Sunday, April 3, 2016

Political Honesty

During these trying and most difficult days of the 2016 election cycle I wish to admit to some degree of imposition and the utter lack of surprise when it comes to political news.  In my defense of this imposition and due in part to my age and experience I have been somewhat put off by the entire political process and the level of insincerity when it comes to providing me with real and substantive information.

I really don’t care that much about what you think or feel at this point, I want the information for me.  I suspect there are a few others like me but the vast majority of political purveyors pursue only the prostrated and plain particulars of political pungency.   In other words they only want the fire and are no longer interested in the essential elements that create those flames.

If you still don’t understand then I rest my case and forego any further postulations pursuant to the popular brand of purgatory.  “Hell is what we make it, while we live on earth” and those who fail to see the urgency behind picking a qualified political leader are destined to live in the shadow of their own hell when they chose to vote out of social exigency rather than the overall and positive qualities of any given candidate.

Many voted for Obama for the simple reason of race.  Many will vote for Hillary simply because she is a woman.  Will businessman/woman vote for Trump simply because he is a businessperson….? Will you vote based on one topic or another?  Abortion, race, poverty or economics, will you vote using one issue as your foundation for potential leader?  Voting is a sacred responsibility that I take seriously.  I will never condone the practice of voting within a static singularity and further denounce those who do.

This election, perhaps unlike any before will be the paradigm of our country in the future.  Will we continue to honor the Constitution or will we fall prey to the singular devotees who garner favor based on the superficial aspects of one quality and only one, discounting the negative or the positive qualities that are mostly in abundant in all candidates.

It’s inevitably the substance of a candidate in its entirety that creates the foundation of our ability to judge their motivations and aptitude to lead.  Beyond their individual capacity and availability are the destructive nature of simplicity and the effortless attitude of the electorate.  Decrying the search for truth over a game of chance the voters continue to seek the easy way, the entertaining way and the (sorry for being blunt…NO I AM NOT) most risky way of electing our President. 

Most it seems are willingly ready to put their vote into an app that would tabulate their vote based on nothing substantive but on a social media example of what society should be if every one was on facebook and that kind of thinking was the reality.

A popular President is a good thing but voting based only on popularity is not.   I know that my words will not garner any ground swell of change but I also know that for me this election is important and I at least will think deeply about the three basic principles of being a public servant. 

  1. Are they Honest
  2. Are they Capable
  3. Are they Electable

If they are not honest they will not lead they will push.  Honesty should be a mandatory principle of leadership.  Honesty is the foundation of good character….

If they are not capable then their decisions are guesses.  Experience is an essential part of leadership.  How can one effectively lead when they don’t know where to go or how to get there?

If they are not electable then why bother? In politics the overriding principle has to be if they are electable.  This is not an easy concept to understand, especially in light of the all too often scenario of having to choose between the lesser of two evils.  But no matter the honesty or capability if there is not chance of being elected, don’t waste my time or my vote.

The bottom line to all this is actually quite easy to see.  Look closely at your candidate and do so as you would a business you hope to buy or a used car.  Take your time.  Look at the details.  Try to imagine his or her leadership and those consequences, both good and bad to the country and more specifically to yourself, if they are indeed elected.

Move away from singular voting reasons.  Would you buy a car simply because you liked the color?  If you answered yes, please remove yourself from the voting public and if at all possible move to Mexico…(this is not a slur against my Mexican brothers and sisters, or cousins as it is in my case, but only a quick alternative to living in the USA.)…Canada.

The depth of a candidate is often glossed over by the media and in large measure because of the media the candidates themselves glosses over the essential and important aspects of leadership and the 3 principles of leadership.

Look at life in all its complexity and only then will you be able to see the simple truths of creation.  Candidates are the same and should be viewed with those 3 principles in mind.  And lest we forget, fighting for something inconsequential only leaves you bruised, broken and depressed.  Fight for what is right and no matter how many trials are placed before you, you will always know that the path chosen is the right one.

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