Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The King of Trump

When thinking is actually used in our decisions the logical outcome is decidedly more productive and beneficial.  Thinking for most seems to be a rarity rather than a common practice.  How often do we really ponder the problems and deliberate the choices?  More often than not we accept the perceived inevitability as the way it’s supposed to be and give those monumental decisions a pass of supposed certainty rather than the homage to personal choice that should be made at each and every juncture of our lives.

So it is with our political choices.  We have the primaries that weed out the unacceptable and sustain the inevitable candidates.  We then have the elections that predetermine our choices and mandate a choice of right or wrong when in the reality of life there is a monumental difference in how we should be electing our leaders.

Trump seems to be the favorite despite the efforts of the right to command a choice otherwise.  And Clinton seems to be the favorite in spite of the public's demand for an alternate option.  What we are left with is fundamentally the lesser of two evils and that is no choice that anyone should ever have to make.

The political system of parties is partly to blame, with a two party system only two will emerge as victorious and only two will have the chance of being elected.  The hope of a third party is never really considered as a reality since the voting block of that candidate inevitably helps one of the two major candidates win the election.  For years the two party system has served us well and has kept the coalition style government from our shores, but when we actually think about the choices we are provided the reality of choice is no where to be found and the realization of a coalition or back room merger process emerges rather than the democratic style we are brought up to revere. 

When are choices are so mind-numbingly predictable (not in knowing who but in an absolute surety of the what) it’s time we had other choices.  We need strong candidates who fulfill the mandate of leadership but forsake the party system.  We need someone who looks toward the constitution and the founding fathers as a guide to that leadership and sustains the integrity of our country without having to sell their souls to any particular party or organization.  Hopeless you say?  Perhaps it is the rambling of an aging blogger but the hope remains and the reality, albeit statistically minuscule is still a possibility.

Trump may be that person.  He may be the kind of leader we have been hoping for.  He may be the white horse of promise the transcends the political, while being political enough to transcend the old guard in order to get elected but at the same time being true to the unspoken mandate of a true leader, an entrepreneurial politician that overshadows the past foundations of what a politician is and sets that new standard that millions are willing to follow. 

The hope for Trump is high but the hope for a true leader is even higher.  Not by name but by idea the dreams Americans pursue, eager to tread where a true leader walks, looking toward that vision of what should be rather than the nightmare that almost assuredly always is.

Trump is not a dark horse or a slender hope, bankrolled by his billions, but an idea of a man, any man, who can be the triumphant and a skilled warrior, facing off all comers to stand victorious over the vanquished, that gleam in his eye as he wields the sword of truth and justice….ooh my it sounds like I want a superhero.  Not a superhero just an adequate leader that does and says what he says he will do, not the typical mealy-mouthed and oily tongued, two faced, weak and wiggly minion to the bureaucratic nightmare that is our country and what it has become.

Wishful thinking, perhaps but it is possible, if still very improbable.   The chances of such a leader rising though the ranks of that political machine unscathed by its evil is very slim.  It is more a tangential thought than a thunderous hope.  We are in desperate need of honest leadership.  Our society is crumbling and our very foundation is cracking and splitting, we risk so much if there is not a suitable choice to rally behind.

But then I think that most do not believe as I believe.  Most do not see the inevitable destruction of a beacon nation, all they see is change and so what if we are not the super power of the earth.  So what if we are not the moral harbinger of the world, maybe it is someone else’s turn to rule and reign. 

It is a relative world these days.  Everything we think and do has its basis on how we feel making any moralistic mandates old and antiquated so why wish for that ever diminishing moral life?  Because without morality all we have is secularism and with secularism all we have are excuses for immoral behavior and an even greater need for strong and moral leadership.  Trump, Donald Trump may not be the man but he may encompass the dream of what we want and that may be enough to start the revolution away from the complacent mediocrity that has become our system of government.

I want more, I demand more, I expect more and I will vote for what I think we deserve, so should you.