Saturday, October 31, 2015

Death of a Nation

Every Halloween should have a bit of true terror installed within each door for those trick-or treater's that innocently pander for free candy.  But the real horror started in 1923 in a smoke filled room on the campus of Frankfort University a Think Tank was established.  There was nothing spectacular about this think tank nor revolutionary, in fact it stayed quit and nondescript for many years.  The founder of this Think Tank was very wealthy young son of a millionaire German trader by the name of Felix Weil. A short time before the Think Tank was established Felix had become a Marxist but as a result of the variations banded about he became disillusioned with the diverse Marxist ideals and had the idea to bring those alternative Marxist dreams into one cohesive thought.  It was at this meeting that Political Correctness had its ignominious birth.

It was in this group that Marxism was translated from an economic ideal into the more poignant cultural process, a process that included the devastating concept of Political Correctness.  Its current definition is:   the avoidance, often considered as taken to extremes, of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against.

For decades the Marxist and Communist leaders have chipped away at our “freedom of expression” and made political correctness a tool of control.  We are bombarded with the overshadowing editors of not only what we say, but what we think, why we think it and even more profound the control over our desires to achieve and believe.

They couch political correctness in the soft blanket of understanding with a feather pillow of disgust over any attempt to rationalize the differences that are innate throughout humanity, forcing everyone to speak the same, think the same and marginalize our freedoms toward the unspeakable servitude of mindless followers. 

One way to tell if you live in a “controlled” country is to see those at the top and witness their lives in comparison to our own.  When they live beyond the means of the majority, the minority is in control.  It’s not about white or black, gay or straight, men or women, it’s about controlling our speech in such a manner as to lower the standards of everyone, forcing everyone to live without those God given rights that protect the citizens from the tyranny of its leaders.  And our leaders have fallen for the rhetoric of Political Correctness hook, line and sinker.

The best way to win a war is to do so culturally.  The Marxists among us have never stopped waging war.  They continue to mold our ways through our thoughts and actions by introducing political speech that redefines the word “offensive”.  What the Frankfurt School essentially did under the direction of Felix Weil and a new upstart Max Horkheimer was draw on both Marx and Freud in the 1930s to create a premise called Critical Theory. The term is ingenious because you’re tempted to ask, “What is the theory?” The theory is to criticize, criticize everything, creating a level of chaos that no one truly understands.  It marginalizes everything and at the same time brings to light the controversial aspects of any society. 

From Women’s studies, black studies, gay rights, global warming and cooling to the simple differences of present political parties, Critical Theory only has one agenda, to obfuscate, manipulate and control the thoughts by introducing the inability to criticize by establishing a critical thought basis of all things.

It starts benignly labeling and defining, labeling cultures and subcultures, defining the differences and the negatives of those who defy the practice of labels.   We have all been taught not to label or distinguish in hopes of seeing everyone as the same.  Then individuals are labeled with men and women and gay and straight, the cross dresser, the white supremacist and the man who believes he’s a woman or the woman who doesn’t know what she.  As the labels get more defined and more disruptive the seemingly innocent idea of division introduces minorities and specializations within the culture making everyone think that every one needs protection from everyone else. 

Many believe that this level of understanding is the course we should take, to show mercy and sympathy but fail to understand that after the labeling has finished the numbering begins.  Labels are dropped and numbers are assigned, classes of people are designated and servitude is assured.

It sounds like a scene from 1984 but in reality it is an ongoing process, that if not stopped will destroy the freedoms we think we have.   At least now, we can believe and think that we live in a free country but very soon, I suspect, even our simple belief will be forsaken for the reality of complete and un-repentable servitude. 

I’ve never liked being politically correct, I like to be political and abrasive and judgmental.  I think it’s OK to be rude at times, saying what we mean and meaning what we say, if you don’t like it …..Move to Russia, or North Korea, Iran or any number of places that saying what you think will land you in prison or worse.   For now I think we need more people to simply tell the truth, do what they say without fear of disrupting the thin skinned and irrational drones that seem to crave the labels created for them and invariably live only within the labels assigned.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Political Racism

Are we really ready for another Black President?  Not just partially black or half black but all black.  Ben Carson is running neck and neck with the gun carrying Donald Trump and is slated to continue his rise in the poles while many believe that Trump has hit his peak.

