Friday, August 28, 2015

America the not so great

With all the news about illegal aliens in the US you may be surprises that we’re not the only ones with the problem.  Picturesque Austria with its Sound of Music like mountains and quaint little villages was the site of a macabre mass killing. Officials found an abandoned truck filled with dead bodies, adults and children. 

The reason for the deaths is still a little vague but the reality is fairly simple.  The coyotes got scared of getting caught and dumped the truck and ran, leaving any surviving and hopeful strangers to die a horrible, heat induced suffocation.  There is no official count at this time but you can imagine a truck slammed full of hopeful humans, locked behind the doors of the truck with only inches between them and the freedom they so desired. 

Society looks upon these acts and judges the morality of the country based on the severity of the extreme, leaving little room for logical response and salient discussion on prevention.  In other words, we are to only look at the tragedy, feeling for those poor lost souls, as we all do unequivocally, but feelings alone will not solve this global issue of illegal migration.

In Europe there are hundreds of thousand of desperate individuals and families risking it all for a chance at a better life.  The millions that cross the US border are in some measure doing exactly the same with both areas being controlled by the greedy, self serving traffickers that pedal in human flesh, drugs and the associated misery. 

Some say its incumbent upon those richer nations to provide for those with less.  Some say build a wall or fence to force them to obey the laws of immigration and some seem to not care ether way, but something has to be done to normalize this massive flow of the retched poor, teeming at our borders, dreaming like many of our forefathers did, grasping for life like a dying man, willing to try almost anything to stay the hand of demise. 

Fences and patrols are only band aids of a greater problem, a problem that is almost always political.  When the politics of one country become oppressive and dangerous the people of that country can fight, stay and endure or run away.   The question of fault has to be determined in order to ascertain responsibility and hopefully create a scenario of hope and promise within the country prior to the demoralizing act of desperate immigration. 

Without the strength of a world wide power the governments of that world (Earth, for those who got confused) become emboldened and begin to flex their muscles.  Small countries want to become powerful, and powerful countries want more control.  Without a policing entity the entire world is thrown into chaos and the despots of the world grow like weeds, killing, taxing, manipulating and destroying the resources, humans included for their own twisted enjoyment. Need I remind you of Feudal Europe or Japan or even Africa’s that are still at war?

The size of the country is of little matter but the size of the greed and corruption within those evil men who force their leadership upon their nations.  America as well has succumbed to the secret combinations that rape the literate, destroy the hopeful and eviscerate all who oppose their powerful cliques of malevolence.  We still have hope however, and that hope is in the few, honest, capable and those willing to sacrifice their lives for the country that must remain in power over all the others who spread evil and discord.

America used to be that leveling power, not controlling but a power that demanded that certain moralities be followed.  Not perfectly, but to such a degree that the incidents of  global genocide were curtailed, not eliminated, there will always be the Hitler’s, the Edi Amin’s and the Pol Pots to contend with, but when a government of any size knows that they cannot bully they instinctively act more civil, less threatening and are consequently less dangerous.  America is not perfect and has made serious mistakes but under all those missteps was the honest and divinely inspired constitution, a guide toward that needed morality that history never had and the future may loose if we are not vigilant now.

In the last 6 +years are reputation has been sullied with weakness and incompetence leaving the door wide open to any tin horn dictator who wishes to squeeze our neither regions and get us to squeal and pay them to stop.  North Korea, Russia, Iran, and a score of small African nations have had  carte blance to do and act as they will with no serious repercussions by the once powerful, world police. 

At the height of America’s power the world was a safer place to live, travel and explore.  Now we are weakened and the entire planet suffers.  There has to be an authority, someone in charge, and someone to make those moral determinations on what is right and wrong, if it’s not the US than whom?  Russia, North Korea, Japan, Great Britain or perhaps Germany or Egypt, name a country that is more able to play that role? 

Under President Obama and to some degree all presidents since Ronald Reagan have weakened our land and destroyed the global balance of power, allowing those who seek power to raise their grubby little heads, allowing them the opportunity to run rampant, like a disease in a ravaged body.  That disease is infecting us with weakness of will, immorality, corruption and a relative moralistic attitude that is destroying our once held belief that America should be strong, able and moralistically superior to every other nation on earth.  It has broken our resolve to be great, to be strong and to take seriously the role that is God given to America, a role that is essential to world peace and prosperity. 

Some say that power should be spread about a little, letting all countries take a part in the decisions of who does what and why and what consequences should be meted out and when.  It’s called the United Nations and when is the last time they ever did anything right?

America, Stand up!  America, be the country you’re supposed to be!  Be strong.  Be decisive and be right.  America Vote for the strong and the capable and put your country before your personal Obama bucks, or your free cell phone or whatever the mealy mouthed politicians are selling today.  For once in this generation, let’s show the world that we are UNITED like the Greatest Generation before us….in our resolve to wake the sleeping giant in order to regain our supremacy.  It is our Right, it is our Duty and it is our Time.   Please share this article if you like or agree...we need to work together.

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