Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dead man vote.

This election cycle is crowded with clones of years past, espousing this and proclaiming that with no real substance to ensure what is said can actually be realized.  I guess that’s why they call it a cycle, it always returns and it’s always the same.

We have Jeb, another Bush, which in itself would be unprecedented but another Bush? There are 33 declared candidates, some we know but most we don’t.  The ones we don’t know really don’t have much of a chance and have thrown there “hats” into the ring for some other reasons than seriously running for President.  They may think they can win but it’s very much like some of the contestants on American Idol who are put on the stage for our entertainment and not their ability to sing.

In like manner there are the deluded that have some sense of warped reality that cause them to think they have a chance at winning.  They are welcome to try, welcome to spend their money but I am sorry for those who support those long shots, it will almost assuredly end in failure.   Long shots have won in the past, remember that guy Barak Obama?  So it’s not completely unknown for those with no name recognition to end up in the winners circle but very unlikely.

People like Shawna Sterling, or Jefferson Sherman.  There is Brian Russell, Michael Petyo, K Ross Newland, Michael Kinlaw….ooh brother this will take forever…Here is the list:
•  Skip Andrews   •  George Bailey  •  Michael Bickelmeyer  •  Kerry Bowers  •  Jeb Bush  •  Dr. Ben Carson  •  Dale Christensen  ◄ •  Chris Christie  •  Ted Cruz  D•  Brooks Cullison  •  John Dummett, Jr.  •  Bob Ehrlich   Mark Everson    Jack Fellure    Carly Fiorina    Jim Gilmore•  Lindsey Graham    Jim Hayden    Chris Hill  ◄•  Mike Huckabee    Bobby Jindal    John Kasich    Michael Kinlaw    K. Ross Newland    George Pataki    Rand Paul    Rick Perry    Michael Petyo    Marco Rubio    Brian Russell    Rick Santorum    Jefferson Sherman    Shawna Sterling    Donald Trump    Scott Walker  

There can be only one.  But the question is not in how many but in what we really need and who is able to actually deliver on their promises? 

I didn’t dislike Bush nor would I dislike Jeb but I did not like the way they governed and want someone more forceful in separating what is quintessentially conservative over liberalism and progressivism.  They all seem to move toward the right and espouse those values that in reality most Americans favor, but in the end they compromise, vacillate and equivocate the real issues, buckling under the pressures (I might add, relentless pressures) from the left and special interests so that in the end they can walk away and say, they were liked. 

I don’t want a president who is liked; I want one that is right, based on my opinions of what is right and wrong, because every one knows that I am right most of the time…Even with the understanding and coinage of “most people are wrong about most things most of the time”.

Let’s be realistic for a moment, selfishness is a trait that when used during an elections cycle may have some benefit, but only if the selfish are clear thinking, right wing patriots…like me.  Other wise stay home from the polls, go fishing, watch TV, or simply take a nap, there is no place for your vote unless you can prove in some intellectual manner that you have a grasp on more than one issue facing our country.

Personally I’m tired of my vote being cancelled out by some ne’er-do-well (it is a word…look it up) it means a worthless person, who simply votes to get a free phone or some Obama bucks or some other meaningless trinket, stupefied by the glitter and promise of gold for their absence of thought and reason, just the ability to punch a card, or check a box.  We need more oversight in who votes and why.

I strongly believe it is everyone’s right and duty to vote but voting without knowledge is dangerous and demeaning to our sacred constitution.  We should at least make sure those who vote are alive first and then American citizens second and that they can prove who they are when they vote….I’m not really asking for much, especially when in the last few elections it has been estimated that over 1 million dead voted.  It is also estimated that over 12 million illegal aliens also voted bringing the total to over 13 millions votes from people that should never vote.

Of all the candidates in the race those who have the resources will remain and those who do not will fade away into even more obscurity than before with only the moniker of “I ran and lost” by their name.  The real issue is who can vote and why with neither party trying to make a difference in curbing the growing corruption and blatant fraud perpetrated upon the American public. 

