Friday, September 4, 2015


There is a lady named Kim Davis that has put the nation on alert for her refusal to marry Gay couples in her little county of Kentucky.  The decision by her office to not accept gay couples is primarily due to her religious beliefs.  The Supreme Court and lower courts have upheld the decisions that mandate her to perform her duties but she still refuses, putting the entire legal system at odds. This one singular lady in the middle of an obscure little county in Kentucky has put the constitution on notice and all those who proclaim to follow it’s precepts.

You may think that her decisions are unique and troubling or a singular event that pits a crazed lady forcing her beliefs on the rest of the country.  One lone county clerk refusing to permit gays to marry, but the reality is very much different when you take a broad view of how our laws are bastardized, politicized and manipulated.  Kim Davis is really only a small cog in a larger machination of defiance of our nations laws and the constitution of this great country.

Regardless of your position on this particular matter and regardless of your support or condemnation of her decisions the real issue is not with her at all but with the precedence of exploitation of voted laws and perceived rules of law that have been ignored, unnoticed, subjugated or even changed without the constitutionally mandated rubric as a guide.

Just to start and just with the Obama Administration, I could include virtually all prior administrations as well but Obama is the president now.  He has 25 instances of forgoing the law for his own political interests.  These incursions are often injurious and in some cases extremely deleterious to the constitution and the overall rule of law, making what Kim Davis is doing downright tame and forgettable.   Those who are pining over her insistence of denial could easily and simply go to the next county but have made her resistance a mandate of perceived bigotry and hate. 

 I won’t mention all 25 but you can see them at: 

  1. Obama uses the IRS to target specific groups he was opposed too. The IRS is supposed to be non-partisan.
  2. Obama has failed to uphold immigration law.  Not sure how that is much different than our Kim Davis who has failed to uphold the law. 
I’m not saying its right; I’m just saying it’s not unusual for an elected official to forsake the written law for their own agenda.   Why is her agenda less important than that of the president?  And just because Obama is the president does that give him more rights to subvert the law?  Would Bush have more rights or even Reagan have the right to subvert the laws of this country? We all know what the answers should be.

  1. Fast and Furious, not the movie but the actual plan and implementation of the Obama administration that sold thousands of guns to Mexican Cartels.  Kind of like the Iran/ Contra deal instituted by the Reagan Administration and Oliver North, they were both in violation of the law.

I could go on but you can look up the rest.  The point is clear, we live in a country that has a double standard.  Congress, the Judiciary and the Executive Branch all find it easy to act one way but require the rest of us to act another.  The old adage “do as I say and not as I do” has a new meaning when it comes to our leaders.

Is Kim Davis justified in thwarting the law?  It’s not an easy yes or no answer, especially when the leadership has set the example of disruption and callous disregard for all things lawful.   When California passed the Marriage Act with Proposition 8 the people voted in favor of defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman, but the courts ruled against the public. 

When California spends billions but fails to fix our roads can we hold them in contempt?  Can we unilaterally change their rules to suit our needs and selfish desires?  We are on a one way street toward fascism with the elite, electing to counter our rights by a simple wave of their hands, not allowing the Kim Davis’s the same privilege of exercising her  ability to chose in regards to what she thinks is right or wrong.

Kim Davis is in the wrong.  Obama is also in the wrong as are all others who fail in their fiduciary responsibility to follow the law.  Too often and too many are selfishly engaged in judiciary compromise with the Superior Judiciary near the top of the list.  Since 1794 Chief Justice John Marshall used a fairly obscure case between Marbury and Madison to provide a rationale for judicial review.  This was the beginning of a precedent that allowed the Supreme Court to not only judge constitutionally but to allow them to overstep their constitutional mandate and make laws. 

The balance of government is severely out of balance.  The Judiciary, the executive and the legislative branches have consorted to undermine the very foundation of our Constitution.   Each branch of government has moved passed its initial and foundational mandate with serious consequences to the Constitution that enabled them to exist.

This is about Kim Davis but it is also about the overriding efforts of those that are supposed to lead but do nothing but undermine our constitution and destabilize the institution that created the most free and open society within human understanding.  Kim Davis is only a small part of the problem.   But when you learn from the top, by example, the results and actions should be no surprise.  Maybe we should vote for those who think the constitution is still important.  I think it is.

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