Sunday, February 7, 2016

When the entire nation and many parts of the world are wondering who will claim the top spot against the “incumbent” Hillary, the universe was shaken by another missile test by the North Koreans. 

In researching for this blog the coverage of this event was overshadowed by which political figure would trump Trump and which spoken word would be used to flail the speaker into non-existence, all the while the North Koreans were planning and firing the very real instrument that could be the antecedent to future world destruction.

Do we really care that much about what a few political hopefuls spout in response to inane questions in an all to worn out forum of advertising?  Do we  really wonder why we’re in the state we’re in when the coverage of news, real news, overshadows those events that might, in a real sense threaten our way of life?  What is most important and what has become important in the face of the realities of our current political arena? It’s obviously not the threats of despots around the world.  It can’t be that the super bowl and the 578th Republican debate are really more important. 

I mean don’t we care what North Korea is developing, or what we’re allowing the Iranians to do with their Nuclear Power?  Ooh ya I almost forgot, since we have it, every one should have it…Right?  Since we are such a bad example of colonialism and war mongering we should simply hand over the reigns of world power so every one who wants the bomb should get it. Great Idea….

When millions are sitting back and getting bombed while watching the Super Bowl, we ignore the real issue of getting nuked by North Korea and Iran and a host of other   terrorist style governments that will be supported by our two “friends” and create a scenario of peace and tranquility while our team is vying for gridiron supremacy. 

Maybe it’s not in the politics at all but in our inability to see the violence through the violence of every day life.  When two teams are head banging their bodies in mass toward each other and spectators are betting, screaming and siding for one over the other the real issues of global death seems somewhat inconsequential. 

Go Dallas, or is it the Raiders, I know it’s not the Rams…maybe it would be easier to enlist teams of specialist to fight on a real battle field with the winner taking all…No, not a good idea, the real winners must be those who are focused on the truth, the righteous and the free.  Spending our time with football is fine but should it really take precedence over the reality that is our life, NO, it shouldn’t.  So maybe after the game take a few minutes to remember how the freedoms of our country allow you and the rest of the millions who watch the Super Bowl to Watch the Super Bowl. 

Go Denver….  

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