Sunday, May 15, 2016

Good leaders make good governments

Every where we turn there is a new emphasis on some new program, some new method that promises to improve and enhance our lives.  This is especially true with education, where every new administration has to have their gold seal of approval for some new curriculum in order to make them selves look good and create some all important reason for spending the millions they spend, even if everyone knows that nothing will change.

Politically the same motivation creates a fervor of activity around useless changes that invariably only affect the bloated psyche of those initiating the change.  The reality of politics is found firmly within this concept of constant change with the ignorant hope of those that follow that true change will eventually occur.  We all know, we have all learned that change for change sake does nothing to solidify a plan of action toward the eventual solution that supposedly plagues our lives, problems that are the direct result of those bloated leaders who rely on the gasping hopes of the insanely ignorant rather than the statesmen like efforts of true leadership.

From a broad perspective even the basic differences of political power have little to do with the reality that each proclaim, leaving most of us with an unfounded perspective of the true nature of these seemingly divergent philosophies.  Is communism really evil?  Are the republicans really only support big business?  Are the Democrats solely responsible for dismal economic conditions of our country?  Is socialism the standard precursor of communism and is fascism the birth place of megalomaniacs?

There are hundreds of other questions that can be asked and to honest there is really no solid evidence that any of the above is absolutely true.  We know that republicans are not all for big business. I am a republican and I deplore the actions of multinational corporations that have only the bottom line to consider when making important decisions.  I know responsible Democrats who are fiscally accountable and I can think of a few successful socialistic countries that serve their population very well.

There are even a few fascist states that do not abuse their countrymen but most of those have “good leaders” that manage their countries affairs for the benefit of the people.  I am however hard pressed to find a healthy example of communism but in history there have been attempts at communalism with some more successful than others, leading me to believe that the possibility for success is their with the right frame of mind and a balanced leadership that enjoys the same level of responsibility as their countrymen, perhaps not unlike the differences between a good and bad monarch…

 The point I am trying to make is that in our convoluted world we have many examples of failures but very few examples of success in relation to the different styles of government.  What we do have are complex amalgamations of all the above with numerous examples of failure within all types of governments but only a few with a track record of continues success.

Capitalism is by far the most successful governmental philosophy.  It may not be liked as the most idyllic but when balanced with the others it has succeeded.  The reason for the success is primarily due to the pursuit of money and commerce and the overriding balance that is forced on all it’s participants that is driven by a monetary rule of law.

Even with these obvious successes with capitalism the need to manipulate, fudge, influence and distort becomes so overwhelming that the elected leaders seem incapable of defending their honor and integrity and fall head long into the game of the bloated psyche, quickly becoming the very person they promised never to become.  So many are called but so few are chosen, and why are they not chosen? “We have learned by sad experience that it is the nature and disposition of almost all men, as soon as they get a little authority, as they suppose, they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion”. (D and C section 121)

Good men turn bad, good men become selfish and bloated to their own importance rather than seeking the pleasures of “true service” and devotion.  It is my opinion that almost any governmental philosophy would be effective if the men and women who are asked to lead would do so with the right purpose of mind. 

Even communism would be successful if the leadership was true and devoted, living by the example that they propose.  For in the heights of leadership divine the followers would seek to climb the lofty branches that are made clear only by those who reach down to help them rise.

Republicans, Democrats, Socialists, Theocracies and Communist can all succeed if they have “good” people who care about the people they serve.  The difference however is that with Capitalism, money is the arbiter of good and evil, money is the motivator, money creates the balance and in some large measure, at least it has in the past, prevents the evil and bloated from destroying the freedoms inherent through the electoral process of most capitalistic style governments. 

As a realist I like to think that my political choice, in some degree, transcends the bickering and blustering of those who know nothing of the realities and differences of each party or system.  I like to think that even though I am a conservative and strongly believe in metered changes and not in wholesale hope of every new scheme I have the heart to accept the hearts of others and like all others, I hope that our elected leaders will be honest and capable and good. Don’t you feel the same?

It may be too late to seek our and support that “good” candidate but we can still unify and demand whoever is chosen as our leader to be good and act in a way that serves our collected needs and not our individual and selfish desires.  

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