Friday, October 16, 2015

Israel vrs the World

Israel has once again had to ward off the savage and unprovoked attacks upon its citizens by a multitude of murderous Muslims.  The preemptive claims of the world needs to change in support of Israel instead of the fall back position of blame due to industry, land acquisition and religious differences.

There is no clandestine model of the Jew to rule the world.  There is no overriding principle of power that drives the Jew toward control but there is a motivation toward survival and excellence.  That obligation toward excellence perhaps is the most damning; they are surrounded by third world attitudes and poverty that are steeped in the non- democratically run kingdoms or principalities that rule their people from the shade of the 12th century. 

Progress and innovation are absent.  Superstition and hatred rule the day and the night as these flimsy societies fuel their hatred and freely pass it on to their children and their children’s children, with a generational model of evil that has not only seeped into the souls of them that listen but into the very core of what makes a people unique. 

Whether Palestinian, Syrian, Iranian or just Muslim, the hate is so pervasive that entire countries have donated substantial rhetoric to the destruction of their neighbor, Israel.  Can you imagine the lost resources of time and ingenuity of an entire culture when it is fraught with thoughts of destruction and revenge?  The waste of the mind toward revenge, at any level is criminal and even made more so when the leaders dedicate their citizens resources to that level of detestation. 

Israel, Israel, God is calling, calling men from lands of woe…. be strong and patient especially with this growing foe.  All around your nation bright the ugly men and absent light will forever grind their teeth and look for ways to ply their fight.  Look toward God who sees the truth and in that truth continue… to do what’s right.

The world needs the example of Israel; America needs that example as well.  With restraint and power those who would do them harm were quickly put down, police and citizens alike joined in the cause to stop the slaughter of innocent people.  It is time for the world to stand up against the ugly eyes and slanderer.   It is time for the world and America to stand beside a righteous people, not perfect but democratic and free, letting their citizens chose rather than forcing though propaganda the hate filled thoughts of a thousand year old grudge. 

It may have started over a bowl of porridge but all Muslims need to decide what is right and what is wrong.  It was wrong of those killers to do what they did and it is wrong to hold them up as martyrs and heroes.  It is wrong to call for the wholesale slaughter of an entire people and it is wrong to stay quiet and do nothing as others act in the name of your religion, putting Allah in the same voice with Hitler and Pol Pot and other crazed leaders who believed in a “cleansing” to clear the land of all unrighteous, all those who are different or all those who just get in the way. 

Murder is murder, killing is killing, and for Israel defense is justified. 

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