Monday, September 21, 2015

Phony Fundraising

The past democratization of the world has had its bumps and lumps with many within those fledgling countries wondering if they had been better off under the forceful hands of the past autocratic government.  The problem with democracy is the dirty freedoms it allows and the difficult transitional adjustments that almost always occur.   Let’s face it freedom is a difficult concept to understand and an even more difficult process to undergo and maintain.

In the year 2000 a think tank estimated that nearly 63% of the world was either in a democracy or undergoing the transformation toward egalitarianism (consensus, for those who need to look up the word).  63% of the world was leaning toward democracy while the United States was crashing toward socialism. 

With an ever looming social system, higher taxes, centralized decision making and a serious reduction of states rights the US has taken the world lead against democracy, especially against the concepts of a democratic republic, stripping away the rights of representation though the process of cronyisms, increased corruption and legislative suicide for those who still think we live a utopian, constitutionally viable country. 

With Presidential election still over a year away the prospects of hope loom high as each candidate represents him/herself as the most practical alternative to the disastrous 7 years of Obama.  Naturally they each move toward the Right with the hope that their past lives are forgotten in the present rhetoric and the public’s propensity toward forgetfulness;  hoping as well that they can find that balance of conservative and moderate, that so many pundits believe is essential in order to win a general election.

The Republicans have a difficult row to hoe.  Obama has been a very effective president, even in spite of the public’s belief that he has somehow muddled through, he has been able to pass virtually every one of his promises to “fundamentally change” the United States of America.  You may want to believe he was a disaster but from his perspective and from the perspective of his followers, he has been one of the most successful presidents of all time.  You may not like this revelation but you have to accept the fact that the once Great US is now far away from the founders, foundational vision of freedom and fairness and Obama did “fundamentally change” our country.

Will Trump be the vision of change or will it be Carson, Cruz, Walker or Fiorina?  It is too early to tell, 08’ is a perfect example of how anything can happen, how anything or anybody can spoil the chances of the so called “frontrunner.”  The only thing I can say at this early point in the election cycle is hold on to something sturdy; it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

The billions of dollars spent on this election should overshadow the past elections by leaps and bounds.  The super packs are poised to collect billions and billions with fewer restrictions on large donor contributions and no specific rules toward identification.   For the first time in modern political history “big” money has a new and legal, secret method of triggering paradigm shift like changes to a once only marginally stable electorate. Like I said, get ready for a bumpy ride.  The problem is those bumps will most likely be felt more acutely by the hoping public than in the halls of democracy. 

There is nothing wrong with money and elections but the idea of having an electorate with unending political capital is the problem of a lack of restraint on future political decisions and the beholding attitudes that will abound.  Perhaps that’s one reason I tend to like Trump, at least for now.  He at least professes that his billions will keep him unspotted from the leviathans of high stakes money mongering. 

Will his billions be enough when other huge donors are willing to match and overcome Trump’s own money?  He is a businessman after all, and as a businessman his attitude has always been profit.  He says he wants to “bring America back” and he has said things that hit the right cords of public interest, but we will have to wait and see.

Can Cruz or Walker raise the needed money without becoming puppets of those donors?  Can Firorina maintain the support that seems to be surging in her camp?  Do we really know who is who and what is what?   Do we really know who our presidents and candidates owe their allegiance?  Do we know who our representatives follow?  Do they serve us?  I don’t think so.  I truly believe we are being sold out by our political leaders.  They do not serve us or the constitution.  We are only the means to an end. 

The sad issue at hand is that the American Public still has the power to decide, barring of course the growing level of voter fraud and rigged electioneering, but the public still could decide if enough of them voted for the right person.  If we stand for Right, and if we stand for Truth and the Constitution (almost sounds like superman) we could, we really could get our country back.  But like always, there are divisions in the populous that care nothing for this country and only want their special interests satisfied and are willing to sell their souls for that specific want.

Perhaps it is too late.  Perhaps the country is too far gone but I know one thing.  My vote will not be wasted.  My vote will be a serious attempt, at least on my part to make things right, even if they continue to go terribly wrong.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Believe or not believe that is the Question...