This election is not just about being black or white, although some would want you to believe that.   Being black seems to have some advantages these days where being white may not provide the same level of interest or opportunity.  Maybe we should try to get a black woman to run for president, someone like Condo Lisa Rice.  Perhaps Carly Fiorina should do some genealogical digging and find some hidden ancestor that was a slave, or she could simply proclaim herself “black” like Rachel Dolezal.  She even went so far as to say “I consider myself black”. 

I guess if you say it, and believe it enough it will be true.  Let’s give it a try.  Everyone, please repeat after me.  “I am the king of America, I am the king of America….” Ok, I think that went well and now that I am the king of this great land, we no longer need an election and the entire issue of being black or a woman or Donald Trump has no meaning.

Believing something, however passionate you are is obviously not always enough to make it true.  Despite Napoleon Hill’s promise of “think and grow rich” the reality is that we are often subject to the harsh reality of what really is. 

What we have is a very interesting race for President, with a few candidates that are starting to edge away from the pack.  On the Republican side it looks like cool heads will prevail and the chances of having a Maverick outsider like Trump may not pan out, despite how interesting he is and how much fun it is to watch him debate, talk, pander and simply be “the Donald.”

There are still some hangers on that might surprise and create a new chasm of opportunity but the chances of another Obama is slim, not unheard of but still unlikely.  The Obama’s and the Carters are generally not the norm; at least they’ve not been in the past 50 years. 

On the democratic side we have an interesting race between two flaming liberals.  And now that vice President Bidden has bowed out the race between Clinton and Sanders will begin to define itself with one most likely taking a substantial lead.  What the Democrats need is another Black candidate, not too WASP like old school white people and when I say old I mean old.  At least the Republicans have some youth mixed in the race.

I find it ironic that the party that is accused of racism and bigotry would be the closet (in this instance at least) institution to supplying the candidates of the people, for the people and most representative of the people.  Sure a woman would be a change and a first but there are now two running with an almost equal chance of winning and the black man is a conservative Republican who represents America’s interests in the format of a real leader, not just another politician.  In fact the top ranking republicans are not politicians at all, that is a nice change of pace.

Can you imagine a President who has never served office, never run for office before and actually has the mindset of being able to “serve” the people?   It’s almost unheard of, but it would be a nice change and I think a nice opportunity for all of America to see the reality of what a Democratic Republic really is.  I hope it happens.  I like Ben Carson, I like Donald Trump and I like Carly Fiorina….I just hope that one of them gets the chance to serve. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Israel vrs the World

Israel has once again had to ward off the savage and unprovoked attacks upon its citizens by a multitude of murderous Muslims.  The preemptive claims of the world needs to change in support of Israel instead of the fall back position of blame due to industry, land acquisition and religious differences.

There is no clandestine model of the Jew to rule the world.  There is no overriding principle of power that drives the Jew toward control but there is a motivation toward survival and excellence.  That obligation toward excellence perhaps is the most damning; they are surrounded by third world attitudes and poverty that are steeped in the non- democratically run kingdoms or principalities that rule their people from the shade of the 12th century. 

Progress and innovation are absent.  Superstition and hatred rule the day and the night as these flimsy societies fuel their hatred and freely pass it on to their children and their children’s children, with a generational model of evil that has not only seeped into the souls of them that listen but into the very core of what makes a people unique. 

Whether Palestinian, Syrian, Iranian or just Muslim, the hate is so pervasive that entire countries have donated substantial rhetoric to the destruction of their neighbor, Israel.  Can you imagine the lost resources of time and ingenuity of an entire culture when it is fraught with thoughts of destruction and revenge?  The waste of the mind toward revenge, at any level is criminal and even made more so when the leaders dedicate their citizens resources to that level of detestation. 

Israel, Israel, God is calling, calling men from lands of woe…. be strong and patient especially with this growing foe.  All around your nation bright the ugly men and absent light will forever grind their teeth and look for ways to ply their fight.  Look toward God who sees the truth and in that truth continue… to do what’s right.

