Saturday, August 22, 2015

It's Your Fault!

I’ve recently decided to take a different direction in my life.  Life has a tendency to change and with that change comes the inevitable and unavoidable options that present themselves at these auspicious crossroads. 

Every day we are presented with decisions and choices that commit our lives in a specific direction.  Many of those future paths are unknown with only the decision at the forefront to guide our potential hopes and dreams and failures.  This election cycle falls within that area and may have a particularly dramatic impact on the future if we fail to choose correctly.  Unlike other elections, our country is at a pivotal crossroad of opportunity or abysmal failure. 

The country has moved in a decidedly socialist direction with neither the Democrats nor Republicans taking any noticeable actions that would stem the almost dictatorial efforts of President Obama.  This non action is paramount to acceptance.

We all make decisions, some bad some good and in most cases the decisions we make have little long term impact on our future.  But when we do come to a pivotal point, making the right decision is based on our moral attitudes and our willingness to follow those principles. 

Going back to school (to teach) at my age, will have a negative impact on my health, if I’m not careful.  It will also have a positive impact on my finances, also if careful, but there will be an impact.  A great example of negative influences based on short sighted decisions is when California politicians raised our taxes a few years ago and promised to fix our roads.  Californians have one of the highest gas taxes in the nation, with gas prices 75% higher than most other states. 

The decision to accept the politician’s promises to fix our roads was ill advised.  They are again asking for more money to do exactly the same thing that wasn’t done before.  They want to raise gas taxes, charge by the mile usage fee’s and even increase our automobile registration fees in order to collect 50 billion annually.  They say it’s for the roads and even have the gall to tell us we will save money because our cars will suffer less damage when the roads are fixed; as if it’s our fault the roads are bad in the first place.

Another good example is the water shortage issue in Southern California.  With expansive growth to the state continuing and obvious throughout the 60s and today the issue of water distribution should have been a fairly easy long term issue to extrapolate from data in order to plan for the future.  But because of short sighted or even blind politicians the issues of water was completely ignored, leaving Californians with an abysmal lack of water options that have exacerbated the worst drought in our generation.  Not one new water source was considered or implemented during the 40 years of population growth.  Taxes have continued to rise and services to roads, water supplies, forest services etc…have gone unfunded, while wasteful and illegal programs to the millions of illegal aliens have been funded, with increases every year for the past 40 years.

These constitute a serous breach in the fiduciary responsibility between the politician and the public.  But even worse is the attitude of the public, who continually re-elect and support the very leaders who have failed us in the past, falling prey to their flowery promises of a Utopian future.

Elections should be about the needed fundamental changes that occur to keep society healthy and thriving, but have become nothing more than a rubber stamp of approval for graft, corruption and political greed.  Controversially, the Black and Latino populations continue to support the same snake oil salesman who have promised the heavens but delivered only hellish conditions to a once proud and worthy people.  I make no apologies for the above….it is a travesty of misplaced trust and hope in policies that have destroyed the Black family and is destroying the Latino families as well.  

Why do they not see, and why do they not act?  Why do they continue to vote for those who voice only what they want to hear but act in ways that depress the individuals, demean the family, and destroy the culture, all the while blaming the Republicans for their hatred toward the black and Latino?

I understand I’m white, I’m older, I have a loving family, so many will say how could I possibly understand?  Let me make this clear.  I know what a family is, better than most.  I know what responsibility is, better than most and I know what happens when the family and responsibility is taken away.  It destroys the lives of those that fail to have it. 

I could go on and on about the border issues, about how “black lives matter” or about our evil and selfish politicians, but the bottom line is:  It’s our fault; it’s all our fault for re-electing those self serving bastards time and time again.  NO, It’s YOUR FAULT…I blame YOU, I voted, I considered the implications of who and why and then I VOTED.  What did you do?  Wait for your Obama Bucks, enter the country illegally, or simply voted for the name you liked the most....It is your FAULT.

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