There are a lot of issues at play in our great country.  We are currently facing immigration issues, also shared by many parts of the world.  We are facing world hunger, the manipulation of economics, pollution and a cadre of other problems. We are also facing issues of religious beliefs and the multitude of ideas that separate those who believe in something and those who claim they do not, creating a further separation from those who believe at a zealous level and those who consider themselves mainstream.

There are also serious budgetary issues with governments of almost every country, taking and spending, but not for the good of the people who are taxed, and then there is the almighty political issues of graft and corruption, cronyism and self loathing companionship's that rape and pillage the offices of those that represent us.  Every one of these issues is important and potentially game changing, but  the most important is the fundamental issue of belief.  For centuries we have been a religious people with a strong faith toward God, whomever you claim as your god.  We have endeavored to worship and serve that god with all our heart, mind and strength.  

Throughout those ages, for good and for bad, religion has played an important role in the forming of our societies.  Plato believed in a relative moralistic idea and espoused a changeable and situational morality.  Other great thinkers have included Hume and Mead who follow the idea of nature being the overriding motivation for who and what we are, discounting the role of religion and the idea of a divine being who actually really cares about his children.  They disregarded the more salient role of belief and our personal associations with that un-provable but believable anthropomorphic being we often refer to as God.  The biggest problem with “religion” are those religious organizations that act more like political arms of an impersonal church; preaching and promoting unfathomable spiritual and existential doctrine that not only make believing impossible but makes adherence a loathsome and guilt ridden balance of faith and fear, neither can work effectively with the other.

No wonder the incidents of atheism are on the rise.  When taken from an historical sense, religion has been the bad guy, the evil overseer with minions and priest exploiting the good intentions of those that try to believe.  If there is a god he would be angry with those who profess to do His bidding only to find that His rules have been bastardized, manipulated and rewritten for the sole purpose of supporting the higher clergy of most religious sects, leaving the faithful with only a slim margin of hope, being forced into faithful adherence or risk death by fire, separation or worse, total excommunication.

The comparison to political adherence within the context of our current religious practices is a keen reminder of the power of believers without substance.  Global Warming/ cooling issues, Environmentalism, and even some forms of Animal rights worship or Nature worship are forms of a religious fanaticism that infects our country and pulls us off the path of reasonableness and clearly into areas of the mentally ill and all the connotation that are associated with those who are clearly not acting rationally.

The irony of religious belief is often found in the extreme nature of those who profess adherence in explicit areas of devotion but fail to believe in a god.  They exchange a belief in god with a belief in nature, or global issues, or the many causes that seem important and require an inordinate amount of time and actually mimic the actions of those who profess and believe in the more traditional aspects of Religion.  They rationalize their beliefs by placing blame on big oil or big business and even in the common man without any substantial proof of evil or discord other than the profits or actions from these non aligned concerns. As if making money  and living is indeed the root of all evil, but the bible says directly that it is the “love of money” that is most evil.

Why is it that one religious belief is OK and another is not especially if its nature centered, while a religion based on a supreme being is not?  The ultimate motivations are similar with the only difference being a substantial belief in a God as a person rather than the spurious aim toward Mother Nature or Gaia. 

A Religion is simply an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views.  Following that mindset, political beliefs and adherence to a specific philosophy could be construed as a religion.  More succinctly the overriding motivations of those who profess any global destruction based on human intervention would also be considered a religion and to some a level of fanaticism that may often only be compared to those who have in the past been associated with those who bomb abortion clinics or those who are immune to snake bites or the crusades.  There are crazed devotees in all facets of life but those within religion are often given more credence in their zealously than others who exhibit similar motivations and personal devotions simply because they refuse to acknowledge their god.

Troubling is the opositional stances of those who follow certain beliefs but do not allow others to pursue their own beliefs freely.  In the first time in Human History America established a non-religious based government (no state religion) allowing for the express ideal of freedom to worship or the choice not too.  In other words, let all worship how, what and when they may with the continuing ideal of having the support of the government to establish those freedoms in the form of free speech and the ability to congregate beyond the express permission of that said government.