The world needs the example of Israel; America needs that example as well.  With restraint and power those who would do them harm were quickly put down, police and citizens alike joined in the cause to stop the slaughter of innocent people.  It is time for the world to stand up against the ugly eyes and slanderer.   It is time for the world and America to stand beside a righteous people, not perfect but democratic and free, letting their citizens chose rather than forcing though propaganda the hate filled thoughts of a thousand year old grudge. 

It may have started over a bowl of porridge but all Muslims need to decide what is right and what is wrong.  It was wrong of those killers to do what they did and it is wrong to hold them up as martyrs and heroes.  It is wrong to call for the wholesale slaughter of an entire people and it is wrong to stay quiet and do nothing as others act in the name of your religion, putting Allah in the same voice with Hitler and Pol Pot and other crazed leaders who believed in a “cleansing” to clear the land of all unrighteous, all those who are different or all those who just get in the way. 

Murder is murder, killing is killing, and for Israel defense is justified. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Warming or cooling just give me something to buy

Miami and New Orleans will be underwater in 200 years.  At first glance from the predictive intelligence of the global warming constabulary the issue is a dire one indeed with over 20 million people affected.  Please correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t New Orleans mostly below sea level already?  The last time I was in Miami, the ocean is only a few inches, at best, below most of the city so any great revelation about these places being at risk from global warming is a bit on the hyperbolistic side of caution.

I am one who truly believes we have a fiduciary responsibility to manage our resources humanely and efficiently.  We need to be more concerned about the trash we create, the waste we expunge and the land we use, with an aesthetic eye toward overall, beauty and functionality.  We should not let our rivers get polluted nor our lakes and on that same tone we should protect the marshes and wetlands and even try to save as many species as we can…BUT…

When we fall for the pessimistic view of globalization through impending disaster I tend to want all the facts prior to falling for the crazed opinions and funding demented scientist who fall into lock step just to earn a new grant. 

Is the world warming, probably?  Can we do anything about it?  Not according to some who suggest that Miami and New Orleans have already reached the point of no return with even New York being slated as a victim by 2085 promising that “most of the city will be unlivable” said author Ben Straus, the article did not mention where he was from or what his credentials were but it was on the internet so it was probably true.

My issue is not whether the world is warming, like I said it probably is.  My problem is what “they” are doing about it.  They are screaming and ranting about carbon emissions and how we have to drastically change our output in order to salvage a few inches of sea rise.  And that isn’t the real problem either.  The real problem is the level of socialism that is tied directly to the methods of control that are being proposed, a world level of socialism, a global organization that must oversee everything in order to save the planet.

I’ve said this before and will probably say it again in the near future, if I don’t find myself underwater somewhere that is.  The world is warming, it’s been warm before, in fact it was extremely hot and humid with many parts of the planet underwater, Holland and New Orleans exempted of course.  It took human ingenuity to populate those areas. 

I am simply proposing that instead of spending the billions and promoting the lies of disaster based on spurious data, when our weather men (sorry persons) can’t even tell me what the weather will be like in December of this year, so I can plan for my daughters wedding, we should be using our brains to develop plans to move when moving is needed. 

A few years ago, along the Mississippi flood plan a town decided not to rebuild after the latest flood, realizing that the levies that were built and failed repeatedly would never be enough for the next great storm that always seemed to come.  So instead they moved.  Good choice.

We are at the mercy to a very great extent to Mother Nature and whether or not we accept the future prediction of the weather we should be prepared for the worst case scenario.  In the mean time I want to keep driving to work.  I’ll gladly buy a car with great gas mileage or even an electric car if the range can get me out of my driveway and back without loosing its charge.  I am a consumer but in order for me to consume I want some assurances that what I’m buying is worth the money I pay for it. 

