Thursday, October 1, 2015

Grandma Bombers

This may seem insensitive and obviously politically incorrect, but are we, the US and other “normal” minded countries pandering to the extremist and if so Why?  I can understand trying to be polite and conciliatory to their beliefs and customs but then those ideals infect our way of life and that type of understanding is superfluous to the greater cause of protecting our God given freedoms. 

ISAS, ISL, the Islamic State, al-Qaeda, Muslim extremist…on and on and on we go the word is Terrorist.  They are the same around the world with the one exception of this type of Terrorist hides behind their 1400 year old religion, demanding the world convert or be killed or worse, convert and be killed anyway, just because we’re not and we will never be of their kind.  

Terrorist have always had a place within the world cultures, but mostly they have always been a small minority of individuals who wanted to exercise their will over others and did so by terrorizing and killing.  The Irish did it, the Scottish did it, the Vikings did it and you can probably designate every society with an associated Terror group.  This is not an attempt to excuse the practice, terror is terror and those who inflict terror are terrorist and should be stopped.

The United States decided to round up all of the Americans of Japanese decent and put them into holding camps because they were afraid of what might happen.  The government imprisoned them but allowed them to fight the Germans or the Italians during the war.  Not one terrorist incident, as far as I know, ever occurred from any of the interned Japanese.  Why didn’t we force all of the German born or German Americans at the time or the Italians into camps?  Was it because they were not European looking?

The Muslim Terrorist could easily be identified and rounded up.  I’ve often wondered why we don’t move in that direction, especially sense there is a track record of danger from that specific group.  Have we learned from the past or are there other reasons we allow supposed Terrorist to roam free?  The borders are not controlled to any great extent.  The no fly list is only marginally managed, leaving one such as me wondering if the Japanese were such a perceived threat then why not intern the obvious Muslims of this country?

The terrorists of today are different.  They look different, they speak different, they eat different foods, they treat their wives and women different, and they are easily found, just go to any used car lot and I guarantee there will be four or five lurking about.  We could do the same with Muslims from Pakistan, Iran, Iraq or from any country that espouses the use of Sharia Law, saving ourselves the trouble of rounding them up after the next attack…

We could easily build large holding areas, maybe in Minnesota or some other forsaken place and put everyone who is even close to a Muslim surrounded by barbed wire and mean looking dogs.  They would be well fed of course and be allowed to roam around the enclosure but they would obviously be controlled and kept from traveling to large buildings or damns or even sensitive government facilities.  Perhaps we could use them to fight against the next Japanese attack?

The problem is that the practice of internment was wrong with the Japanese and it would be wrong for the Muslims as well.  But you ask, “How then do we secure our homeland and protect ourselves from that attack that will assuredly come?”  Simply answered, we profile.  We profile those who are a risk against those who are not.  We obviously don’t want to repeat the past but we also don’t want to be attacked because we were blind to the obvious.  Profiling works, there is nothing wrong with the practice, unless you’re the guilty one who is being profiled of course.

I’m not talking about random airport searches by uneducated and lecherous lookers, waiting for the hands on approach looking for old gum wrappers or bottles of water but the process of learning who our enemy is and creating a working profile to separate them from the rest of us.

The Israelis do it and have done it for years. The Jews and the other Semitic countries look the same but through profiling they have been able to thwart many attacks before they occur by simply seeing what the enemy does not want they want us to see, they profile and have learned to search out those who would do us harm. 

There are many honorable Muslims who are proud Americans but there are also many dangerous Muslims who would destroy our way of life.  We need to know the difference.  We need the good Muslims to help in finding the bad Muslims.  As a caveat, we can do the same for all who would do us harm, Christians, white supremacist etc…while maintaining the freedoms of the entire country. 

Let me make something very clear…Not all Muslims are terrorist and to think so is bigoted and racist but the reality is that even though not all Muslim are terrorist, it seems that all terrorist are Muslim these days, making the argument for profiling even more important.  We need to protect those individuals who truly want freedom and the American way of life and at the same time dissect those who would do us harm by seeing them for what they are, through profiling.

This may sound racist but if you see a black man in a flashy car driving through a rough part of town we all seem to come to the same conclusion, this is bad man doing bad things and in most cases we will be justified in our conclusions.    In our personal lives we profile every day.   We make decisions based on experience and knowledge and then act upon those conceptions.  The more knowledge we have the more informed out decisions and the fewer risks we live with, such is the process of profiling.  We have gone too far trying to protect the rights of the individual with the consequences of the general public being ignored, trying to protect the one without balancing the whole.  The one is vitally important but without the whole the one is worthless and visa versa.

I am not suggesting that we build internment camps.  I am suggesting that we begin to use the proven techniques of profiling to separate the bad from the good and then punish the bad so that our society can be spared the horrors of terrorism. 

Profiling works, especially when it’s done correctly.   The problem is with the minorities that take exception to the statistics of reality.  Get over it.  If you’re a Muslim on a plane and you’re sweating and praying, perhaps it’s not such a bad idea to assume the worst.  

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