Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Real Change

When my car started to slip over the damp roads I new I needed new tires on my old 1998 Corolla.  When it started to rain in sheets of water I had my doubts if I would actually be able to drive to the tire store.  Sliding into the parking lot I gasped a sigh of relief, at least this problem had a solution.

It finally started raining in Southern California.  El Nino is here!  The weather may follow though with the hype of the promise of continued rain but then again it may not and California may not ever get out of this drought.  What I expect is for the state to continue the water conservation programs, regardless how much rain is dropped in this expected deluge.

Like almost all thing political the rule of thump is to never give into the public and never give back the gains of political power.  Just like the rain that may fill every reservoir, the snow that may create a massive snow pack and a promise of long term water relief the promise of less government incursions in relation to water will most likely never be realized.  A good tax is never given up.  The same is true with “good” legislation. 

The amount of money that is being spent on ridiculous programs and redundant governmental positions is just like the rain of El Nino.   The constant promises of relief continue unabated but at the same time the continuous naysayers of doom and gloom create a monumental gap between those promises and the reality of a never shrinking government.  One good example is the unionization of public employees, which only serves to increase their reliance on public funds and further entrench their positions as life long rather than as needed.

Thankfully the Supreme Court recently ruled against the “fair play fees” that grant unions the right to collect union dues from non union employees.  I know this rule and I wish it would work in relation to teachers.  I’ve been paying union dues for years and would rather not pay those dues to a representative I do now like and who’s policies I do not agree with.

Even if El Nino delivers enough rain to squash the drought the pattern of government could never allow the dismantling of any of the policies that grant more control and higher fees and taxes.  What politician in his right mind (political minds may not be right to begin with) would vote to give up power and control?  There is only one example that I know of and that was the tax for the San Diego Coronado Bridge.      

 Although the bridge was supposed to become "toll-free" once the original bridge bond was paid (which occurred in 1986), the tolls continued for sixteen additional years. On June 27, 2002, it became the last toll bridge in Southern California Wikipedia

Sixteen years after the promised dissolution of the tax/ toll and only under pressure was the tax/toll removed.  There are probably more examples of a frugal and public conscience directives, I don’t know of any but please let me know if you have any.  I sincerely want some good news, regardless of how old or insignificant it is, especially in relation to what we’re spending.

One example of what were doing to our selves and how we’re spending our money is found in the new Iran nuclear deal.  From what I understand and from what I’ve been able to tell is that we will start paying the Iranians billions to literally build a bomb.  Please correct me if I’m wrong.  I cannot find any signatures that require Iran to do any thing about our desire to inspect.  I cannot find any (I have not read the document, only bits and pieces that I can find here and there) evidence of any terms that call for sanctions for misdeeds or failures to comply, only a document of purpose and gentlemanly promise. 

I could spend hours discussing the merits of bad spending and governmental chaos and how that only benefits the politicians but we all know what our government does and why.  What I want to spend my time discussing is the way to stop what’s been going on for so long and the idea to change the paradigm in order to initiate that needed change.

With the economies of the world changing from day to day and a world of certain uncertainty the need for experienced leadership is needed now more than ever before.  We will not survive with the same kind of leadership we’ve had in the past.  We cannot survive with politicians running our lives.  It doesn’t matter how much rain we get the drought will always be there.  Like the eternal war in 1984, “we will always be in a drought…”  That perpetual news of doom and gloom will always spew from the mouths of those that profess to lead but fail to serve. 

The only candidate that is a divide from the pack is Trump.  He is the only one that has the ability, the money, and the knowhow to create the needed change.  Whether he will or not live up to his own hype has no greater risk than any of the other candidates currently running.  Logically, why would we want to continue doing the exact same thing by voting for the same type of leader?  Republican or Democrat the similarities of both within the race have more in common with each other, so why risk another Bushlike or Clintonlike or whateverlike you like when there is a very clear contender that is markedly different with the same level of risk?

Will he be worse than Obama?  Will he be worse than Clinton?  Will we really risk that much by trying something different?  For now I don’t think so and for now I like the idea of a “Real Change”.  What’s he going to do, rent out the White House?  Been there, done that, get over it and vote for at least the chance to get our country back and a hope that the drought will not last forever. 

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