Global Warming is selling gloom and doom but never do they offer me practical alternatives.  It’s always do less, live less, have less, give this up or that up but they never give me the choice to buy something that is practical or even marginally affordable.  The bottom line for me and I would say for most is, if you want my business give me something to buy, something of value.  I can’t afford a Volt I drive too far to work. I can’t afford a Tesla or even a Toyota hybrid, I’m a teacher, I teach special ed, I’m not rich, so give me some choices, like Henry Ford did.  He changed the way we live. He gave the consumer what they needed and they flocked to Ford, that’s what you aught  learn from him.  Until then get out of my way and stop making my life miserable.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Taxed to Death? Weed don't Care

Image result for tax cartoonsA few miles down the street, albeit a rural street, is a ten acre parcel with hurricane fencing, razor wire on top and security cameras in measurable distances across the entire perimeter.  The strange thing is (beyond the fact that a prison like structure is in the middle of nowhere) is that within the gated community of nothing is exactly that, nothing.  There are acres and acres of dirt.  The dirt is weed free at least for now.

There is some speculation amongst the neighbors, a salty lot by any means, but they all agree that the vacant and sparton (spelling help would be appreciated) dirt will be the center of a buzzing and thriving community, populated entirely …. by weed.  When California decriminalized Marijuana this entrepreneurial farmer decided it would be a good idea to get ready for the day when California finished what was started and allow for the recreational use of the drug.  Is drug too harsh a word here, should I be more understanding of the “recreational” side of this so called entry medicine or perhaps I should move toward the word treatment and forgo any further missteps in relation to the promises of this “wonder” potion. 

Governor Brown recently outlined the rules that would apply for marketing, usage and taxing the wonder weed as it will soon be legal to not only use it, but grow it commercially.  It is already near the top of the most profitable crop in the state but now it will be a legally grown and monitored commodity that should make many in the state very happy indeed. 

Let’s get real here, just for a few moments of typed rhetoric at least.  This country is not that consistent with its policies in relation to harmful substances.  Alcohol has been mostly legal with exception of a few years of prohibition.  Tobacco has always been legal with new smokeless water based, nicotine filled inhalers flooding the market.  Over the counter drugs, under the counter drugs and drugs that you have to reach way over the counter to get can be easily gotten with a sympathetic doctor’s note. So why not weed?  

Let’s forget the fact that every single one of the so called drugs above are serial killers but the use of those substances are so ingrained that any thought of changing the American diet is fraught with political and economic  suicide for any politician who dares to intervene with the billions dollar drug train.  If he or she wasn’t taken down politically I can think of a few imaginative ways to remove that particular problem….so I also think the corporate politicos can imagine as well.

Politics and drugs have been a mainstay within the American mainstream since the Boston Tea Party attempted to dump the processed leaves into the harbor.  The tea tax had become too much for our early forefathers.  All they wanted was to escape for a few minutes in the warm liquid of forgetfulness, without the burdensome weight of excessive taxes, which amounted to about 25%.  By the way tea is addictive, if you don’t believe me try giving it up after sipping the fluids everyday, morning, noon and night.

Cigarettes are facing a similar dilemma.  If you’re a smoker and I’m not talking salmon, your paying federal taxes of about a $1 per pack and depending on the state your in, not mental state but that might apply as well, you could be paying as high as an additional $4 per pack.  The question then arises; if it’s legal why tax it so usuriously?  I am not a smoker, I don’t like to sit next to smokers, don’t like to be in breathing distance of a smoker but I think they are being wrongly targeted with the message that “we will let you smoke if you pay our way”  The same is true with almost everything it seems.  If we, the people really want to use it then they tax it, place fees on it or make it impossible for us to enjoy it… kind of like the roads and water.

Marijuana maybe legal but there will be a tax and the provisions of that tax may only help those of the upper class who figure out ways to fence their properties to protect their commodities and rake in the profits from what used to be an illicit practice. 

The politicians make the rules, they make the laws, but in the end they very rarely have to abide by them.  They make exceptions for themselves, creating a class of society no different than that of Royalty, they are a protected class and the rest of us are simple bondsman, eking out a living while our gas prices pretty much stay the same but the added tax makes buying difficult.  Our habits, good and bad are taxed so that the enjoyment of life is nothing but a struggle.  We are forced to live to work rather than working to live, having to procure a daily subsistence while our politicians create new ways to separate our money from our hands and into theirs.

To be honest I don’t care one way or another about the legalization of weed.  What I do care about is the unpredictability of our government and the conspiratorial means by which they are destroying our liberties by taxing us into slavery. 