That freedom has become too much for some, especially those who follow the same precepts of a religion but now want to curtail those rights from others just because they are following a spiritual road instead of a natural path.  A religious belief is simply that, a belief, a conviction, a set of principles that are followed, not always spiritual in nature.  Any religious following whether it is of God or of nature should savor the same rights as the other but when the global warming religion tries to alter my freedoms than I grow concerned.  When those who profess an affinity toward vegan-ism but attempt to alter my desire for a large piece of slightly rare roast then they have stepped over their rights of worship into mine and that should not be allowed.

Religious worship is healthy when it’s done privately and reverently.  I will allow you to worship most any way you choose (Aztec style human sacrifices may not be allowed) but you need to let me do the same.  If you want to live your life eating celery, so be it but you have to also let me have my rare red meat, and respect my desire to be different than you.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The insanity of it all.

Image result for insane politics cartoonHave you ever had an argument with your wife or husband over dumb things?  We all have and the end result is either the stubbornness takes hold resulting in the argument lasting ten times longer than it should or one or both parties realizes the stupidity of the mistake and moves on.  I readily admit to being a party to both sides of that issue. 

The problem with politics is ego and the inability for most of the politicians to simply admit when their wrong or just plain dump, stupid, ignorant or down right retarded.  That last word I mean in the most sensitive sense, knowing that, that word has educational connotations that in some circles are offensive.  You would think, even in his cartoon world Charlie Brown would eventually learn not to trust Lucy.

Side note:  If a person is retarded, how retarded does a person have to be to not be offended by the word retarded?  And if they understand the offensiveness of the word couldn’t we justify to some extent their intelligence sufficient to not have to use that word?  Just saying…  Mental retardation (MR), is a generalized neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by significantly impaired intellectual and adaptive functioning.

The reason I bring this up is to compare what some of our political leaders are doing in relation to the true meaning of the word?  Another word related to being retarded in a political sense is the word “insane,” those who continue to engage in activities that create the same negative consequences could be considered insane. “Insanity is a state of mind that prevents normal perception, behavior, or social interaction; seriously mentally ill.”

So now we have politicians that are not only retarded but insane as well.  We know this because they cannot act normally under normal conditions, they have no conceptual guide toward decision making, especially in relation to their constituency. When they do make a decision it is at such a retarded level that any mental capacity is forsaken do to the consequences of those said decisions. 

A good example of good decision making is the City of San Diego; they built massive reservoirs prior to the current drought and are able to collect the minuscule rain fall that does fall, keeping their reservoirs full, even during these dry conditions.    In contrast Los Angeles has built zero collection facilities and is now relying upon the public to save by taking shorter showers, ripping up lawns and not washing their cars, that is simply insane.

I know you could think of thousands of examples of the utter and unbelievable stupidity of government and contrast the easy and simply obvious, smart solutions that could have been done and done at a fraction of the cost of what was eventually perpetrated upon the general public.  

Our current government is either retarded and insane or evil and insane, both a dangerous combination and both trying desperately to separate our hard earned dollars and freedoms so they can have carte blanch, to do what they want, when they want, regardless of what we want, when we want it or even why.  I tend to think it’s more retarded and insane for the most part with a few evil, insane leaders that feed the insanity of the other inmates to get them to play along.

When you really start to think about it, why would you want to change a document like the constitution that was designed specifically to hold balance over the despots that always rear their ugly heads and try to gain control?  You would have to be insane to want to alter the most perfect governmental system this world has ever known.  You would have to be retarded to think that any other system would be better, or evil enough to not care, just so you could rest control of that system for your own power, or the small cadre of followers who care nothing for the tenets of constitution and bill of rights, with enough insanity thrown in to forgo any thought of the disastrous consequences, not only this country but for the entire world. 

The world stability is at stake and our insane leaders are evil enough and greedy enough to forsake the strings of freedom, that have held this land together, just so they can wield their power to enslave and  enchain.  Today America, tomorrow the world, may just be a simple little quip but what happens to us will destroy the few bastions of freedom around the world. 

Reagan got rid of many of the state funded Asylums, perhaps it’s time we brought them back….There are a total of 535 Members of Congress. 100 serve in the U.S. Senate and 435 serve in the U.S. House of Representatives. So all we need is a good sized hospital or maybe we can utilize Guantanamo, let the inmates run loose and maybe they’ll be happy thinking their actually in control. 

