Monday, November 24, 2014

Sexy or SMEXY?

Do we really know the difference between what it means to be Sexy or have we really just been fooling ourselves into thinking that we're more than we think we are?

There is a new word ... SMEXY...I think it defines the true nature of what most of us think and do when we are trying to be Sexy.

Next time we think we're sexy...Perhaps we should think twice and realize that what we think, is not necessarily what really is.  How often have you been watching one of those singing competition shows when you say to yourself or to the person next to you "how did they ever think they could sing, Didn't their mother ever tell them how bad they were?  Or like republicans who want to be noticed so they cave into the Socialist contrast.  Or Democrats who chronically promise the heavens while only delivering know what I mean...there not being real.

The same think happens with trying to be too Sexy, we just look like idiots, embarrassing ourselves and all those around us.   So my advise is keep it real, don't be something your not and for heavens sake stop trying to be Sexy when Smexy is all you got....

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