Sunday, June 12, 2016

The battle begins

Clinton or Trump….That’s really all there is.  If you don’t like either one you can try your hand at the green party or another no named party but the reality of our two party system is that your vote will be wasted, so if you want to vote and be heard it’s either Hillary or Donald.

My choice is fairly easy; I don’t like the Clinton's philosophies or the Clinton’s ongoing move toward the radical left.  Trump has issues too but who doesn’t? When we compare the two, Trump verses Clinton, can you really say unequivocally that you “like” either one? Is our choice really the lesser of two incompetents or are their values of one over the other that can be defined?

My opinion of course takes precedence here so let’s see how they match up.  And just to set the record straight I will not be doing a side by side comparison but will attempt to look at the candidates logically, and with a perspective that will benefit the reader, not just regurgitating the party line.

This country is in deep trouble and that trouble is in large measure do to the failed policies of both the Republicans and the Democrats.  There is plenty of blame to go around.  One issue that is most troubling is our loss of a moral center and I don’t think that either candidate will be able to make any inroads into solving that issue. 

We need to seriously look at who the candidates are and ask ourselves if they can effect any meaningful change.  I’m not talking about the Hope and Change promised and delivered by Obama but the need to redirect our efforts as America for Americans and our standing as a “Superpower”.   We hold the reigns of the world in our hands and have the ability to effect positive changes throughout the world.  We need a leader who understands our position, our responsibility and our role in the world.

For those who think we need to be subjugated, ruled or monitored they need to think seriously about moving to another country or just going home, locking their doors and letting the rest of us run the country as it should be run.  For the first time in recorded history there is a democracy (republic) that has the power, used to have the will and the resources to make a world wide difference in the freedom of the world. 

Which candidate is closer to this ideal?  Seriously, which one is more apt to move America away from the kowtowing, apologetic, bowing to foreign leaders to one of power and promise?

Who does not accept the role of American power toward freeing the world from the despots and evil rulers around the world?  Who does not accept our role of mediator to the world’s issues?  If not the U.S. than who?  I personally don’t like the idea of sending our men and women into battle for the freedoms of others who do not contribute to those hard fought blessing but again if we don’t take the lead who will, the Soviet Union, China, North Korea or Iran?

If we don’t have a leader who is a world leader than who will take that role?  It will be filled by someone and just because we decide not to lead in the hope that all will get the message that “we just all need to get along” the inevitable gap will be filled by some despot or some rogue nation or extreme religion.

Which candidate is more suited to keep our country safe?  Hillary or Trump is our only choice so think about it; think seriously who has America’s best interest, your best interest at heart?

Your opinion may be different than mine, it shouldn’t be but it might be and if it is perhaps you should rethink your position to include the following:

Hillary is a career politician.  She married a career politician and her marriage to Bill is nothing more than a means to an end.  Her manner of thought is that of a bureaucrat.  Her reason for living is not in the service to the people but in the power of the office.  She wants nothing more than to be the President so she can wield the power of that office.  Her entire life is devoted to the power not the people.

Trump is a career businessman.  He has been married a few times but for all intense and purposes has not cheated on his wives (at least none that I can find).  His manner of thought is that of a businessman.  His reason for living is to make a profit and profit demands service to a certain degree.  Everyone who understands business understands the quotient of service verses profit and also understands that long term profits require a level of sustainable service.  He wants nothing more than to create a profitable environment so that he can continue to make his profits and being president may affect his bottom line positively.   His entire life has been devoted to amassing his fortune. 

The two are diametrically opposed.  Trump would turn our country into a profitable venture; Hillary would turn our country into profits for her.  Both have their issues but for me the choice is easy.  Trump will use his selfish designs to create a better working environment because that’s how he makes money.  The more money we have to spend the more money he makes as a businessman.

Clinton would use her selfish designs to make her money by raising taxes, scheming ways to defraud the public to grow her own personal holdings.  The only way she and her husband have ever made any money is through fraud and corruption, remember white water? Remember secrets to China? Benghazi.....(There are many more)

Trump is no Angel, in fact he may be considered ruthless at times but I would rather have ruthless and capable than a power hungry, apologetic bureaucrat.  It’s your choice but in the end and if you’re in the least bit logical you should be able to see the benefits of Trump over Clinton, heaven help us if you can’t.

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