Saturday, April 16, 2016

Sore Looser or Sour Politics?

Whatever you may think of Trump or his campaign the way the Republicans are treating his candidacy will create a black hole of confidence that may not be able to be recoverable and will assuredly cause the Democrats to win the election.

We supposedly live in a democratic society where anyone can run for office as long as they meet the minimum requirements.  Trump calls himself a republican and under that broad umbrella lives the diversity that has for so long been the hope of the Republican Party.  With one fell swoop and a wave of some unseen hand that hope will be dashed and replaced with the already perceived ideals that make up the current republican leadership.

They, the leaders are hoping for a brokered convention that will allow them to disregard Trumps prominence within the party and replace him with a candidate of their choosing.  We are then allowed to vote for their choice, not much of a choice if what you want does not fall within the strict conventions of “what a republican should be”. 

Trump in my opinion is not the best candidate but he is the current leader in that campaign.  He has shown an ability to gather followers and to win elections.  Has it always been this way with in the Republican Party and is it this way as well within the Democratic Party?  Are we simple pawns to their battle of political supremacy? 

Like so many other instances where the people chose and then the choice is negated through the courts reminding all of us that the spell of democracy is now broken and replaced with a tyrannical process of outlawing free choice and forcing the public into accepting their choices as the only ones that matter.  If Trump is removed from his place as current leader of the Republican Party the choices that Trump has will inevitably lead to a third party run and a fractured republican ticket that will leave the path wide open for Hillary to win.  (See my article “A Trump in Sheep’s Clothing”…Aug 2015)

I had hoped I was wrong but it seems so much more likely when the party of the candidate has turned their backs on that candidate and are openly moving toward marginalizing that candidate.  This is and will be an unprecedented action of power over democracy and the republicans will suffer as a result.

Since my August article, I have had hopes of a Maverick coming on the scene and really changing Washington in such a manner that level heads can prevail and common sense becomes common again.  But with this move by the republicans the notion of “politics as Usual” will once again be the power play of the day.

I like what Trump says, and I like what Trump represents and for the most part I can understand his allure but let the democratic system chose, let my vote count.  Regardless of the democratic republic that has the tendency to over regulate our choices, I don’t want someone else making these decisions for me, not this time.  Let the democratic process run its course.  Let those who vote matter and let their candidates swing it out in the general election. 

If the leaders don’t like it, make changes for the next election and prepare for the eventuality of this happening again, but don’t change the rules mid stream, which is dishonest, manipulative and smacks of self preservation over the needs of many. 

It’s not that I want Trump but I want the idea of a Trump taking charge, being a leader, speaking his mind and having the ability to run and get elected as a result of an open and free election.  The Republicans are wrong to censure Donald Trump and when the eventually do the wrath of the public will hand the republicans a defeat that they may never recover from. 

Call your congressman, call your senators, your local leaders as well and put them on the spot to support Democracy over the tyrannical machinations of this republican forced 2016 election.  

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