Monday, October 12, 2015

Warming or cooling just give me something to buy

Miami and New Orleans will be underwater in 200 years.  At first glance from the predictive intelligence of the global warming constabulary the issue is a dire one indeed with over 20 million people affected.  Please correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t New Orleans mostly below sea level already?  The last time I was in Miami, the ocean is only a few inches, at best, below most of the city so any great revelation about these places being at risk from global warming is a bit on the hyperbolistic side of caution.

I am one who truly believes we have a fiduciary responsibility to manage our resources humanely and efficiently.  We need to be more concerned about the trash we create, the waste we expunge and the land we use, with an aesthetic eye toward overall, beauty and functionality.  We should not let our rivers get polluted nor our lakes and on that same tone we should protect the marshes and wetlands and even try to save as many species as we can…BUT…

When we fall for the pessimistic view of globalization through impending disaster I tend to want all the facts prior to falling for the crazed opinions and funding demented scientist who fall into lock step just to earn a new grant. 

Is the world warming, probably?  Can we do anything about it?  Not according to some who suggest that Miami and New Orleans have already reached the point of no return with even New York being slated as a victim by 2085 promising that “most of the city will be unlivable” said author Ben Straus, the article did not mention where he was from or what his credentials were but it was on the internet so it was probably true.

My issue is not whether the world is warming, like I said it probably is.  My problem is what “they” are doing about it.  They are screaming and ranting about carbon emissions and how we have to drastically change our output in order to salvage a few inches of sea rise.  And that isn’t the real problem either.  The real problem is the level of socialism that is tied directly to the methods of control that are being proposed, a world level of socialism, a global organization that must oversee everything in order to save the planet.

I’ve said this before and will probably say it again in the near future, if I don’t find myself underwater somewhere that is.  The world is warming, it’s been warm before, in fact it was extremely hot and humid with many parts of the planet underwater, Holland and New Orleans exempted of course.  It took human ingenuity to populate those areas. 

I am simply proposing that instead of spending the billions and promoting the lies of disaster based on spurious data, when our weather men (sorry persons) can’t even tell me what the weather will be like in December of this year, so I can plan for my daughters wedding, we should be using our brains to develop plans to move when moving is needed. 

A few years ago, along the Mississippi flood plan a town decided not to rebuild after the latest flood, realizing that the levies that were built and failed repeatedly would never be enough for the next great storm that always seemed to come.  So instead they moved.  Good choice.

We are at the mercy to a very great extent to Mother Nature and whether or not we accept the future prediction of the weather we should be prepared for the worst case scenario.  In the mean time I want to keep driving to work.  I’ll gladly buy a car with great gas mileage or even an electric car if the range can get me out of my driveway and back without loosing its charge.  I am a consumer but in order for me to consume I want some assurances that what I’m buying is worth the money I pay for it. 

Global Warming is selling gloom and doom but never do they offer me practical alternatives.  It’s always do less, live less, have less, give this up or that up but they never give me the choice to buy something that is practical or even marginally affordable.  The bottom line for me and I would say for most is, if you want my business give me something to buy, something of value.  I can’t afford a Volt I drive too far to work. I can’t afford a Tesla or even a Toyota hybrid, I’m a teacher, I teach special ed, I’m not rich, so give me some choices, like Henry Ford did.  He changed the way we live. He gave the consumer what they needed and they flocked to Ford, that’s what you aught  learn from him.  Until then get out of my way and stop making my life miserable.

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