractors.  There are some who say these leaders have no real influence on society as a whole while others are adamant in pointing to the good or evil influences of those same leaders.  History is the guideline for determining past influences but even historical records can be flouted and changed making even our past, subject to interpretation, as I think it has always been.

But the determination of what makes a president influential depends almost entirely on the pulse of the people at the time of their reign.  How a nation or people feel about a leader after the fact really makes no difference in understanding the profound influences that leader had during his or her tenure in office. 

If you’re liberal you look upon Franklin Delano Roosevelt with extreme admiration for the very same reasons that a conservative might look upon him as the devil incarnate.  The same is true with Ronald Wilson Reagan (even though he was an actor that was his true given name) who had a polarizing effect on his detractors and a magnetic influence over those who looked up to him and his positive outlook.  In both instances the history of how we felt has nothing to do with what we currently believe, even if what we now believe is exactly what we think we believed back then…Wow that sounds positively Freudian…or maybe it just makes no sense whatsoever.

The point I’m trying to make is that during a leaders leadership the mood of the people is strongly swayed though an emotional response to whatever stimulus is portrayed though the media, discussions and feelings about whatever issues are forefront in our minds at the time, and has very little to do with the facts or the reality of that particular time. 

There is an important distinction that needs to be addressed and that is that facts are not disputable.  There may be disagreements about what constitutes a fact but when a fact is formalized and quantified it morphs into a truth and truths are not debatable.  You may not like the truth or you may not be able to “handle” the truth but truth is a constant and I should mention a rare event in our world of constant information overload.  So even though facts may not have much of an impact on our current opinions of a sitting leader those facts when constituted do show the reality of those impacts and influences.

What does that have to do with how leaders influence their respective countries?  I’m glad you asked.  This is obviously my opinion and sense I am the author of this piece then I have the right to bloviate and pontificate, even if just a little.  President Obama has had a profound influence for both those who follow him religiously and for those who for religious reasons do not.  The fractured electorate may be some indication but they seem to always be a bit fractured and are almost always on the verge of a complete severance of sanity so they cannot be used as a good example of that influence. 

On the other hand the people in the country have been splintered and separated far more so than in recent generations, giving strong indication that during his leadership his words and his actions have influenced the way we as a people act and respond.  We are less inclined toward kindness and goodness, we are more susceptible to negativity and race related issues.  We are more selfish and less giving.  Is all this directly related to Obama, probably not but one could make the inference because of him, we are what we are.

History will record whatever those in power want to portray but the reality; ok my reality is that during these past 6 years our country has plunged into immorality, selfishness and separatism in such a dramatic way that the only standard factor of influence has to be Barrack Hussein Obama.  It is his example and the influences of those he surrounds himself with that have created the issues of our day. 
Rush Limbaugh wished that he, Obama, would fail as a president and at the time I thought that was a mean thing to say, give Obama a chance.  But Limbaugh is right; I wish he would have failed instead of succeeding gloriously at almost everything he believed in.  Obama has succeeded in creating a level of hate between races that hasn’t existed since the sixties.  He has transformed our government into a weak and untrustworthy partner for those other countries who have relied upon our goodness and mercy (don’t go there, I know we have issues and we’re not a perfect country but there is no one even close to what we are in the area of support, democracy and individual rights, no one, so forget about your stupid little quips about Sweden’s health care or Holland’s drug laws…)

Obama has taken a bad situation and thrown mud over it, spit upon it and then stopped on it ‘tell it can barely move.  He spouts honesty and openness but is the most secretive and divisive leader in three generation, since Woodrow Wilson.  He has done nothing to increase our security and in fact has gutted our military and increased our dependence on foreign oil by supporting failed solar projects hamstringing coal production and stopping important oil projects.  He has overseen the expanding debt to an unprecedented 6.5 trillion and for those in special education classes that’s 6,500,000,000,000. And to those who say so what?
  President-elect Barack Obama said Tuesday the deficit appears on track to hit $1 trillion soon. Speaking to reporters after meeting with top economic aides, Mr. Obama said: "Potentially we've got trillion-dollar deficits for years to come, even with the economic recovery that we are working on."
— Associated Press, Jan. 6  ......What economic recovery?

He knew back then what a trillion was and he knows now what 6.5 trillion does and will continue to do to our economy and yet he has acted not toward reducing those numbers but toward inflating them, a purposeful act.

Under this president (that would be Obama) our country for the first time has more Americans receiving government aide than those who are employed full time.  At the same time he has gone on a spending spree that makes drunken sailor look like an altar boy, using the printing press to finance his spending, saddling future generations with a debt so large that it may never be repaid and causing our credit rating to hit an historic low.

From Benghazi to Travon Martin, to Obama Care, he has divided the country and in that division has succeeded in conquering his detractors while literally transforming foundationally the precepts of this once great country.   I too wish he had failed but his successful presidency has overcome and has dominated every aspect of our lives changing who we are, what we are, what we can do and possibly who we can become. 

Can we as a people overcome what has been done to us?  That is the question of the day.  I think we can but it will be a fight and a struggle to overcome what has been placed in our way.  The worst part is that most of our leaders actually like what Obama has done, it only makes their jobs easier, even if it continues to make our lives less livable.

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