Sunday, October 4, 2015

political beliefs

Belief is a personal and private process of discovery and devotion.  Saying that, belief is also a frame of mind based on the conditions of where, that mind most dwells.  Most connect belief with a religious mantra or a specific set of rules based on some ethereal being but belief can also be a pronounced following of any set of circumstances or thoughts.

During this political circus there are many who spend an inordinate amount of time discussing, thinking and scheming about the political future giving rise to the idea that belief is only a condition of the mind and can be manipulated based on the repetitive nature of any single message or thought.  To say “I believe” in this candidate or that one is, in itself a prayer of sorts, melding the religious with the political and negating to some extent the process of religion as the only source of belief. 

Trumps meteoric rise, Fiorina’s steady ascent and Hillary’s rollercoaster ride have many thinking that believing in one candidate means the absolute disregard of the others.  When I say I like Trump because…another may look at me with horror or disgust because they look at Hillary or even Sanders and espouse the exact same belief in their choice as I do in mine.

The problem with belief is that it’s not based on anything concrete, at least in most cases it’s not.  A belief is usually based on un-provables, feelings and associations that fall deep within the mind and those are often a result of years of past experiences, thoughts and ideas that have rambled around and surfaced just enough so our minds can create some semblance of the incredulity of others beliefs without us really knowing why we believe the way we do.

I like Trump because like me he says what we means, is not swayed by what others think he should say, has a plan that seems to coincide with what I think we as a country should be doing and for the fact that he is autonomous of outside influences.  There are those who dislike him and do not believe in him for exactly those same reasons.

Will Trump make a good President?  Who knows?  When we look back on why the country voted for Obama, were they concrete reasons, provable and testable reasons?  No, they were of the most spurious kind, more wraithlike, spirit like, more transformable than substantive.  He expertly portrayed himself within the terms of a religious figure rather than a political candidate, forming his advertisements toward that religious mode.

What troubles me the most is the definitive nature of discord when one believes differently than another.  How is it that one belief has any more importance than another, especially when those beliefs are not religious based?  Why is what a liberal believes more or less important than that of a conservative?  Is your specific belief more important than mine?  Even if you claim not to believe in anything, that level of energy, in order to sustain your non belief, falls within the realm of a belief by the nature of the time spent in its adherence. 

When we look toward the candidates, perhaps it’s time to put aside our particular beliefs and let the clarion trumpet of truth ring clearly in our ears and hearts.  There will always be those who scream and rant against another’s belief, so that they can be more secure and comforted in their own decisions to believe.  The poor decisions of some require them to convince others to justify those poor actions in order to illicit sympathy and permission for those actions that do not fall within the “norms” of their own conscience. 

Obviously we are all free to develop our own beliefs, to vote for whom ever you want but perhaps it’s time to start looking at our lives and discover the areas of motivation that create those specific beliefs.  We are what we do.  Our beliefs are a result of those actions that take prominence in our lives. 

I have very strong beliefs.  Every one has strong beliefs, mine just to happen to be based on religious principles, yours may not be, but they are your beliefs, as mine are mine.  Please let me believe, as freely as you believe.  The only problem is when your beliefs try to trump (not Donald) mine or when your beliefs threaten mine, that’s when we have a problem.

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