This is not new; elections have been rigged and fraudulent almost from the beginning and will most likely remain that way. We can make a difference if we only limit voting to those who can vote legally…and just for what it’s worth I like Trump, for now, he at least says what he believes without the polito-speak gushing from the other candidates.  He may not be the best overall but for now, what a ride…Go Trump, Go.


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Abortions rights and wrongs

The troubling news of Planed Parenthood executives selling baby body parts transforms the issue of abortion.  Not only are they systemically killing the unborn but they have gone so far beyond their advertised mandate to selling the mangled parts of those unborn.  I apologize for the graphic nature of this article but at the same time I have no choice but to use the explicit to explain the exquisitely deplorable.

Not since Hitler and the Third Reich has there been a case of equal brutality and unconscious pandering to the guilty ridden pre-parentage. 

We have had inhumane actions against others, with slavery and mass murder included but never has a sanctioned organization been involved to such a degree that their actions redefine the realities of cruelty.  Hitler’s Germany killed millions of innocent children and adults as well but even they seemed to know there was a line that civilized nations could not cross, even if that line was very, very hard to see.

The number of abortions per year is staggering and disturbing.
Total number of abortions in the U.S. 1973-2013: 56.5 million+
219 abortions per 1,000 live births (according to the Centers for Disease Control)
Abortions per year: 1.058 million
Abortions per day: 2,899
Abortions per hour: 120
1 abortion every 30 seconds
With the above figures we can clearly see the tragedy of Roe v Wade and we can visualize the effects of those figures on what our future could have been.  Who knows what or who any one of those lost children could have been or accomplished?  And before you get to uppity about your rights to choose and the over population and any other argument about why abortions are good, you may want to consider the reality of ending the lives of over 56 millions children.  Even if you don’t consider the fetus to be a viable life, consider that only in life can life have a chance, and the only difference between life and death for those 56 million was in most cases just a matter of a few months.
Let me repeat, “Only in life can life have a chance”.  What that means is, life must be present in some form in order for life to progress.  Many claim that the fetus is not alive and is 100% dependent on the mother to live…aah duh, what new born is not 100% dependent on their parents for sustenance and live progress?  There are some species that do pretty well at birth but not the human species. 
A different tact to take is the comparison to a company that deals in cats and dogs.  They humanly euthanize over a million potential pets per year and many look upon them with praise for the good works they do in preventing suffering and pet overcrowding.  What would be your opinion if that same company was found to be profiting in dog and cat parts, selling the organs and eyes, the kidneys and livers for research?  Or what if it was dolphins or gorillas, or the blue whale, would you feel the same?
We have become so desensitized to the mass murder of millions of children that we have shifted our sensibilities to the protection of animals over humans.  Can you not see the evil, the dastardly and the down right dishonor of engaging in such horrific practices?  The value of human life has become synonymous with our current disposable life style.  If it’s old throw it out.  If it’s broken, toss it away.  If it’s inconvenient have an abortion. 
The value of another’s life is irrevocably connected to our own self worth and when we toss away a life we have forsaken our own humanity, reverting our spiritual greatness and divinity to the simple and animalistic.  I apologize to all the animals that still grieve over their lost offspring. Perhaps we should be more like them.  
I am heart broken over the millions of abortions but I am incensed over the current practices that exist and would like to see men and woman continue to have the choice but please choose a bit earlier and chose more wisely.  Aren’t you glad your mother chose to have you?   

Monday, July 20, 2015

cowards and thieves them all.

Bravery and courage go hand in hand in creating a spirit that enables one to face dangers and difficulties, despite the fear of that given situation.   A coward is someone who is afraid of the possible consequences of choosing the right and runs from the dangers of any given situation often blaming others for the situation he had to run from.  

