Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Muted Trump

I would like to make a simple and straight forward statement about the “Panama Papers”. If you haven’t heard about these breaches in security they are from the law firm Mossack Fonseca, A Panamanian firm who specialized in creating off shore accounts.

If you’re already getting a little antsy from the term “off shore” I think you have every right to be.  Off shore does not mean illegal and many off shore accounts are completely legitimate, but when the list of names was revealed the high and mighty of the world were prominently displayed. 

I do not want to spend my time naming names, I really don’t have the time nor the space… but the quick and short of it is this:    When corruption is the rule, democracy and freedom cannot exist.

With some of our candidates listed in the Panama Papers we really need to worry about our basic tenets of freedom.  Nothing will probably come of the association with Mossack Fonseca and any major political figure but the inferences toward corruption are as plain as a bright summer day. 

I have always been a staunch conservative with a passionate ideal of what it means to be a caring and rational person (Not implying that if you’re not conservative you would logically fall within the non-caring and irrational spectrum of life).  My ideal of conservatism is a based on service and gratitude with the bonus attributes of discovery and profit requiring a balance of commerce and charity in order to stifle the natural man’s tendency to exploit. 

Honesty is an integral attribute of conservatism, or it should be.  Honesty has morphed into a personal view or perspective based on the needs and wants of that specific time.  When billions and billions of dollars are hidden by our leaders, regardless of their initial intent (which I wish to state is probably nefarious) the idea of shuffling money from this account to another in order to hide those funds is dishonest to say the least and criminal as it concerns Putin and few others that squandered billions.

Maybe the Panama Papers are nothing to worry about, perhaps there only the beginning of the craft of graft and deep seeded corruption that will be revealed in the months and years to come.  Perhaps these papers are nothing more than a weak warning of the disastrous events that will be revealed forcing us to make a choice.  Go along and hope that you can open your own off shore account, being satisfied with the corrupt and money hungry leadership, or take a stand against the self appointed hierarchy, vote for the most honest and capable among the candidates, regardless of the party. 

If you don’t vote accordingly then you will be the one to suffer as all of us suffer from your neglect.  I’m thinking that the best at this point is John Kasich of Ohio.  He has led Ohio in a profound manner.  He is a party favorite and will therefore be given the support of that party.  He is, as far as I can see an honest and capable leader.

The problem with starting to vote responsibly is the deficit of responsible voters on the others side.  If we vote responsibly and they do not, we loose. 

Democrats should vote for Sanders.  I am not sure how capable he is but between the two democratic candidates he is more honest than Hillary.  This is indeed a difficult election.  Not only are we voting for a leader but for the voice of the future Supreme Court and the moral direction of our country.

Make your vote count, make it mean something and if we consider honesty as a guiding principle perhaps we can make a difference, you will have to spread the word though, I don’t have that many readers…..  

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