My advise…get your guns, get your booze, get your reinforced doors, change your identities and put your holdings under your mattress, so that when you are busted for possession of any of the above “legal” intoxicants, while driving over a pot hole ridden road, guzzling your brew and rolling your joint, the MAN wont know who you are….  

Sunday, October 4, 2015

political beliefs

Belief is a personal and private process of discovery and devotion.  Saying that, belief is also a frame of mind based on the conditions of where, that mind most dwells.  Most connect belief with a religious mantra or a specific set of rules based on some ethereal being but belief can also be a pronounced following of any set of circumstances or thoughts.

During this political circus there are many who spend an inordinate amount of time discussing, thinking and scheming about the political future giving rise to the idea that belief is only a condition of the mind and can be manipulated based on the repetitive nature of any single message or thought.  To say “I believe” in this candidate or that one is, in itself a prayer of sorts, melding the religious with the political and negating to some extent the process of religion as the only source of belief. 

Trumps meteoric rise, Fiorina’s steady ascent and Hillary’s rollercoaster ride have many thinking that believing in one candidate means the absolute disregard of the others.  When I say I like Trump because…another may look at me with horror or disgust because they look at Hillary or even Sanders and espouse the exact same belief in their choice as I do in mine.

The problem with belief is that it’s not based on anything concrete, at least in most cases it’s not.  A belief is usually based on un-provables, feelings and associations that fall deep within the mind and those are often a result of years of past experiences, thoughts and ideas that have rambled around and surfaced just enough so our minds can create some semblance of the incredulity of others beliefs without us really knowing why we believe the way we do.

I like Trump because like me he says what we means, is not swayed by what others think he should say, has a plan that seems to coincide with what I think we as a country should be doing and for the fact that he is autonomous of outside influences.  There are those who dislike him and do not believe in him for exactly those same reasons.

Will Trump make a good President?  Who knows?  When we look back on why the country voted for Obama, were they concrete reasons, provable and testable reasons?  No, they were of the most spurious kind, more wraithlike, spirit like, more transformable than substantive.  He expertly portrayed himself within the terms of a religious figure rather than a political candidate, forming his advertisements toward that religious mode.

What troubles me the most is the definitive nature of discord when one believes differently than another.  How is it that one belief has any more importance than another, especially when those beliefs are not religious based?  Why is what a liberal believes more or less important than that of a conservative?  Is your specific belief more important than mine?  Even if you claim not to believe in anything, that level of energy, in order to sustain your non belief, falls within the realm of a belief by the nature of the time spent in its adherence. 

When we look toward the candidates, perhaps it’s time to put aside our particular beliefs and let the clarion trumpet of truth ring clearly in our ears and hearts.  There will always be those who scream and rant against another’s belief, so that they can be more secure and comforted in their own decisions to believe.  The poor decisions of some require them to convince others to justify those poor actions in order to illicit sympathy and permission for those actions that do not fall within the “norms” of their own conscience. 

Obviously we are all free to develop our own beliefs, to vote for whom ever you want but perhaps it’s time to start looking at our lives and discover the areas of motivation that create those specific beliefs.  We are what we do.  Our beliefs are a result of those actions that take prominence in our lives. 

I have very strong beliefs.  Every one has strong beliefs, mine just to happen to be based on religious principles, yours may not be, but they are your beliefs, as mine are mine.  Please let me believe, as freely as you believe.  The only problem is when your beliefs try to trump (not Donald) mine or when your beliefs threaten mine, that’s when we have a problem.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Grandma Bombers

This may seem insensitive and obviously politically incorrect, but are we, the US and other “normal” minded countries pandering to the extremist and if so Why?  I can understand trying to be polite and conciliatory to their beliefs and customs but then those ideals infect our way of life and that type of understanding is superfluous to the greater cause of protecting our God given freedoms. 

ISAS, ISL, the Islamic State, al-Qaeda, Muslim extremist…on and on and on we go the word is Terrorist.  They are the same around the world with the one exception of this type of Terrorist hides behind their 1400 year old religion, demanding the world convert or be killed or worse, convert and be killed anyway, just because we’re not and we will never be of their kind.  