These two words are diametrically opposed to each other; one cannot be brave and a coward at the same time.  There are however, moments in all of us that tip the scales closer to being  brave or a coward, the hope is that we move more toward that principles of bravery in all that we do.

Throughout the ages we have had many instances of intense and unforgettable bravery like the firefighters who scaled the stairs of the world trade center when they knew it was burning and many knew it had been hit by a plane.  They moved on and upward despite the almost certain assurance that they would die in the attempt.  We definitely need to take more time to study their example and the examples of others who triumphed over fear to do what was right.

On the other hand we have even more stories of cowardliness but many of those go untold and are covered up to save the face of those poor souls who were or are our leaders and rulers.

With so many different opinions about this and that, with so many variables convoluting the morals and standards and with so many different kinds of situations how do we really know who is courageous and who is a coward?

This is not about democrats or republicans, it’s not about liberals or conservatives it’s about right and wrong, courage and cowardliness. Let’s start with something simple, helping the poor.  Does it take more courage to create a program and tax others to pay for that program or simply stop and help the desperate?  By the way, both democrats and republicans love the programs.  As long as there is a program they can both go on their way, happy, thinking they did what was right but only as long as they didn’t have to do it themselves.

America is great because most of us chose to stop and help when it’s most needed, not wait for a program or wait to be taxed or wait to be told how to give, we earned the money and for the most part are very generous with what we have.  There is no other country in world that gives more of what they have then those in America (period).

Here’s an easy one.  Who is more courageous, the general who sits in a comfy arm chair directing his army or the general who is in the battle field, near his soldiers?  Not sure?  What about this one:  leaders who pass laws but exempt themselves from those same laws?  Are they courageous or cowardly?  Ok, what about this one?  A king who lives and works along side his people or the king who lives above them and takes from them so his life style is far and above any of his people?  You have to have gotten that one.

In deciding who is courageous and who is cowardly I think we only need to look at our current leaders, both republican and democrat.  Are they arm chair generals or vaulted royalty who dismissively create rules and laws that only benefit themselves and friends or are they setting an example for the rest of us to follow?   Again, I think that one is obvious.

I know life has grown more complicated and more diverse with simple solutions to complex problems not really being the reality of the day, but when you break our lives down to more simple components the rule of law of a coward is to run from danger and use you as the shield while the brave will jump in front and protect you from that danger.

My challenge to all politicians is to prove to me that you’re not a coward, those that wont i'll assume you are and I wont support you, that simple.  Show me, tell me, convince me that each and every law you want to pass has my best interest and the best interest of my neighbor at its core.  How will those rules help me to succeed?  How will that law bring me more freedom?  How will those decisions keep me safe and the most important, if your not willing to follow those edicts and directives than why should I?

As I’ve mentioned before, we currently have a ruling class of protected and privileged leaders. To the current leadership of both parties:  Do you really think your better than me, better than us?  Do you really believe you have more brains than me or more mental capacity than us?     Do you really think that you deserve more out of life just because you’ve been elected to represent us?  Have you ever heard of the word “Public Servant”?  If you have it’s obvious you’ve forgotten it’s meaning, and if you haven’t, open up the Bible and read Mark 10:45…No, you have to look it up if you want to know what it says…

I serve my family, I serve my church, I serve my God, community and my nation, who do you serve?  It takes courage to serve, but a coward is he who is only served by others. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Free Speech, if you can afford it.

I think we all get the feeling that free speech is not free.  We can choose to accept the overall premise of what our constitution proudly proclaims or we can actively demonstrate against the reality of what has happened, speaking our minds have consequences and often can cost us dearly.

Free speech too many used to mean the right to say or express ourselves in any way we wanted with the old exception of yelling fire in a crowded theater.  No one really cares if you yell fire when no one’s around, just like no once cares if you scream wolf if no one hears.  What people do take exception too is the reality of such statements when there is no reality in their proclamation.  I might add that not too many care if there is a wolf if they don’t have to deal with the danger themselves.

