Saturday, June 20, 2015

Fathers Day...We'll see.

Happy Fathers Day to distrust, dishonor and down right disdain for anything noble or of good report, which seems to be the mantra for society of our day.  How is it that so many are so inflamed about the minutia of the trivial and so forgetful regarding that which used to be important, honor, trust, respect and service?  Have we as a people fallen so far that our view of humanity is now so myopic that all we see is that pinpoint of light that sheds only a reminder of what we used to be, a glimmer of the hope that for so long drove man to achieve, invent and support the greatness of the human spirit.

With increasing vitriol we argue and accuse, leaving no room for understanding, believing the spurious rhetoric of the media and politics over the long standing and proven endeavors of the righteous.   What’s in it for me, how to I profit, what will it cost are the questions most asked, not what can I do, who can I help, and is it the right thing to do?

We are a country closeted from goodness, shying away from the crowds that scream and accuse.  Who would dare to try to overcome that wave of evil if all you get is sarcasm and hate?  The large and spacious building of commonality is truly burgeoning with occupants who are more inclined to yell and scream their support toward evil, motivating those still searching to run the gauntlet of pleasures and passions rather than responsibility and accountability and fathers are leading that pack.

But yet in this turmoil of life, this tornado of strife and relativism we celebrate Fathers Day, and hope that their contribution to turning the tide and stemming the flow of all that is bad in order to protect their children, nurture, love and listen, is still paving a path of example.  Fathers and mothers (but it’s not mothers day) so fathers who cry for their children unite and pray for the world as it is so that it may become the world as it should be to ensure the sanctity of life, liberty and love through those forgotten factors of honor, respect and service.

Not all fathers are wanted, but all could join, when their ready to take on the mantel of responsibility of what it means to man up to the reality of caring for and providing for that little life, that growing life, that little man or girl who is your charge, your doing and your ultimate and most important duty.

We have enough fathers who fall by the side and shirk their duties, running towards the screaming crowds of acceptance rather than fighting against the urges to indulge.  Stop running, start fighting, start standing firm and follow your heart. Start looking into the eyes of those that look upon you with wonder and give back to them in such a way that at least they know you tried your best and served with honor their cause as children.

The fractured family is epidemic and mostly due to the weakness of men.  Women play a role in that destruction (but it’s not mothers day) so men are to blame.  Men, not boys are needed to repair those cracks.  Men not selfish males are needed to build the relationships by going home, staying home, being providers, being loving husbands and honorable examples to their children. 

One man at a time, one choice in the right direction, one responsible act, one fathers day that has real meaning and eventually a father who loves will be loved back, a child’s life changed and a family recreated from the ashes of destruction brought on by the fires of selfishness, distrust and immorality.   Welcome back Fathers, Welcome back Dads, Welcome back Families, Welcome back happiness and joy and the goodness that is life.  Happy Fathers Day once again…

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