Monday, December 28, 2015

Trying Trump.

For all the negatives portrayed about Trump I want to look at the reality of what Donald Trump can offer the country in a constructive and somewhat unbiased manner.  I hear the news about Trump and 90% of it is negative.  Despite those negative reports and opinions he continues to soar in the polls.

Trump has reached a cord of soothing (albeit harsh at times and controversial it is welcoming to millions of Americans) rhetoric with many, albeit mostly white and male, some female but all strong Americans with a strong following among many who work hard, believe in something and consider themselves to be honest and true Americans.

I want to state emphatically that I have not made up my mind.  I am seriously looking at Carson and Cruz, with an outside glance at Carly Fiorina and I want to keep my mind open to whatever comes my way.  It’s way too early to take a side, but I am troubled by the harsh, unfair media that Donald Trump is getting just because he is white and successful.

There is nothing negative about being white or successful but you wouldn’t know it by the media bias that is promoting the negatives of trump in almost every instance.  He is portrayed as bombastic, pompous and ignorant, with a few splashes of racism just to keep it interesting.

Let’s look at the man Donald Trump and then judge for ourselves the value of such a man and let’s look at him as a potential leader who may have the ability to forge new relationships with difficult countries and perhaps marginalize their even more dangerous leaders. First let’s look at what he is able to do and what he’s done:

Failures, he’s had a lot.  From trying to break into selling Trump vodka to selling toys (board games) he’s lost millions.  Then there was Trump University a dismal failure and he was sued over it.   Trump stakes were a meaty failure while trump mortgage had a dismal and was a fiery failure…He has had some spectacular failures.  But failure like all other ventures in life can bring a greater understanding of the realities of life as opposed to those who live only from success to success.  For those few who seldom fail the outlook of reality is skewed by the very successes.  They lack the basic understanding of humanity and humility (yes I said humility, meaning teachable or the ability to change in face of failure).  I therefore postulate that Trumps failures have in fact created a potentially more balanced and effective leader

His successes have shown us that he is very good at what he does, but only within a set and specific model, he is very good at real estate and very good at negotiations with a majority of his successes coming from real estate and his TV show the Apprentice.  But when you look at his successes and failures you start to understand the leader that America needs.  He has an uncanny ability to see the risks of a situation.  His real estate success is who Donald Trump is.  He is not a huckster or pitchman and every time he’s tried to move outside his strength he has failed.  But even those attempts the demonstration of his character shines through; he continually wants to improve and change and develop, never giving up.  

Donald Trump may have failed but in those failures he has still amassed a 10 billion fortune and all that from an initial 1 million investment.  Before you start saying what you would do with a millions dollars, let me remind you that making ten billion from one million is the same as making 1,000,000 from an investment of 100.  When looked at it in these terms Donald Trump is a virtual genius and very skilled at making money. 

Further evidence of his abilities is derived from his failures.  When we look at Abraham Lincoln we are impressed by how often he failed in his elections and applaud his tenacity.  Why do we not do the same with Donald Trump?  I am only making the comparison between the two to show how failures are nothing more than a veiled view of success where tenacity is the binding factor.  Both Lincoln and a score of others have failed miserably prior to success and most have stated the need for failure in order to understand the value of those future successes. 

For me it is those failures that have made the measure of a man that I can associate with.  Why would I want to vote for a person who has no idea what failure is or what loosing is and who has never had to deal with the consequences of actions?  One candidate comes to mind, Jeb Bush.  Sure he was a fairly successful Governor of Florida but what else has he done and honestly his poles show how the people feel about him and his lack of personality and depth.  He is probably a nice guy but what we need is a leader who has experienced life in all its varieties and has consistently risen above the challenges.

I also like the way Trump talks.  I like the way he never backs down and attacks the press and other naysayers, he does not capitulate nor surrender and perhaps like Winston Churchill, Trump has learned to “never, never, never surrender”  isn’t it time we had a strong leader, a leader with a real personality and not a prompted speech to indicate breathing and inflection?  Isn’t it time that we had a man who speaks his mind?

What are we afraid of, insulting Mexico, or saying something not quite right to some other country or despotic leader when we all know what they want and there willingness  to say and do anything to get the billions that we dole out around the world.  I want a leader who will say something, and be rude if need be, be strong and bombastic with an air of superiority, because Damn it,  we are superior, we are great and we are the harbinger of 90% of the worlds charity and good works, the world needs to know how good we are.  Stop apologizing, and stop taking the blame for whom and what we are.  We are great, we are charitable, we are successful and we are good.

The USA needs a spokesman that will not apologize, bow down or kowtow to the despots of the world and we need a leader who actually creates fear in the hearts of those who do not like us.  I hate to say it this way but we need a Putin and as far as I can see the only leader who has Putin like traits just so happens to be Donald Trump.  But as I said in the beginning I will not discount Cruz or Carson, or even Carly Fiorina or even Bush for that matter.  They can do what they will to garner my vote but I’m looking for a leader, not just a puppet to spout the party line or a marginalized politician who thinks more about their pole numbers than they do about my future.
What I really think is Trumps biggest advantage is in the fact that he does not speak through the filter of political correctness.  He doesn’t really care what others think about what he says. In the very real measure of successes and failures Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson and to some extant Ted Cruz have all been successful outside of politics and that at least puts them on my radar.  Political success is meaningless.  We have enough bureaucrats running and meddling around, what we need are statesman, political to some degree but realizing the true strength of this country is not in the government but in the hearts and minds and muscle of those they represent.

The final question is, do we want another whitewashed (no reference to the color white was intended) political hack, a man or woman (not Hillary) that is self assured in their abilities; standing for the right without the help of a focus group or teleprompter.   Do we want a leader or a committee as our President?  I want a leader, we’ve already had the committees and we all know that outcome.  

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