Terrorist have always had a place within the world cultures, but mostly they have always been a small minority of individuals who wanted to exercise their will over others and did so by terrorizing and killing.  The Irish did it, the Scottish did it, the Vikings did it and you can probably designate every society with an associated Terror group.  This is not an attempt to excuse the practice, terror is terror and those who inflict terror are terrorist and should be stopped.

The United States decided to round up all of the Americans of Japanese decent and put them into holding camps because they were afraid of what might happen.  The government imprisoned them but allowed them to fight the Germans or the Italians during the war.  Not one terrorist incident, as far as I know, ever occurred from any of the interned Japanese.  Why didn’t we force all of the German born or German Americans at the time or the Italians into camps?  Was it because they were not European looking?

The Muslim Terrorist could easily be identified and rounded up.  I’ve often wondered why we don’t move in that direction, especially sense there is a track record of danger from that specific group.  Have we learned from the past or are there other reasons we allow supposed Terrorist to roam free?  The borders are not controlled to any great extent.  The no fly list is only marginally managed, leaving one such as me wondering if the Japanese were such a perceived threat then why not intern the obvious Muslims of this country?

The terrorists of today are different.  They look different, they speak different, they eat different foods, they treat their wives and women different, and they are easily found, just go to any used car lot and I guarantee there will be four or five lurking about.  We could do the same with Muslims from Pakistan, Iran, Iraq or from any country that espouses the use of Sharia Law, saving ourselves the trouble of rounding them up after the next attack…

We could easily build large holding areas, maybe in Minnesota or some other forsaken place and put everyone who is even close to a Muslim surrounded by barbed wire and mean looking dogs.  They would be well fed of course and be allowed to roam around the enclosure but they would obviously be controlled and kept from traveling to large buildings or damns or even sensitive government facilities.  Perhaps we could use them to fight against the next Japanese attack?

The problem is that the practice of internment was wrong with the Japanese and it would be wrong for the Muslims as well.  But you ask, “How then do we secure our homeland and protect ourselves from that attack that will assuredly come?”  Simply answered, we profile.  We profile those who are a risk against those who are not.  We obviously don’t want to repeat the past but we also don’t want to be attacked because we were blind to the obvious.  Profiling works, there is nothing wrong with the practice, unless you’re the guilty one who is being profiled of course.

I’m not talking about random airport searches by uneducated and lecherous lookers, waiting for the hands on approach looking for old gum wrappers or bottles of water but the process of learning who our enemy is and creating a working profile to separate them from the rest of us.

The Israelis do it and have done it for years. The Jews and the other Semitic countries look the same but through profiling they have been able to thwart many attacks before they occur by simply seeing what the enemy does not want they want us to see, they profile and have learned to search out those who would do us harm. 

There are many honorable Muslims who are proud Americans but there are also many dangerous Muslims who would destroy our way of life.  We need to know the difference.  We need the good Muslims to help in finding the bad Muslims.  As a caveat, we can do the same for all who would do us harm, Christians, white supremacist etc…while maintaining the freedoms of the entire country. 

Let me make something very clear…Not all Muslims are terrorist and to think so is bigoted and racist but the reality is that even though not all Muslim are terrorist, it seems that all terrorist are Muslim these days, making the argument for profiling even more important.  We need to protect those individuals who truly want freedom and the American way of life and at the same time dissect those who would do us harm by seeing them for what they are, through profiling.

This may sound racist but if you see a black man in a flashy car driving through a rough part of town we all seem to come to the same conclusion, this is bad man doing bad things and in most cases we will be justified in our conclusions.    In our personal lives we profile every day.   We make decisions based on experience and knowledge and then act upon those conceptions.  The more knowledge we have the more informed out decisions and the fewer risks we live with, such is the process of profiling.  We have gone too far trying to protect the rights of the individual with the consequences of the general public being ignored, trying to protect the one without balancing the whole.  The one is vitally important but without the whole the one is worthless and visa versa.

I am not suggesting that we build internment camps.  I am suggesting that we begin to use the proven techniques of profiling to separate the bad from the good and then punish the bad so that our society can be spared the horrors of terrorism. 

Profiling works, especially when it’s done correctly.   The problem is with the minorities that take exception to the statistics of reality.  Get over it.  If you’re a Muslim on a plane and you’re sweating and praying, perhaps it’s not such a bad idea to assume the worst.