Monday, July 20, 2015

cowards and thieves them all.

Bravery and courage go hand in hand in creating a spirit that enables one to face dangers and difficulties, despite the fear of that given situation.   A coward is someone who is afraid of the possible consequences of choosing the right and runs from the dangers of any given situation often blaming others for the situation he had to run from.  

These two words are diametrically opposed to each other; one cannot be brave and a coward at the same time.  There are however, moments in all of us that tip the scales closer to being  brave or a coward, the hope is that we move more toward that principles of bravery in all that we do.

Throughout the ages we have had many instances of intense and unforgettable bravery like the firefighters who scaled the stairs of the world trade center when they knew it was burning and many knew it had been hit by a plane.  They moved on and upward despite the almost certain assurance that they would die in the attempt.  We definitely need to take more time to study their example and the examples of others who triumphed over fear to do what was right.

On the other hand we have even more stories of cowardliness but many of those go untold and are covered up to save the face of those poor souls who were or are our leaders and rulers.

With so many different opinions about this and that, with so many variables convoluting the morals and standards and with so many different kinds of situations how do we really know who is courageous and who is a coward?

This is not about democrats or republicans, it’s not about liberals or conservatives it’s about right and wrong, courage and cowardliness. Let’s start with something simple, helping the poor.  Does it take more courage to create a program and tax others to pay for that program or simply stop and help the desperate?  By the way, both democrats and republicans love the programs.  As long as there is a program they can both go on their way, happy, thinking they did what was right but only as long as they didn’t have to do it themselves.

America is great because most of us chose to stop and help when it’s most needed, not wait for a program or wait to be taxed or wait to be told how to give, we earned the money and for the most part are very generous with what we have.  There is no other country in world that gives more of what they have then those in America (period).

Here’s an easy one.  Who is more courageous, the general who sits in a comfy arm chair directing his army or the general who is in the battle field, near his soldiers?  Not sure?  What about this one:  leaders who pass laws but exempt themselves from those same laws?  Are they courageous or cowardly?  Ok, what about this one?  A king who lives and works along side his people or the king who lives above them and takes from them so his life style is far and above any of his people?  You have to have gotten that one.

In deciding who is courageous and who is cowardly I think we only need to look at our current leaders, both republican and democrat.  Are they arm chair generals or vaulted royalty who dismissively create rules and laws that only benefit themselves and friends or are they setting an example for the rest of us to follow?   Again, I think that one is obvious.

I know life has grown more complicated and more diverse with simple solutions to complex problems not really being the reality of the day, but when you break our lives down to more simple components the rule of law of a coward is to run from danger and use you as the shield while the brave will jump in front and protect you from that danger.

My challenge to all politicians is to prove to me that you’re not a coward, those that wont i'll assume you are and I wont support you, that simple.  Show me, tell me, convince me that each and every law you want to pass has my best interest and the best interest of my neighbor at its core.  How will those rules help me to succeed?  How will that law bring me more freedom?  How will those decisions keep me safe and the most important, if your not willing to follow those edicts and directives than why should I?

As I’ve mentioned before, we currently have a ruling class of protected and privileged leaders. To the current leadership of both parties:  Do you really think your better than me, better than us?  Do you really believe you have more brains than me or more mental capacity than us?     Do you really think that you deserve more out of life just because you’ve been elected to represent us?  Have you ever heard of the word “Public Servant”?  If you have it’s obvious you’ve forgotten it’s meaning, and if you haven’t, open up the Bible and read Mark 10:45…No, you have to look it up if you want to know what it says…

I serve my family, I serve my church, I serve my God, community and my nation, who do you serve?  It takes courage to serve, but a coward is he who is only served by others. 

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