If we take an inventory of what can be said and to who without consequence we might be surprised at how limited our ability toward free speech really is.  Let’s all agree that yelling something that incites a riot or panic without cause is probably not good, but what of proclaiming a personal truth of warning?  What about the insensitivity of disagreement when one party believes something different than another and the other wants to make a point of pointing that out?

Another example is the use of the “N” word.  It is a disparaging word of no value but it was used and is still used frequently.  A few weeks ago while filling my car with overpriced gas in Barstow California I was the recipient of a barrage of ugly words that were dispersed freely with the “N” word. Another patron buying gas had his windows down and stereo up playing a particularly offensive song.  The young man was African American and seemed to take great pleasure making the rest of us endure his right to free speech. 

I toyed with the idea of playing Spock and giving him the Vulcan Grip to put us out of our misery but realized that if I said anything or did anything I would be the one who would be in violation of his civil rights and constitutional rights to “free speech”.  What of my rights to quiet and what of my rights to be protected from his offensiveness, does not free speech go both ways? 

Another example comes from the growing movement of separatism and exclusionary rights that are meted out to some and excluded from others.  The separation of protected groups by race, sexual preference and nationality (I freely admit I do not know or understand all the groups who fall into these categories) seem to be growing and dividing our country to such a degree that there is a protected class of people who can say what they want, do what they want over and above what others can do or say.   I used to think that royalty was one of the reasons we had elections and that “all men were created equal…”

Equality and free speech used to go hand in hand with the mitigating forces of society and law to balance the rights and privileges to keep us all equal.  (I don’t want to hear about our past atrocities, no one alive today ever had “legal” slaves, nor has anyone today been responsible for the choices of the past) With the new level of protections based on preference and usually based on who can scream the loudest the ideals of equality are now rewritten toward those who are now more free to speak their minds than others.  I cannot use the “N” word under any circumstance but there are those who can use it freely.  I cannot oppose or disagree with those who disparage my definition of marriage so that they can turn around and demand to be married.  I cannot even take a stand against the education of my children when they are being taught “things” I don’t want them to learn and in recent cases the schools have even refused to allow parents to opt out of such educational programs forcing parents to adhere to morals not accepted.

Free speech has become a very expensive proposition.   I want to make sure that my ability to speak my mind is still valid and available.  Let me make a few points very clear:
 I believe that marriage should only be between a man and a woman.  There are other words to use and other ways to achieve a loving relationship, and yes I know the Supreme Court ruled against my belief. 

There are words that are disparaging and offensive, either make them all free to use or make them all unavailable.  If I want to use the “N” word let me use it just as freely as the young man getting gas.  I don’t think I would use it nor do I believe anyone should use it but when you allow protected groups more freedom of speech than others than the concept of free speech is gone.

Offensive, disparaging, hurtful and hateful language creates a serious problem with society but an important aspect of having “free” speech is letting every one know that free means free and not regulated, as it has become.  We need to stop protecting some over others.  As a country we have always moved toward freedom and always moved toward equity and balance without the regulatory efforts to curb god given rights to speak our mind.

It may seem cruel to some to suggest that we stop protecting gays, or blacks or Indians or whatever group thinks they need special help from the law and constitution but when we finely realize that by establishing protections we move toward segregation and away from freedom and toward dependence and away from exceptional-ism.  I want to be considered exceptional, I want to earn my way,  I want to be able to say what I want when I want but have the courage to moderate my speech on my own and I want others to do the same. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Nothing matters ...

Gay this and transsexual this…every one is posting rainbow overlays on their social media pages, marriage and sex, religious freedoms, political discord and hatred and an irrational belief that everything is right, nothing is wrong, as long as I can think it or do it.  The very thought of such rampant relativism is disturbing, every one jumping on a bandwagon just so they can be a part of something, even if that something is worthless, dangerous or destructive.

