Friday, October 23, 2015

Political Racism

Are we really ready for another Black President?  Not just partially black or half black but all black.  Ben Carson is running neck and neck with the gun carrying Donald Trump and is slated to continue his rise in the poles while many believe that Trump has hit his peak.

This election is not just about being black or white, although some would want you to believe that.   Being black seems to have some advantages these days where being white may not provide the same level of interest or opportunity.  Maybe we should try to get a black woman to run for president, someone like Condo Lisa Rice.  Perhaps Carly Fiorina should do some genealogical digging and find some hidden ancestor that was a slave, or she could simply proclaim herself “black” like Rachel Dolezal.  She even went so far as to say “I consider myself black”. 

I guess if you say it, and believe it enough it will be true.  Let’s give it a try.  Everyone, please repeat after me.  “I am the king of America, I am the king of America….” Ok, I think that went well and now that I am the king of this great land, we no longer need an election and the entire issue of being black or a woman or Donald Trump has no meaning.

Believing something, however passionate you are is obviously not always enough to make it true.  Despite Napoleon Hill’s promise of “think and grow rich” the reality is that we are often subject to the harsh reality of what really is. 

What we have is a very interesting race for President, with a few candidates that are starting to edge away from the pack.  On the Republican side it looks like cool heads will prevail and the chances of having a Maverick outsider like Trump may not pan out, despite how interesting he is and how much fun it is to watch him debate, talk, pander and simply be “the Donald.”

There are still some hangers on that might surprise and create a new chasm of opportunity but the chances of another Obama is slim, not unheard of but still unlikely.  The Obama’s and the Carters are generally not the norm; at least they’ve not been in the past 50 years. 

On the democratic side we have an interesting race between two flaming liberals.  And now that vice President Bidden has bowed out the race between Clinton and Sanders will begin to define itself with one most likely taking a substantial lead.  What the Democrats need is another Black candidate, not too WASP like old school white people and when I say old I mean old.  At least the Republicans have some youth mixed in the race.

I find it ironic that the party that is accused of racism and bigotry would be the closet (in this instance at least) institution to supplying the candidates of the people, for the people and most representative of the people.  Sure a woman would be a change and a first but there are now two running with an almost equal chance of winning and the black man is a conservative Republican who represents America’s interests in the format of a real leader, not just another politician.  In fact the top ranking republicans are not politicians at all, that is a nice change of pace.

Can you imagine a President who has never served office, never run for office before and actually has the mindset of being able to “serve” the people?   It’s almost unheard of, but it would be a nice change and I think a nice opportunity for all of America to see the reality of what a Democratic Republic really is.  I hope it happens.  I like Ben Carson, I like Donald Trump and I like Carly Fiorina….I just hope that one of them gets the chance to serve. 

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