Monday, September 7, 2015

No Labor Today

Let’s get the important stuff out of the way first … 

 Labor Day in the United States is a public holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September. It honors the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of their country.

Labor Day was promoted by the Central Labor Union and the Knights of Labor, who organized the first parade in New York City. After the Haymarket Massacre in Chicago on May 4, 1886, U.S. President Grover Cleveland feared that commemorating Labor Day on May 1 could become an opportunity to commemorate the affair. Therefore, in 1887, the United States holiday was established in September to support the Labor Day that the Knights favored.[1]   (sorry for the underlines but if you want to know more about labor day just click on the links) 

We all now know why we have a labor day.  Now comes the fun part, dissecting the political reasons for this end of the summer ritual that commemorates those who work for a living and the reality of what this day really means.

Plane and simple, it was a day set apart to appease the labor unions of the day.  I’m surprised we don’t have more “labor days.”  I’ve been a member of a union; I don’t much like that union, the Teachers Union and I think I could do just fine without it, seeing that most my educational career has been within the Charter school movement and therefore I have no union representative or obligation. 

At present there are approximately 15 million laborers who belong to a union and those numbers have fallen precipitously over the last 20 years.  Workers are starting to understand the political ramifications of how their dues are being spent and how those unions fail in almost every regard to support and represent their workers.  The unions have taken those dues and politicized those required donations and used them to support political candidates and organizations that most of their membership would not choose to support on their own.  If this sounds familiar, it’s because it is, it is exactly what our politicians continue to do.  The question I have is who learned from whom?

I actually like the idea of a day set aside to honor the working class.  I am a proud participant in that class of laborers, a class unfortunately that has become a stopping ground for all things political.  It is within this class that most of the taxes are derived.  It is from these hard working, stalwart, and dedicated people that currently pay nearly 80% of the revenues used by the Federal Government (46% income tax and 34% payroll tax).

Local governments and state governments take their revenues from property taxes, school taxes, gas taxes and registration fees etc….the list in some states is longer than others but the end result it is those that work that suffer the most.  According to PEW research 48%, of all taxes collected are collected from those who earn over 200,000 per year.  What I am trying to say is the level of burden based on an index of misery is far greater for those in the middle than those at the top or bottom, making the tax payers in the middle feel as if their burden is greater, meaning that you and I pay for our politicians to play, eat, invest, sleep screw around ….all on our dime. 

The problem is not the corporations, or their profits but with the government and how they distribute the responsibility of paying for things that no one in their right mind should have to pay for, individual or corporate entities, like ads that tell me to wear a life jacket, I don’t own a boat.  Another ad is telling me to take shorter showers so the lakes will have more water.  Why should the government be placing ads at all, about anything? 

Politicians spend our money on propositions using our money to tell us that we all need to ride share, or take a bus or train.  Last time I looked, there were no trains where I live and getting to work in such a manner would take me 5 hours, one way, so why are they telling me to do something that I can’t possibly do?  Then there was the ad by the Federal Government asking for self deported foreigners to come back.  Why do we want them to come back?

I am proud of my labor, proud of the work I do and proud of the simple accolades of being a working man.  But when the government, any government, takes and takes, my pride is weakened and my resolve diluted, especially when they take so much from me and give back so little.  My insurance sucks.  The roads are terrible.  The traffic mind numbing and worst of all is the wasted time having to listen to big brother tell me how to live my life using my money to tell me what a jerk I am for not using a sponge bath, or washing my car, or not wanting to spend most of my day riding with other smelly people in ride share conditions, forced to make small talk to other raving liberals who don’t even utilize that mandatory sponge.

Let me keep my money, I worked for it.  Let me enjoy Labor Day without hearing an ad on the radio, or at least let me have a little peace while sitting in traffic without my brains being jarred out of my skull by the Grand Canyon sized potholes that destroy my tires and half life the life of my cheap and uncomfortable Toyota.  I earned it, I want to keep it. 

