Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Trouble with Trump

The trouble with Trump is that the mainstream will never get behind his rhetoric and his maverick like manner.  They who profess to know it all will simply take a blind mans view of what he has accomplished and refuse him the chance to do what he knows how to do.  Trump may have to settle for the rest of the voting population if he wants to get elected.

Maybe not a bad tactic but very few candidates ever get to the top without the old guard having a major say in the end result.  Most of the money is with the power brokers and the died in the wool party people who claim to have our best interests at heart but very rarely allow any outsiders to the party, regardless of the party.

Obama was said to be an outsider but it is easy to see how the political protectors latched onto his candidacy and helped to launch his takeover of Hillary’s alleged coronation of 2008.  They could tell by the winds of change that he was the man to follow and even when Romney ran in 2012 the machinery was well oiled to follow the first Black President back to the Whitehouse, Democrats and Republicans together to ensure that their candidate was elected.

We have a different scenario this time around.  There is the play toward the first woman president and some say it is finally Hillary’s turn urn toward an office that should have been hers, leaving many to believe in an another coronation scenario with only the process of a supposed election to complete the process.  But this time there is Trump.  With current numbers running in the high 40’s percentile and a growing following of followers the steamroller that is the Trump campaign may serve too much for even the party bosses to deal with.

Elections are often like the weather with too many variables to judge clearly any future outcomes but in this case the idea of a strong leader with strong opinions and a strong personality is playing very positively with the conservative crowd and the independents.  These two factions can sway an election and could, under the right circumstances prove too much for the power brokers to stop.

When the right questions are asked and the logical answers are provided the bombastic and pretentious leaders of both parties may give sway to the inevitability of a Trump Whitehouse.  For example, when one looks at Trump as a leader of a very successful real estate empire and not the screaming and ranting candidate perhaps the perception may change a little toward the positive. 

It is very unlikely that a person of his wealth and position could have been realized without some level of self control and measure of compromise.  It is also unlikely that he could have achieved what he has achieved without the ability to look rationally at the process of negotiations and the skill of reading and understanding the situations of any particular moment.  We need to ask ourselves, would Trump risk a business venture that is worth millions by acting in an inappropriate manner or spouting off some rude comment about some leader of a rival corporation?  Probably not.

When we look at Trump as an astute businessman who has earned the title of success in almost every measure, then why is it so difficult to believe that he would act rationally when confronted by an international issue or difficult counties like North Korea or Iran, or leaders like Putin or the Saudi Royalty?  The opposition would like us to think that Trump is radical and way out in right field with outlandish comments that smack of extremism but in his business life when has he really been extreme?   When has his outlandish mannerism cost him money?  When has his evasive and rude nature ever gotten in the way of his nature as a keen businessman?

I am not the expert on all things Trump but when we look at the history of the man and his success as a businessman perhaps it’s only fair to give him the credit due for his accomplishments and how those same skills may help this country become great again, as he is so fond of saying?

There are risks with any leader that rises to the status of President of the United States.  They have the power that no other man in the world has and it is important to understand the person behind that power.  At the same time it’s only fair to look at the person as that person really is, good and bad and what they can do for this country.

Will Trump be a good president? Will the weather be warmer or colder in a week from now?  Will Hillary be a strong and positive force for good?  Maybe it is a crap shoot that costs billions for those who want to play but in the end does it really matter who is our next president?  I think it does. 

The last president has done wonders for weakening our countries powerful position and our economy.  The next president may be just as bad but really can we really do any worse?  I can’t wait to hear the rational….please at least write something interesting. 

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