The number of people willing to sell their souls to be recognized is astounding.  For many it’s better to be seen and known despite the acts that create that scenario, those few moments in time garnering more value than an entire life flies in the face of logic and humanity and is nothing more than an astounding level of selfishness that not only harms the individual perpetrator but society as a whole.  When did individualism become the norm? 

This is not a gay issue and as I’ve stated before this is not a love issue, it is an issue of self over others, I over you, except after C and only with a Y (lol)….and an issue of pleasure over commitment.  We have forgotten our place, forsaken our sacred lives and taken up the cause to “eat, drink and be Merry for tomorrow we die…” 

In my mind love who you want, or what you want or as many as you want but in so doing the individual decision still have consequences when the relative matter of right and wrong are still in play but only for a short time it seems.  “if it feels good, do it” who cares of the cost, right now it’s ok.  Some one else will pay if I don’t feel good later, or someone else will lift me up if I’m down.  There is no reason not to indulge when there are no penalties, no standards and no rules.

What a life, no one telling me what to do.  No one demanding that I follow the rules.  I can do whatever I like and justify my actions on the simple phrase “it’s who I am…Don’t try to change me…” is that ok with NAMBLA too, or is that standard of behavior that still exists?  My feeling is you will try to change others in order to force acceptance toward what you think, changing what I think I am or what I want to do just so you don’t have to feel the guilt or judgments, what good are standards then?.  

If I think I’m a woman, so be it.  If I think I’m a man ok.  If I think I want to change my gender have at it, life is so screwed up anyway that this soul got stuck in this body and that body is trapped in that spirit and if I want to be something I’m not, or be something I think I want to be, who are you to say I can’t?  Go ahead, you have my blessing. 

Based on the 2013 NHIS 96.6% of adults identified as straight, 1.6% identified as gay or lesbian, and 0.7% identified as bisexual. The remaining 1.1% of adults identified as “something else[]” [0.2%,] stated “I don’t know the answer[]” [0.4%] or refused to provide an answer [0.6%].

It’s like the racial issues they remind us every day how bad we are for being white, or being related to a slave owner 200 years ago.  The statistics don’t matter at this point but just in case you need to know only 5% of the entire population was slave owners…Still despicable and wrong but it’s a bit overblown for our day.  I have never owned a slave, never will, my parents don’t own nor their grandparents or any one in my genealogical line.  I am not a racist, have never been one but because I’m white I guess I must be, at least according to what I read and the attitude of those proclaiming rampant discord between the races….

We are in a topsy-turvy world where good is no longer acceptable and bad is ok as long as it’s how you feel, with gay being the new norm of face book overlays and political correctness surrounding our every thought and deed.

Politician do whatever they want, why not me?  People get rich from advertising their sexual preference and others are shunned for believing something different.  The one percent is currently in control.  They are demanding an equal vote at the table of life and further demands toward controlling what I feel, what I believe and what I can do. 

This may not be Germany’s totalitarianism under Hitler but the results will be that same.  It will still be a few at the top mandating society’s norms to the rest.  If you want to be free to change your sex, redefine what you think you are, vote for whomever you wish then at least let me do the same.  I ask for nothing more than to have the same freedoms you have and the same rights to choose as you do. 

This country has awarded all men the right to those inalienable rights and that goes for those who believe in a God, go to church and want to stay married in the traditional way.   But I suspect that won’t be enough for you.  Strip all that is good, rationalize the evil, destroy the foundations of the family and recreate us in your image just so you don’t have to feel bad when looking in the mirror.  By the way I like myself just the way I am, I wish you could too.  Oh and by the way…is their a God in your life and if so what is he saying about the obvious mistake he made in this body snatching faux pa?  Maybe you should just ask for a return of merchandise…it really or rarely goes well when we try to fix such bad mistakes, its better just to live with what you have.  I like who you are now, honest.