Friday, September 4, 2015


There is a lady named Kim Davis that has put the nation on alert for her refusal to marry Gay couples in her little county of Kentucky.  The decision by her office to not accept gay couples is primarily due to her religious beliefs.  The Supreme Court and lower courts have upheld the decisions that mandate her to perform her duties but she still refuses, putting the entire legal system at odds. This one singular lady in the middle of an obscure little county in Kentucky has put the constitution on notice and all those who proclaim to follow it’s precepts.

You may think that her decisions are unique and troubling or a singular event that pits a crazed lady forcing her beliefs on the rest of the country.  One lone county clerk refusing to permit gays to marry, but the reality is very much different when you take a broad view of how our laws are bastardized, politicized and manipulated.  Kim Davis is really only a small cog in a larger machination of defiance of our nations laws and the constitution of this great country.

Regardless of your position on this particular matter and regardless of your support or condemnation of her decisions the real issue is not with her at all but with the precedence of exploitation of voted laws and perceived rules of law that have been ignored, unnoticed, subjugated or even changed without the constitutionally mandated rubric as a guide.

Just to start and just with the Obama Administration, I could include virtually all prior administrations as well but Obama is the president now.  He has 25 instances of forgoing the law for his own political interests.  These incursions are often injurious and in some cases extremely deleterious to the constitution and the overall rule of law, making what Kim Davis is doing downright tame and forgettable.   Those who are pining over her insistence of denial could easily and simply go to the next county but have made her resistance a mandate of perceived bigotry and hate. 

 I won’t mention all 25 but you can see them at: 

  1. Obama uses the IRS to target specific groups he was opposed too. The IRS is supposed to be non-partisan.
  2. Obama has failed to uphold immigration law.  Not sure how that is much different than our Kim Davis who has failed to uphold the law. 
I’m not saying its right; I’m just saying it’s not unusual for an elected official to forsake the written law for their own agenda.   Why is her agenda less important than that of the president?  And just because Obama is the president does that give him more rights to subvert the law?  Would Bush have more rights or even Reagan have the right to subvert the laws of this country? We all know what the answers should be.

  1. Fast and Furious, not the movie but the actual plan and implementation of the Obama administration that sold thousands of guns to Mexican Cartels.  Kind of like the Iran/ Contra deal instituted by the Reagan Administration and Oliver North, they were both in violation of the law.

I could go on but you can look up the rest.  The point is clear, we live in a country that has a double standard.  Congress, the Judiciary and the Executive Branch all find it easy to act one way but require the rest of us to act another.  The old adage “do as I say and not as I do” has a new meaning when it comes to our leaders.

Is Kim Davis justified in thwarting the law?  It’s not an easy yes or no answer, especially when the leadership has set the example of disruption and callous disregard for all things lawful.   When California passed the Marriage Act with Proposition 8 the people voted in favor of defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman, but the courts ruled against the public. 

When California spends billions but fails to fix our roads can we hold them in contempt?  Can we unilaterally change their rules to suit our needs and selfish desires?  We are on a one way street toward fascism with the elite, electing to counter our rights by a simple wave of their hands, not allowing the Kim Davis’s the same privilege of exercising her  ability to chose in regards to what she thinks is right or wrong.

Kim Davis is in the wrong.  Obama is also in the wrong as are all others who fail in their fiduciary responsibility to follow the law.  Too often and too many are selfishly engaged in judiciary compromise with the Superior Judiciary near the top of the list.  Since 1794 Chief Justice John Marshall used a fairly obscure case between Marbury and Madison to provide a rationale for judicial review.  This was the beginning of a precedent that allowed the Supreme Court to not only judge constitutionally but to allow them to overstep their constitutional mandate and make laws. 

The balance of government is severely out of balance.  The Judiciary, the executive and the legislative branches have consorted to undermine the very foundation of our Constitution.   Each branch of government has moved passed its initial and foundational mandate with serious consequences to the Constitution that enabled them to exist.

This is about Kim Davis but it is also about the overriding efforts of those that are supposed to lead but do nothing but undermine our constitution and destabilize the institution that created the most free and open society within human understanding.  Kim Davis is only a small part of the problem.   But when you learn from the top, by example, the results and actions should be no surprise.  Maybe we should vote for those who think the constitution is still important.  I think it is.